Unlocking the Secrets of Aura Layers: A Comprehensive Guide

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Unlocking the Secrets of Aura Layers: A Comprehensive Guide

Aura reading is an ancient practice that has gained significant popularity in recent years. It involves interpreting the energy fields surrounding individuals, known as auras, to gain insights into their emotions, health, and spiritual well-being. While many people are familiar with the concept of auras, few are aware that auras have multiple layers, each with its unique characteristics and meanings.

In this in-depth blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of aura layers, uncovering their significance, colors, and how to interpret them. Whether you are a seasoned aurist or a curious beginner, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of aura layers and enhance your ability to read auras.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What are Aura Layers?
  3. How Many Aura Layers Are There?
  4. Interpretation of Aura Layers
  5. The Seven Aura Layers
  6. Color Meanings
  7. Tips for Reading Aura Layers
  8. Tools for Aura Reading
  9. Conclusion


Auras are the energy fields that surround living beings and objects, constantly emitting vibrations. Aura reading involves sensing and interpreting these vibrations to gain insight into a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

An aura consists of various layers, each representing different aspects of an individual’s being. Understanding the different aura layers can provide a more nuanced understanding of a person’s overall well-being.

What are Aura Layers?

Aura layers, also known as auric bodies or astral bodies, are the energetic sheaths surrounding the human body. These layers are interconnected and extend beyond the physical body, forming an energetic blueprint.

Each aura layer vibrates at a different frequency, representing various aspects of an individual’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states. These layers function as filters, absorbing and repelling energies from the external environment.

While there are numerous aura layers, the seven primary layers are the most commonly focused on in aura reading. Each of these layers has unique characteristics and colors, allowing for a detailed analysis of an individual’s aura.

How Many Aura Layers Are There?

Aura experts often describe seven main aura layers or bodies. These layers range from the closest to the physical body to those that extend farthest into the subtle realms.

The seven traditional aura layers are:

Layer Color
Physical Red
Etheric Orange
Emotional Yellow
Mental Green
Astral Blue
Etheric Template Indigo
Celestial Violet

Interpretation of Aura Layers

Each aura layer provides insights into different aspects of an individual’s life, personality, and energetic state. Here’s a brief interpretation of the seven aura layers:

1. Physical Layer

  • Closely associated with the physical body.
  • Reflects physical vitality and health.
  • Colors may indicate physical discomfort or ailments.

2. Etheric Layer

  • Links the physical and emotional layers.
  • Connected to life force energy.
  • Indicates overall well-being and vitality.

3. Emotional Layer

  • Reflects emotions and feelings.
  • Vibrant and radiates colors based on emotions.
  • May show emotional wounds or unresolved issues.

4. Mental Layer

  • Associated with thoughts, intellect, and mental processes.
  • Colors indicate clarity, focus, or mental chatter.
  • Reveals mental strengths and areas of development.

5. Astral Layer

  • Relates to desires, dreams, and the astral plane.
  • Colors reflect creative expression and spiritual growth.
  • May reveal soul connections or astral travels.

6. Etheric Template Layer

  • Bridge between the spiritual and physical realms.
  • Represents the blueprint of one’s life purpose.
  • Shows potential, destiny, and karmic lessons.

7. Celestial Layer

  • Connected to divine love, divine consciousness, and higher states of being.
  • Colors represent spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, and transcendence.
  • Indicates connection with spiritual guides or higher realms.

Color Meanings

Colors within the aura layers provide valuable insights into an individual’s energetic state and can reflect their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Here is a brief overview of common color meanings found within aura layers:

  • Red: Associated with vitality, passion, and physical energy.
  • Orange: Symbolizes creativity, joy, and emotional expression.
  • Yellow: Linked to intellect, clarity, and optimism.
  • Green: Represents balance, healing, and growth.
  • Blue: Reflects serenity, intuition, and spiritual connection.
  • Indigo: Associated with intuition, psychic abilities, and introspection.
  • Violet: Symbolizes spirituality, divine connection, and enlightenment.

Tips for Reading Aura Layers

Reading and interpreting aura layers requires practice and sensitivity to energy. Here are some helpful tips to enhance your aura reading skills:

  1. Develop your intuition and trust your impressions.
  2. Practice meditation and energy clearing techniques for enhanced perception.
  3. Observe multiple layers and pay attention to their interactions.
  4. Study the meanings and symbolism of different colors.
  5. Ask open-ended questions to support the flow of information.
  6. Record your observations and review them for patterns and validations.
  7. Seek guidance from experienced aura readers or mentors.
  8. Regularly cleanse and balance your own aura to maintain clarity.

Tools for Aura Reading

While innate intuitive abilities are enough for aura reading, you may find certain tools helpful in enhancing your perception. Here are some commonly used tools for aura reading:

  • Crystals: Certain crystals amplify intuition and energy perception.
  • Oracle Cards: Oracle cards provide visual symbols to facilitate interpretation.
  • Pendulum: A pendulum can aid in yes/no questions and subtle energy detection.
  • Scrying Mirror: A scrying mirror helps focus and deepen psychic impressions.
  • Intuition-Building Exercises: Daily exercises and practices can strengthen intuitive abilities overall.


Unlocking the secrets of aura layers provides a deeper understanding of individuals’ energetic states and their overall well-being. By perceiving and interpreting the various aura layers and their colors, you gain valuable insights into physical health, emotions, thoughts, and spiritual aspects.

Remember, aura reading is an evolving practice that becomes more refined with experience and dedication. As you explore and engage with aura layers, you’ll develop a profound connection with energies beyond the physical realm, enriching your perception of yourself and the world.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Aura Layers: A Comprehensive Guide