What Does a Full Moon Do Spiritually?

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What Does a Full Moon Do Spiritually?

Have you ever felt inexplicably affected by the powerful allure of the full moon? Perhaps you find yourself restless or filled with inspiration, or you are simply drawn to the moon’s radiant light. There is no denying that the full moon holds a special power that has been recognized by cultures across the globe. But what does a full moon do spiritually? Let’s explore.

Amplifies Intentions

One of the most prevalent beliefs surrounding the full moon is its power to amplify your intentions. The moon is considered a symbol of manifestation, and when it is at its fullest, its power is more potent. Therefore, it is a common practice to set intentions during a full moon, as it is believed that the moon’s energy will help manifest those intentions. Many believe that the energy generated by the full moon can enhance the power behind your intentions and increase the likelihood of bringing them to fruition.

Brings Out the Shadow Self

The full moon’s powerful energy can also bring out our shadow selves, our darker aspects that we tend to hide or repress. This is why the full moon is often associated with heightened emotions, restlessness, and anxiety. It is a time when we can no longer ignore what needs to be addressed within ourselves. This can be an uncomfortable experience, but it can also lead to profound healing and transformation.

Enhances Psychic Abilities

Many spiritual teachers believe that the full moon increases our psychic abilities. This is a time when our intuitive senses are heightened, and we are more open to receiving messages from the universe. If you have been wanting to develop your psychic abilities, the full moon is a great time to focus on this.

Promotes Release and Letting Go

Lastly, the full moon is a time for release and letting go. The moon cycles are a reflection of our own cycles, and just as the moon wanes, it is important for us to let go of what no longer serves our highest good. It’s a perfect time to release negative thoughts or emotions, old habits, or belief systems. You can use this time to practice a release ritual, such as writing down what you want to release and burning it.

In conclusion, the full moon holds a powerful energy that can amplify our intentions, bring out our shadow selves, enhance our psychic abilities, and promote release and letting go. Whether you believe in the spiritual power of the moon or not, it can be a powerful tool for growth and transformation when used intentionally. So next time you are in awe of the full moon, take a moment to connect with its energy and use it to set your intentions or release what no longer serves you.

What Does a Full Moon Do Spiritually? Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions

The full moon has always been a source of fascination for humanity. It is a stunning celestial stage where the Moon, in all its round and luminous beauty, dominates the night sky with its eerie glow. But beyond its breathtaking appearance, the full moon has a profound impact on the human psyche, emotions, and spirituality.

If you’re curious about the spiritual effects of the full moon or want to know more about its significance, read on. Here are the most frequently asked questions about what does a full moon do spiritually.

What Is the Definition of the Full Moon?

Before diving deep into its spiritual properties, let’s define what exactly a full moon is. In astronomical terms, the full moon occurs when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun, and its face is entirely illuminated. This stage in the lunar cycle is usually visible from Earth as a beautiful and luminous spherical shape in the sky.

What Are the Spiritual Properties of the Full Moon?

The full moon is thought to have many spiritual properties that align with different cultures and belief systems worldwide. Some spirituality enthusiasts believe that the full moon is a time to manifest intentions, release negative energy, and amplify spiritual energy.

Manifesting Intentions

The full moon has always been associated with magic and esotericism. Many believe it is a potent time to manifest intentions and new beginnings. This is because the full moon is the culmination of the lunar cycle, a time of completion, and the beginning of a new cycle.

Releasing Negative Energy

Similar to the idea of manifesting intentions, the full moon is believed to be the perfect time to release negative energies and emotions that are no longer serving us. During a full moon, you can use meditation, journaling, or any ritual of your choice to release any negativity that may be weighing you down.

Amplifying Spiritual Energy

Some people believe that the full moon can amplify spiritual energy and psychic abilities. This is because the full moon is the brightest celestial body at night, and its energy is thought to enhance our intuition and spiritual awareness.

What Are the Benefits of the Full Moon?

The full moon is believed to have many benefits, both physical and spiritual. Here are some of the most commonly cited benefits of the full moon.

Better Sleep

Many people report better sleep during the full moon period. This could be due to the calming and relaxing effect of the full moon’s energy.

Improved Intuition

Similarly to the effect that the full moon has on spiritual energy, many believe it can enhance intuition and psychic abilities.

Increased Creativity

The full moon is also thought to stimulate creativity and inspiration in artists, writers, and musicians.

How Can You Harness the Spiritual Properties of the Full Moon?

