Unleash the Power of Runes with Zyra: A Comprehensive Guide

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Unleash the Power of Runes with Zyra: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome, summoners, to another installment of our champion guides! In this edition, we dive into the mystical world of Zyra, the Rise of the Thorns. Zyra is a deadly mage who harnesses the power of plants to decimate her foes. To maximize her potential, it is crucial to understand the strategic importance of choosing the right runes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best runes for Zyra, explaining their strengths, weaknesses, and how they synergize with her kit. Read on to discover the secrets of dominating the Rift as the Queen of Thorn.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of Zyra
  2. Precision Runes
  3. Domination Runes
  4. Sorcery Runes
  5. Resolve Runes
  6. Inspiration Runes
  7. Conclusion

Overview of Zyra

Zyra, the Keeper of the Thorns, is a ranged mage capable of unleashing devastating area-of-effect damage. Her kit centers around sowing seeds, which grow into plants that attack and control the battlefield. To optimize Zyra’s playstyle, we need to select runes that complement her abilities and amplify her strengths.

1. Precision Runes

Precision runes provide a mix of damage output, utility, and sustained damage to enhance Zyra’s effectiveness throughout the match. This tree synergizes well with her abilities, particularly her high burst damage. Let’s delve into the primary and secondary options this tree offers to Zyra.

Primary Rune – Press the Attack

Press the Attack is an attractive choice for Zyra, especially when facing durable champions or tanky compositions. It enhances her team’s damage output by marking enemies and allowing her allies to deal additional damage. With Zyra’s ability to engage in prolonged fights, this rune provides immense value as she whittles down foes.

An alternative primary rune for consideration is Lethal Tempo. While not as impactful as Press the Attack for Zyra, Lethal Tempo can issue a burst of rapid attacks after landing an ability. This rune is fitting if you prefer a more sustained damage approach and find yourself needing to chip away at tankier opponents.

Secondary Runes – Triumph and Legend: Tenacity

The secondary rune choices in the Precision tree cater well to Zyra’s playstyle. Triumph is a great rune considering Zyra’s role as a squishy mage. It grants her healing and bonus gold upon takedowns, providing some survivability and extra gold to snowball the game.

Pairing Triumph with Legend: Tenacity grants Zyra tenacity, reducing crowd control effects and allowing her to stay mobile during crucial team fights. Tenacity synergizes with Zyra’s positioning needs, ensuring she can reposition and create space for her deadly plants.

Primary Rune Secondary Runes
Press the Attack Triumph and Legend: Tenacity

2. Domination Runes

The Domination tree offers a mix of aggressive burst and utility. Although Zyra benefits more from the Precision tree, the Domination tree can still be a viable choice for certain playstyles or matchups.

Primary Rune – Electrocute

Electrocute stands out as the go-to primary rune if you opt for the Domination tree. This rune provides an impactful burst of damage when Zyra lands a skill combo, making it an ideal choice for trades and early-game skirmishes. Zyra excels at harassing enemies, and Electrocute amplifies that strength, providing even more kill pressure in the laning phase.

Secondary Runes – Cheap Shot and Ravenous Hunter

Cheap Shot pairs well with Zyra’s ability to immobilize enemies with her Grasping Roots (E). It amplifies her damage, allowing for punishing trades and more poke potential. Ravenous Hunter is a great complement to Zyra’s damage-dealing kit. It provides sustain, allowing her to stay in fights longer, and it empowers her spell vamp for increased survivability.

Primary Rune Secondary Runes
Electrocute Cheap Shot and Ravenous Hunter

3. Sorcery Runes

The Sorcery tree mainly focuses on providing Zyra with sustained damage, utility, and bonus movement speed. While not the most optimal rune tree for Zyra, it can serve as an alternative option depending on the matchup and team composition.

Primary Rune – Arcane Comet

Arcane Comet is a solid primary choice from the Sorcery tree. It enhances Zyra’s poke damage and provides great wave-clearing potential, making her an even greater threat in the laning phase. This rune excels against champions that need to stack Tear of the Goddess or rely on delayed damage abilities.

Secondary Runes – Manaflow Band and Gathering Storm

Manaflow Band ensures Zyra’s mana sustainability throughout longer engagements, offering her more opportunities to poke and trade aggressively. Gathering Storm is ideal for games that tend to go long, granting Zyra extra ability power as the match progresses, making her late-game team fights incredibly impactful.

Primary Rune Secondary Runes
Arcane Comet Manaflow Band and Gathering Storm

4. Resolve Runes

The Resolve tree offers defensive options essential for surviving tough matchups or sustaining against heavy harass. While Zyra is primarily an offensive mage, the Resolve tree can provide more survivability if needed.

Primary Rune – Guardian

Guardian is the primary rune to consider from the Resolve tree. While not commonly chosen on Zyra, it can provide utility and protect her or an ally during fights. Guardian provides a shield when Zyra or an ally takes damage, enhancing their overall survivability. This rune is best utilized when playing Zyra as a support, providing extra protection for your ADC during trades and skirmishes.

Secondary Runes – Font of Life and Revitalize

Font of Life allows Zyra to provide her allies with bonus healing when immobilizing enemies. This rune helps Zyra take on a more supportive role, focusing on assisting her team rather than dealing damage directly. Paired with Revitalize, it provides enhanced healing and shielding, increasing Zyra’s contribution to her team’s overall survivability.

Primary Rune Secondary Runes
Guardian Font of Life and Revitalize

5. Inspiration Runes

The Inspiration tree offers unique utility and utility-enhancing runes, making it a niche choice for Zyra. While not optimal, it can be a fun alternative depending on your playstyle and team composition.

Primary Rune – Glacial Augment

Glacial Augment is the primary rune to consider if you venture into the Inspiration tree with Zyra. This rune enhances her crowd control potential, slowing down enemies and enabling her to set up kills for her team. Glacial Augment augments Zyra’s root (E) ability, making it easier to follow up with additional damage and engage with greater precision.

Secondary Runes – Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight

Magical Footwear is a fitting choice if you prioritize movement speed over early boots. It provides free boots at a later stage of the game, allowing you to allocate gold elsewhere. Cosmic Insight reduces the cooldown on Zyra’s summoner spells, making her flash and teleport available more frequently, granting her greater mobility and map presence.

Primary Rune Secondary Runes
Glacial Augment Magical Footwear and Cosmic Insight


With the power of runes at your fingertips, you now possess the knowledge to optimize Zyra’s performance on the Rift. Whether you prefer the precision and sustained damage of the Precision tree, the burst potential of the Domination tree, or the utility of the Sorcery, Resolve, or Inspiration trees—there is a rune setup to suit your playstyle. Remember, mastering runes takes time and experimentation, so feel free to adjust them based on your personal preferences and the unique challenges each match presents. As you sow the seeds of destruction, embrace the thorny path that will lead you to victory as the thorn-infused mistress of magic, Zyra!

Have a blast experimenting with different rune combinations, and let us know in the comments which runes work best for you on Zyra!

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Unleash the Power of Runes with Zyra: A Comprehensive Guide