Runes Guide for Ezreal – Dominate the Game with the Right Choices

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Runes Guide for Ezreal – Dominate the Game with the Right Choices

Ever since his release in 2010, Ezreal has remained a fan-favorite champion in League of Legends. With his versatile playstyle and high skill ceiling, Ezreal is a favorite pick for both casual and professional players alike. To fully unlock his potential, it’s crucial to choose the right runes that complement his abilities and playstyle.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of runes for Ezreal, exploring different options and providing insights on how to optimize your rune setup to maximize your impact on the Rift. Whether you’re a seasoned Ezreal player or just starting your journey with this prodigious champion, this guide will help you make informed decisions and dominate your games.

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Understanding Runes

Rune Pages are a key aspect of League of Legends, allowing players to customize the strengths and weaknesses of their champions. The right combination of runes can significantly impact your performance in-game. For Ezreal, there are several primary rune paths that we’ll explore in detail.


Precision is often the go-to choice for Ezreal due to its synergy with his abilities and auto-attacks. Here are the runes you should consider in the Precision tree:

**Keystone Rune:** The most commonly used keystone for Ezreal is **Press the Attack**. It enhances Ezreal’s burst potential by increasing his damage against a target after landing three consecutive attacks. Its bonus damage synergizes with his Mystic Shot (Q) ability, allowing you to quickly shred through enemy defenses.

**Triumph** is an excellent choice for the first row. It provides a small amount of healing and grants additional gold on takedowns, enhancing Ezreal’s survivability and gold income.

Moving to the second row, **Legend: Bloodline** is a solid option for Ezreal, offering increased lifesteal as the game progresses. This helps sustain in fights and allows Ezreal to stay healthy throughout the game.

Finally, in the third row, **Coup de Grace** is the preferred choice. It grants bonus damage against low-health targets, further amplifying Ezreal’s burst potential.


If you’re looking to play a more aggressive and burst-oriented Ezreal, the Domination tree provides excellent options. Here are the key runes to consider:

**Keystone Rune:** **Electrocute** stands out as the go-to keystone for burst damage. It activates after hitting an enemy champion with an ability and two basic attacks, dealing additional damage. This keystone synergizes well with Ezreal’s ability combo, allowing you to burst down opponents with ease.

In the first row, **Sudden Impact** is a solid choice as it provides bonus lethality and magic penetration after using a dash or blink ability. Ezreal’s Arcane Shift (E) ability triggers this effect, granting you additional damage against your targets.

Moving to the second row, **Eyeball Collection** offers bonus adaptive force for accumulating takedowns. This helps you snowball your advantage and increase your overall damage output.

In the third row, **Ravenous Hunter** fits perfectly with Ezreal’s playstyle. It provides spell vamp on ability damage and significantly enhances his sustain in team fights.


The Sorcery tree is a versatile option for Ezreal, offering both offensive and utility choices for different playstyles. Let’s explore the key runes in the Sorcery tree:

**Keystone Rune:** For Ezreal players seeking raw damage output, **Summon Aery** is a solid choice. It enhances your poke damage by periodically shielding an ally or damaging an enemy with your abilities. The versatility of this keystone makes it a strong option for many matchups.

In the first row, **Manaflow Band** provides bonus mana and mana regen for hitting enemy champions with abilities. This helps sustain your mana pool in the early game, allowing for more frequent harass and ability usage.

Moving to the second row, **Transcendence** is a popular choice. It grants additional ability haste and converts excess cooldown reduction into bonus adaptive force. This helps Ezreal reach his maximum cooldown reduction faster, enhancing his spell-casting capabilities.

In the third row, **Gathering Storm** synergizes well with Ezreal’s scaling nature. It grants increased attack damage and ability power as the game progresses, allowing Ezreal to become a potent threat in the late game.


The Inspiration tree offers unique utility-focused options for Ezreal players who prefer a supportive playstyle. Here are the key runes in the Inspiration tree:

**Keystone Rune:** **Glacial Augment** is the primary keystone choice for utility-focused Ezreal players. It causes your basic attacks to slow enemies, making it easier to hit skill shots and kite opponents. This rune pairs well with the Iceborn Gauntlet item, further enhancing your kiting potential.

In the first row, **Magical Footwear** is a popular choice. It grants free boots at a later time and provides bonus movement speed. This allows Ezreal to reach his core items faster and enhances his overall mobility.

Moving to the second row, **Biscuit Delivery** offers sustain and additional mana upon consumption. This helps Ezreal survive in challenging matchups and alleviates any early-game mana issues.

In the third row, **Cosmic Insight** is a valuable choice, granting bonus ability haste and summoner spell reduction. The reduced summoner spell cooldowns help Ezreal stay safe and make more aggressive plays.


While not the most common choice, the Resolve tree can be situationally effective for Ezreal players looking for extra survivability and sustain. Here are the key runes in the Resolve tree:

**Keystone Rune:** **Grasp of the Undying** is the primary keystone for more sustained damage and tankiness. It empowers your basic attacks, healing you and increasing your maximum health after a certain number of attacks. This keystone helps Ezreal become more durable in extended fights.

In the first row, **Shield Bash** synergizes well with Ezreal’s playstyle. It grants bonus damage and a small shield when entering combat with an active shield, such as Barrier or a shield granted by an ally.

Moving to the second row, **Second Wind** provides passive health regeneration when taking damage from enemy champions. This helps Ezreal sustain in the laning phase, making him harder to bully.

Finally, in the third row, **Revitalize** enhances healing and shielding effects, increasing the effectiveness of lifesteal, heals, and shields on Ezreal. This rune further solidifies Ezreal’s presence as a sustain-oriented champion.

Hybrid Runepages

While the primary rune paths we discussed so far cover the main options for Ezreal, you can always experiment and create hybrid runepages by combining runes from different trees to suit your playstyle and specific game situations.

For example, if you want a mix of damage and utility, you can combine the Precision and Sorcery trees, taking **Press the Attack** from Precision as your keystone and **Manaflow Band** and **Transcendence** from Sorcery to enhance your poke damage and provide additional mana sustain.

Remember, rune choices should be flexible and adaptable based on the game circumstances, your personal preferences, and the composition of your team and the enemy team.


Selecting the right runes for Ezreal is integral to unleashing his full potential on the Rift. Whether you opt for the damage-focused Precision or Domination trees, the utility of Sorcery and Inspiration, or the resilience of Resolve, understanding the strengths and synergies of each rune path will greatly impact your gameplay.

Experimenting with different rune setups, adapting to the game situation, and finding a playstyle that suits your preferences are key steps towards mastering Ezreal. Keep in mind that runes are just one piece of the puzzle and need to be complemented with effective itemization, map awareness, and mechanical skill to truly dominate in your games.

So, go out there, test different rune paths, and find the optimal setup that best aligns with your playstyle and leads to victory with Ezreal!

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Runes Guide for Ezreal – Dominate the Game with the Right Choices