Unveiling the Energetic Significance: Aura Reading of Sacred Symbols

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Unveiling the Energetic Significance: Aura Reading of Sacred Symbols

Aura reading is an ancient practice that enables individuals to see, interpret, and understand the energy fields surrounding an individual or an object. The human aura is a complex energy field composed of different layers, colors, and patterns that reveal valuable insights into a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While aura reading is often associated with reading the energy of individuals, it can also be extended to reading the energy of symbols.

Symbolism has played a significant role in various cultures and religions throughout history. These artistic representations are embedded with deep meanings that hold spiritual and intuitive power. By tapping into the energetic significance of sacred symbols, aura readers can unveil hidden truths and gain a deeper understanding of the symbol’s impact on individuals and society as a whole.

The Power of Sacred Symbols

Symbols have been used for centuries to communicate abstract ideas and concepts. They transcend language barriers and provide a visual representation of profound truths. These symbols carry inherent energies that can be felt and accessed by those who possess the ability to read auras.

When an aura reader focuses their attention on a specific symbol, they can tap into the energetic information embedded within it. This information can include the historical context of the symbol, its cultural significance, and the emotions and intentions associated with it. By examining a symbol’s energetic field, an aura reader can shed light on its underlying meaning and how it may impact those who come into contact with it.

The Aura of Symbols: Layers of Energetic Significance

Similar to the layers in the human aura, the energetic significance of symbols can be understood in multiple dimensions. Each layer provides a different perspective and reveals unique insights into the symbol’s meaning. Let’s explore the layers of energetic significance that an aura reader may uncover when reading a sacred symbol:

1. Historical and Cultural Layer

The historical and cultural layer encompasses the origins, myths, and beliefs associated with the symbol. By delving into the symbol’s historical context, an aura reader can gain a deeper understanding of its intended meaning and significance to different cultures. This layer often reveals the symbol’s original purpose and how it has evolved over time.

2. Emotional Layer

The emotional layer involves the feelings and emotional responses that the symbol evokes. Each symbol carries its own unique set of emotions, such as joy, peace, fear, or sadness. By reading the emotions radiating from the symbol, an aura reader can gauge its impact on individuals and how it may influence their emotional well-being.

3. Intuitive Layer

The intuitive layer unravels the symbolic language that lies within the subconscious mind. Symbols have the power to communicate directly with our intuition, bypassing the rational mind. Aura readers skilled in interpreting this layer can uncover intuitive insights and hidden messages embedded within the symbol.

4. Energetic Layer

The energetic layer reveals the vibrational frequency and energy signature of the symbol. Each symbol emits a unique energetic vibration that can be sensed by an aura reader. This layer allows them to understand how the symbol energizes or depletes individuals who come into contact with it. It also provides insights into the symbol’s compatibility with an individual’s own energetic field.

Tools and Techniques in Symbolic Aura Reading

Aura reading of sacred symbols requires a combination of intuition, knowledge, and the ability to tap into subtle energy fields. Aura readers may employ various tools and techniques to enhance their understanding of the energetic significance of symbols:

1. Meditation and Visualization

Meditation and visualization are essential practices for aura readers. By quieting the mind and focusing their intention, aura readers can access deeper levels of consciousness and connect with the energetic field of a symbol. Through visualization techniques, they can explore the layers of energetic significance and gain valuable insights.

2. Tarot and Oracle Cards

Tarot and oracle cards are commonly used by aura readers to tap into collective archetypal energies and symbolism. Each card carries its own unique symbolism and can be used as a gateway to accessing the energetic significance of other symbols. By incorporating tarot or oracle cards into their practice, aura readers can expand their repertoire and gain additional insights.

3. Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is a technique where an aura reader uses a weighted object, typically a crystal attached to a chain or string, to access and interpret energetic information. By holding the pendulum over a symbol, an aura reader can observe its oscillations or twitches to gain information about the symbol’s significance and energetic state.

4. Color and Symbol Associations

Colors and symbols share a profound connection in aura reading. Aura readers often study the meanings and associations of different colors and symbols to gain a deeper understanding of their energetic significance. By combining their knowledge of color psychology and symbolism, aura readers can decipher the energetic messages embedded within a symbol’s hues and shapes.

Applying Symbolic Aura Reading in Everyday Life

Understanding the energetic significance of sacred symbols can have practical applications in our daily lives. By becoming aware of the symbols we encounter and their energetic impact, we can make conscious choices about the environments we surround ourselves with and the messages we expose ourselves to.

Symbolic aura reading can assist us in:

  • Choosing empowering symbols to enhance our personal space and well-being
  • Avoiding symbols that may have a negative or draining impact on our energy
  • Understanding the deeper meanings and intentions behind societal symbols and their influence on collective consciousness
  • Gaining insights into personal and collective changes through the study of symbolic shifts and patterns


Aura reading extends beyond the realm of individual energy fields and encompasses the energetic significance of symbols. By delving into the layers of historical, emotional, intuitive, and energetic information embedded within sacred symbols, aura readers can unveil their hidden truths and explore their impact on individuals and society. Symbolic aura reading provides a pathway to deeper understanding and connection with the profound symbolism that permeates our world.

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Unveiling the Energetic Significance: Aura Reading of Sacred Symbols