Aura Reading: Understanding the Invisible Energy Surrounding Us

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Aura Reading: Understanding the Invisible Energy Surrounding Us

Aura reading is a fascinating practice that allows us to gain insights into the energy fields surrounding living beings. While aura might sound mystical and esoteric, it is actually based on the concept that everything in the universe consists of energy and vibrates at a certain frequency. The practice of aura reading aims to interpret and understand these subtle energy fields and gain deeper insights into an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

What is an Aura?

Before diving into the intricacies of aura reading, let’s explore the concept of aura itself. The term “aura” can be traced back to ancient Greek and Latin origins, where it referred to a subtle glow or radiance surrounding divine beings. In modern terms, an aura is considered to be a luminous electromagnetic field that envelops a person or object.

While auras typically remain invisible to the naked eye, certain individuals possess the innate ability to perceive and interpret these energy fields. Aura readers, also known as clairvoyants or psychics, refine their intuitive skills to observe, analyze, and interpret the colors, patterns, and vibrations emanating from an individual’s aura.

The Anatomy of an Aura

According to aura reading theories, an aura consists of several layers, each representing a different aspect of an individual’s being. While the number and names of these layers may vary among different sources, a commonly accepted model includes seven main layers:

1. Etheric Aura:

This is the outermost layer of the aura and is closely connected to the physical body. It reflects an individual’s physical health and vitality.

2. Emotional Aura:

This layer is associated with emotions, feelings, and interpersonal relationships. It showcases a person’s emotional state and the energy they project into their interactions.

3. Mental Aura:

The mental aura reflects a person’s thoughts, intellect, and cognitive abilities. It provides insights into their mental clarity, focus, and overall mental state.

4. Astral Aura:

The astral aura is closely connected to the subconscious mind and spiritual experiences. It represents an individual’s spirituality, dreams, and inner desires.

5. Etheric Template Aura:

Also known as the celestial aura, this layer is associated with higher spiritual realms, cosmic energies, and divine blueprints. It holds the energetic imprints of an individual’s life purpose and soul journey.

6. Celestial Aura:

This layer represents unconditional love, compassion, and divine connections. It signifies the individual’s capacity for spiritual growth and their ability to radiate love and kindness.

7. Ketheric Template Aura:

The innermost layer of the aura, the ketheric template, represents the ultimate state of unity consciousness and the connection to the divine source. It symbolizes transcendence and enlightenment.

Aura Colors and Their Meanings

One of the key elements of aura reading is interpreting the colors present in the energy field. Each color is thought to convey specific information about an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual state. While color interpretations can vary between practitioners, the following are some commonly associated meanings:

Color Meaning
Red Physical energy, passion, power
Orange Creativity, joy, enthusiasm
Yellow Intellect, optimism, clarity
Green Healing, growth, balance
Blue Communication, intuition, calmness
Indigo Spiritual awareness, intuition, inner wisdom
Purple Spirituality, transformation, mysticism
White Purity, spiritual enlightenment, divine connection
Black Energetic blockages, negative energy, protection

These colors can vary in intensity, saturation, and distribution throughout the aura, providing further nuances and insights into an individual’s energetic state.

How to Read Auras

While some individuals possess a natural affinity for aura reading, it is a skill that can be learned and developed with practice. Here are some techniques commonly used by aura readers:

1. Meditation and Visualization:

Aura reading often begins with a meditation practice to calm the mind and enhance intuitive abilities. By visualizing and opening the third eye, aura readers cultivate their inner sight to perceive energy fields more clearly.

2. Sensing Energy:

Developing sensitivity to energy is crucial in aura reading. Practitioners may start by focusing on their own energy field and gradually expand their perception to include others. Paying attention to subtle sensations and shifts can help identify the presence and qualities of an aura.

3. Color Interpretation:

As mentioned earlier, understanding the meanings associated with different aura colors is fundamental in aura reading. Practitioners learn to perceive and interpret these colors through their intuitive senses.

4. Practice with Trusted Individuals:

Working with friends, family members, or willing participants who are open to aura reading can provide valuable experiential learning. By practicing and comparing observations, aura readers can refine their skills and gain confidence.

The Benefits of Aura Reading

Aura reading offers numerous benefits for both practitioners and those seeking insights into their energy fields. Here are a few advantages of aura reading:

Self-Reflection and Awareness:

Understanding one’s own aura can provide valuable insights into areas of strength, areas for growth, and overall well-being. It allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, thoughts, and energies, empowering them to make positive changes in their lives.

Enhanced Intuitive Abilities:

Practicing aura reading can help individuals develop and enhance their intuitive and psychic abilities. The ability to perceive and interpret subtle energy can extend beyond just auras and be applied in various areas of life.

Improved Empathy and Relationships:

By understanding the energetic states and emotions of others, aura readers can cultivate empathy and improve their interpersonal relationships. It allows them to respond more compassionately and effectively to the needs of individuals around them.

Spiritual Growth and Connection:

Aura reading is deeply connected to spirituality and consciousness expansion. By exploring the layers of the aura, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their spiritual path, connect with higher realms, and cultivate a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Ethics and Aura Reading

As with any practice involving personal insights and vulnerability, it is essential to approach aura reading with ethical considerations. Here are a few ethical guidelines for aura readers:

  • Obtain informed consent from the individual before conducting an aura reading.
  • Respect boundaries and privacy, refraining from prying into sensitive aspects without permission.
  • Convey information obtained from aura reading in a respectful and tactful manner.
  • Use the knowledge gained from aura reading to empower and support individuals, rather than to manipulate or exploit them.
  • Continuously develop and refine skills through ongoing education, self-reflection, and ethical practices.


Aura reading offers a fascinating glimpse into the invisible world of energy fields surrounding living beings. It provides insights into our physical, emotional, and spiritual states, allowing for self-reflection, personal growth, and enhanced connections with others. While aura reading requires practice and development of intuitive skills, anyone can explore and benefit from this captivating realm of understanding.

By delving into the layers, colors, and meanings of auric energy, aura readers unveil a hidden dimension that reveals more about individuals than what meets the eye. Through this practice, we tap into the interconnectedness of the universe, recognizing that energy flows through us and shapes our reality on profound levels.

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Aura Reading: Understanding the Invisible Energy Surrounding Us