The Art of Reading Tarot with a Regular Deck of Cards

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The Art of Reading Tarot with a Regular Deck of Cards

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a tool for divination and self-discovery. The beautiful and intricate designs of tarot cards can be mesmerizing, but not everyone has access to a tarot deck. Luckily, you can also use your regular deck of playing cards to read tarot. In this post, we will discuss how you can use a regular deck of cards to perform a tarot reading.

Getting Started

Before you begin your tarot reading, it’s important to take a few moments to center yourself and set your intention. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the reason for your reading. Shuffle your deck of cards thoroughly while focusing on your question or intention.

Assigning Meanings

Once you’ve shuffled the deck, you can begin assigning meanings to each card. There are various systems you can use to assign meanings to playing cards, but one popular method is to use the suits to correlate with the four elements:

– Hearts represent emotions and the element of water
– Clubs represent work and the element of fire
– Diamonds represent money and the element of earth
– Spades represent challenges and the element of air

Like the tarot deck, Jacks represent young people, Queens represent women, and Kings represent men. Here’s a breakdown of the meaning for each card:

– Ace: new beginnings, a fresh start
– Two: balance, harmony, decision-making
– Three: growth, creativity, expression
– Four: stability, patience, discipline
– Five: change, instability, loss
– Six: success, victory, achievement
– Seven: opportunities, choices, learning
– Eight: control, power, responsibility
– Nine: completion, satisfaction, fulfillment
– Ten: endings, transformation, rebirth

The Reading

Now that you’re familiar with assigning meanings to each card, you can begin your reading. There are various spreads you can use with a regular deck of cards, but the easiest is the three-card spread:

1. The first card represents the past and the root of the situation, why things are the way they are or how they came to be.
2. The second card represents the present and the current situation.
3. The third card represents the future and the outcome, what to expect or how things might unfold.

Draw three cards and lay them out facedown in order from left to right. Once the cards are laid out, you can flip them over one by one and interpret the meaning based on their position and the card’s assigned meaning.

The Art of Reading Tarot with a Regular Deck of Cards: FAQs

Tarot card reading is always thought to be mystical and that only people with special skills can perform it. However, this isn’t necessarily true – anyone can read tarot cards, and it doesn’t require a special deck. A regular playing card deck can also be used to read tarot. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the art of reading tarot with a regular deck of cards.

1. How do I start reading tarot with a regular deck of cards?

To start reading tarot with a regular deck of cards, you will have to assign specific meanings to each card. Here’s a simple way to do it:

– Hearts: Cups (representing emotions and relationships)
– Clubs: Wands (representing creativity and growth)
– Diamonds: Pentacles (representing wealth and material things)
– Spades: Swords (representing intellect, communication, and conflict)

You can also assign meanings to the numbers in each suit if you’d like, such as Ace for new beginnings, Two for balance, Three for communication, and so on.

2. How do I shuffle and draw the cards?

Shuffling and drawing the cards is similar to the way you would do it with a tarot deck. Shuffle the deck and cut the cards into three piles. Choose the one in the middle and lay it on the table. This card will be the foundation card. Shuffle the remaining cards and draw three cards from the top of the deck. Place the first card to the left of the foundation card, the second card to the right of the foundation card, and the third card at the top of the foundation card.

3. What is the significance of the first card I draw?

The first card you draw is the foundation card, which represents the present situation of the querent (the person whose cards you are reading). The foundation card should be interpreted based on its suit and number.

4. What is the significance of the second card I draw?

The second card you draw represents the past of the querent. It should be interpreted based on its suit and number, and how it relates to the foundation card.

5. What is the significance of the third card I draw?

The third card represents the future of the querent. It should be interpreted based on its suit and number and how it relates to the foundation card and the second card.

6. Can I use the regular playing cards for more advanced readings?

Yes, you can use regular playing cards for more advanced readings, such as using a larger spread, adding additional cards to the draw, or including reverse meanings for the cards.

7. How do I interpret the cards?

Interpreting the cards can be done in different ways. You can rely on your intuition, knowledge of the card meanings, or use a guidebook as a reference. Interpret the cards based on how they appear in relation to each other in the draw, their position, and their individual meanings.

8. Should I cleanse and charge the cards?

Cleansing and charging the cards can help to maintain their energetic purity and strengthen their connection to your intention. You can cleanse and charge the cards by keeping them in a sacred space, meditating with them, or using crystals that have properties that enhance intuition and clarity.

9. How often should I read my cards?

You can read your cards as often as you like, but it’s essential to maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards the cards and the practice. You should also allow some time to pass between readings to let things unfold and give yourself some space to process any information that comes up.

