How to Make a Living Reading Tarot Cards

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How to Make a Living Reading Tarot Cards

Are you fascinated by the captivating world of tarot cards? Perhaps you’ve spent hours delving into their mystical symbolism and rich history. If you have a deep connection with the tarot and an intuitive understanding of its meanings, you may be wondering if there’s a way to turn your passion into a fulfilling career. Well, good news! In this blog post, we’ll explore how to make a living reading tarot cards and navigate the path towards becoming a professional tarot reader.

Step 1: Master the Tarot Card Meanings

Before embarking on your journey to becoming a professional tarot reader, it’s crucial to have a solid foundation in tarot card meanings. There are 78 cards in a standard tarot deck, each with its own unique symbolism and interpretation. Start by familiarizing yourself with the major and minor arcana, understanding the elements associated with each suit, and grasping the essence of the court cards.

Creating flashcards or a study guide can be immensely helpful in memorizing the meanings of each card. Take your time with this step and allow yourself to form a personal connection with the cards. Remember, the more you internalize the symbolism and interpretive possibilities, the more confident you’ll feel as a tarot reader.

Step 2: Develop Your Intuition

In addition to studying the tarot card meanings, it’s essential to cultivate your intuition. This involves tapping into your inner wisdom and learning to trust your gut instincts. Clear your mind, practice meditation, and embrace techniques that deepen your intuitive abilities.

One way to hone your intuition is through daily card pulls. Shuffle the deck, focus on a specific question or intention, and draw a card. Reflect on its meaning, how it resonates with your query, and any intuitive insights that arise. Over time, you’ll strengthen your connection with the cards and your ability to interpret their messages.

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any skill, practice is the key to mastery. Seek opportunities to read tarot for friends, family, or even willing strangers. Engaging with different individuals exposes you to a variety of experiences and expands your interpretive skills.

If you’re comfortable with it, consider offering free tarot readings online or at local events. This not only provides valuable practice but also allows you to start building a client base and gaining feedback. Remember that practice is an ongoing journey – even professional tarot readers continually learn and grow through each reading they give.

Step 4: Establish Your Tarot Reading Business

Once you’re confident in your tarot reading abilities, it’s time to establish your business. Start by deciding whether you want to work as an independent reader or within an established metaphysical shop. Both options have their pros and cons, so carefully consider which aligns best with your goals and values.

If you choose to go solo, create a professional website that showcases your services, expertise, and testimonials from satisfied clients. Invest in quality tarot decks, a sacred space for client readings, and any additional tools or props that resonate with your style. Clearly outline your rates, booking process, and the types of readings you offer.

On the other hand, joining a metaphysical shop can provide you with a ready-made client base, exposure, and a supportive community of fellow readers. Research local shops or online platforms that accept tarot readers and inquire about their application process.

Step 5: Market Yourself and Attract Clients

No matter how skilled you are as a tarot reader, your business won’t thrive without clients. Marketing yourself effectively is crucial for attracting and retaining a loyal client base:

  • Create a presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, where you can share insights, offer daily card pulls, and provide teasers of your readings.
  • Collaborate with influencers or other professionals in the metaphysical or spiritual niche to expand your reach and gain credibility.
  • Offer blog posts or video tutorials on your website that provide valuable tarot-related content, positioning yourself as an expert in the field.
  • Participate in local fairs, markets, or events where you can showcase your skills and network with potential clients.

Step 6: Continue Your Learning and Growth

Even as a professional tarot reader, the learning never stops. Tarot is a deep and ever-evolving art, and staying informed about new decks, spreads, and interpretive techniques is essential.

Read books, attend workshops, explore online courses, and connect with other tarot enthusiasts to broaden your knowledge and keep your readings fresh and insightful. Continually seeking growth not only enhances your credibility but also ensures your passion for the tarot remains alive.


Turning your love for tarot cards into a viable career is entirely possible with dedication, practice, and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit. By mastering the tarot card meanings, developing your intuition, practicing regularly, establishing your business, effectively marketing yourself, and committing to ongoing learning, you can create a fulfilling livelihood as a professional tarot reader. Remember, each reading you give carries the potential to offer guidance, healing, and transformation – and that’s a beautiful way to make a living.

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How to Make a Living Reading Tarot Cards