Understanding the Deep Meaning behind the 6 Card Tarot Spread

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Understanding the Deep Meaning behind the 6 Card Tarot Spread

The tarot deck is a powerful tool for gaining insights into different aspects of our lives. One of the most common tarot spreads used is the 6 card tarot spread. This spread provides valuable guidance and deep insights into various areas of our lives, including relationships, career, and personal growth. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind each position in the 6 card tarot spread, enabling you to unlock its full potential.

Position 1: The Past

The first card represents the past and gives insight into the events, experiences, and emotions that have shaped your current situation. It provides an understanding of the influences that have brought you to your current point in life.

For example, if you draw the Three of Cups in this position, it indicates a time of celebration and joy in your past. This card suggests that positive relationships or a particular gathering played a significant role in your current situation.

Card Meaning
Three of Cups Celebration, friendship, joyful connections
Five of Cups Loss, disappointment, grief
Ten of Swords Betrayal, pain, endings

Position 2: The Present

The second card represents the present and reveals the current energies surrounding you. It shows what is happening in your life right now and provides guidance on how to navigate through these energies.

For instance, if you draw the Justice card in this position, it suggests that fairness and balance are prevailing in your current circumstance. It urges you to seek truth, make wise decisions, and be accountable for your actions.

Position 3: External Influences

The third card represents the external influences affecting your situation. It provides insight into the people, circumstances, or energies that are impacting your life from the outside. This card helps you understand the broader context of your experiences.

Let’s say you draw the Four of Wands in this position. It signifies stability, harmony, and a solid foundation. It suggests that the positive influences around you, such as supportive relationships or a stable environment, are contributing to your current situation.

Position 4: Internal Feelings

The fourth card represents your internal feelings and emotions regarding the situation at hand. It uncovers your subconscious desires, fears, and motivations that may be influencing your actions.

For example, if you draw the Page of Cups in this position, it suggests that your emotions are in flux. You may be experiencing a new wave of creativity, intuition, or the desire for emotional connections.

Position 5: Advice

The fifth card offers guidance and advice on how to navigate the situation or make the most of the energies surrounding you. It provides wise counsel to help you overcome challenges or maximize opportunities.

Suppose you draw the Temperance card in this position. It signifies the need for balance, moderation, and patience. It advises you to find harmony in your actions and to take a moderate approach to achieve the best outcome.

Position 6: Outcome

The final card represents the potential outcome of your current situation. It shows the direction in which your actions and energies are likely to lead. While the outcome is not set in stone, this card indicates the most probable result based on the current circumstances.

For instance, if you draw the Queen of Pentacles in this position, it suggests that financial stability, security, and material abundance are possible outcomes. It indicates that by nurturing your resources and staying grounded, you can manifest material prosperity.

Wrapping Up

The 6 card tarot spread offers a comprehensive look at different aspects of your life and serves as a powerful tool for self-reflection and guidance. By understanding the meaning behind each position, you can gain deeper insights into the past, present, external influences, internal feelings, advice, and potential outcomes related to your current situation. Remember, the cards provide guidance, but the power to shape your life ultimately lies within you.

Take time to reflect on the meaning of each card and how it resonates with your life. Tarot can serve as a mirror, illuminating your path, but it is up to you to take the necessary steps towards personal growth and transformation.

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Understanding the Deep Meaning behind the 6 Card Tarot Spread