There are several ways that you can harness the spiritual properties of the full moon. Here are some popular practices that many people use during the full moon period.


Meditation is an excellent way to connect with the energy of the full moon. You can use various meditation techniques, such as Chakra meditation, to enhance your spiritual awareness and intuition during the full moon.


Journaling is a powerful way to release negativity and manifest intentions during the full moon. You can use it to write down any negative emotions you want to let go of or set achievable goals that you wish to manifest in the coming lunar cycle.

Candle Magic

Candle magic is a popular way to harness the spiritual properties of the full moon. You can light a candle, set an intention, and use the energy of the full moon to manifest your desires.


Many people use crystals during the full moon to improve their spiritual energy and intuition. You can hold or wear a crystal, such as rose quartz, amethyst or selenite, that aligns with your intention and use it to amplify your energy during the full moon.


What Does a Full Moon Do Spiritually?

Have you ever felt an unusual or unexplained change in your mood, behavior or bodily functions during or around the time of a full moon? Maybe you suddenly feel more emotional, out of balance or even experience physical symptoms, like headaches or trouble sleeping? If you have, you’re not alone. Many people report feeling something extraordinary during a full moon phase, and this phenomenon is not just a myth or a superstition, but it has been scientifically proven that the full moon does have an impact on our planet, our bodies, and our minds.

In this post, we’ll explore what a full moon does spiritually and how it affects your life in various ways.

1. The Full Moon Increases Our Levels of Emotional Energy

One of the most notable effects of the full moon is the increased level of emotional energy in the air. It is the reason why emotions run high during this time. This upsurge of energy can be challenging to handle, and it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or agitated. Therefore, the full moon is the perfect time to focus on regulating your emotions, practicing self-care, and recharging your batteries.

2. The Full Moon Amplifies Our Thoughts and Intentions

The full moon is a powerful time to manifest, set intentions, and align with what you most desire in life. Due to the heightened energy and vibration, any thoughts and feelings you have will be magnified during this period. That’s why it’s important to focus on what you truly want and avoid negativity or self-doubt. You can take advantage of this time to meditate, visualize, or write affirmations to manifest what you desire.

3. The Full Moon Enhances Our Connection to the Divine

The full moon has long been associated with spiritual and religious practices. In many cultures and spiritual traditions, the full moon represents a time of heightened communication and connection to the divine. During this time, it’s easier to connect with your Higher Self, your spirit guides, ancestors, and other spiritual beings. The full moon is a perfect opportunity to tune in, channel messages, or communicate with the divine.

4. The Full Moon Cleanses and Releases Negative Energy

The full moon is the perfect time for release and letting go. Negative energy, emotions, relationships, or situations that no longer serve you can be released during this phase. The full moon provides a powerful energy that helps us to cleanse and clear space for new growth and opportunities. You can use this time to practice a ritual of cleaning your space, meditating, or burning sage to release any negative energies.

5. The Full Moon Affects Our Sleep and Dream State

Many people report experiencing sleep disturbances, vivid dreams, or even nightmares during the full moon phase. This is because our bodies are sensitive to the moon’s electromagnetic energy, which can affect melatonin production, a hormone responsible for regulating our sleep-wake cycle. However, some people also report having more lucid or prophetic dreams during this time, which can be used for divination or spiritual practice.

6. The Full Moon Can Enhance Our Creativity and Intuition

Due to the increased energy and heightened emotional state, the full moon can stimulate creative expression and intuition. During this time, it’s easier to tap into your inner-knowing and unleash your creative potential. You can use this time to channel your creativity, explore your artistic side, or engage in spiritual practices that enhance your intuition like tarot cards, mediumship or chakra healing.

7. The Full Moon Affects Our Physical Body and Health

Finally, the full moon can also have an impact on our physical health and body. Many people experience physical symptoms during this time, like headaches, migraines, digestive issues, or menstrual cramps. This is because the full moon affects fluid levels in the body, just like the ocean tides. It’s important to practice self-care during this period and listen to your body’s needs to maintain good health.


The full moon is a powerful time that affects us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. It’s a time of heightened energy and transformation that can be harnessed for healing, manifestation or spiritual growth. By understanding the influence of the full moon on your life, you can prepare, adapt and use it to your advantage. Remember, the full moon is not something to fear, but a powerful opportunity for you to align with your highest self and purpose.

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What Does a Full Moon Do Spiritually?