10. Can anyone learn to read tarot with playing cards?

Yes, anyone can learn to read tarot. It takes practice, patience, and an open mind. You don’t necessarily need a special deck of cards; you can work with what you have, and regular playing cards can work just fine.

The Art of Reading Tarot with a Regular Deck of Cards

Tarot card readings are a popular way of divination, but did you know that you can do tarot card readings with a regular deck of playing cards? The symbolism in playing cards can be quite similar to that of tarot cards, and the meanings of each card can be interpreted in a similar way. In this blog post, we will explore the art of reading tarot with a regular deck of cards.

The History of Tarot Cards

Before we delve into reading tarot with a regular deck of cards, it’s essential to understand the history of tarot cards. Tarot cards were originally developed in Italy in the 15th century as a card game. Over time, they became associated with divination, and the cards were decorated with images and symbols that represented various elements of life, such as strength, love, and fortune.

In the 18th century, tarot cards started to be used for occult purposes, and tarot readers began to interpret the cards’ meanings for divination. Today, tarot cards are used all over the world as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

The Symbolism of Playing Cards

To read tarot with a regular deck of cards, you need to understand the symbolism of each card. Each card in a regular deck of cards represents a specific element of life. For example, the Ace of Spades represents new beginnings, while the King of Hearts represents emotional maturity and stability.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the symbolism of each suit in a regular deck of cards:

– Hearts: emotions, love, relationships
– Diamonds: money, material possessions, practical matters
– Clubs: intellect, communication, creativity
– Spades: challenges, obstacles, change

The Meanings of Each Card

Now that you understand the symbolism of each suit, it’s time to dive into the meanings of each card in a regular deck of cards. The interpretations of each card can vary depending on the reader and the question being asked, but here’s a general guide to get you started:

– Ace of Hearts: new beginnings in love
– Two of Hearts: partnership, harmony, balance
– Three of Hearts: celebration, joy, good news
– Four of Hearts: stability, foundation, home
– Five of Hearts: loss, grief, sadness
– Six of Hearts: nostalgia, memories, healing
– Seven of Hearts: choices, indecision, evaluation
– Eight of Hearts: progress, moving forward, achieving goals
– Nine of Hearts: wishes, dreams, satisfaction
– Ten of Hearts: family, community, fulfillment
– Jack of Hearts: a person who is emotionally sensitive and intuitive
– Queen of Hearts: a nurturing and caring person
– King of Hearts: a wise and stable leader in matters of the heart

– Ace of Diamonds: new beginnings in finances or material possessions
– Two of Diamonds: balance, negotiations, agreements
– Three of Diamonds: work, effort, progress
– Four of Diamonds: stability, security, savings
– Five of Diamonds: debts, financial struggles, loss
– Six of Diamonds: generosity, sharing, giving
– Seven of Diamonds: opportunities, movement, changes
– Eight of Diamonds: hard work, planning, investments
– Nine of Diamonds: luxury, abundance, prosperity
– Ten of Diamonds: success, fulfillment, richness
– Jack of Diamonds: a person who is practical and hardworking
– Queen of Diamonds: a person who is materialistic and enjoys luxury
– King of Diamonds: a person who is generous and successful

– Ace of Clubs: new beginnings in creativity or communication
– Two of Clubs: partnership, teamwork, cooperation
– Three of Clubs: progress, growth, expansion
– Four of Clubs: stability, foundation, structure
– Five of Clubs: challenges, obstacles, competition
– Six of Clubs: victory, success, recognition
– Seven of Clubs: imagination, ideas, inspiration
– Eight of Clubs: movement, travel, change
– Nine of Clubs: accomplishment, achievement, satisfaction
– Ten of Clubs: responsibility, leadership, authority
– Jack of Clubs: a person who is creative and inventive
– Queen of Clubs: a person who is assertive and confident
– King of Clubs: a person who is charismatic and successful

– Ace of Spades: new beginnings in challenges or change
– Two of Spades: choices, decisions, balance
– Three of Spades: heartbreak, grief, sorrow
– Four of Spades: healing, rest, recovery
– Five of Spades: conflict, disagreement, tension
– Six of Spades: transition, movement, progress
– Seven of Spades: deceit, betrayal, trickery
– Eight of Spades: restriction, confinement, isolation
– Nine of Spades: fear, worry, anxiety
– Ten of Spades: endings, sorrow, pain
– Jack of Spades: a person who is analytical and intelligent
– Queen of Spades: a person who is independent and strong-willed
– King of Spades: a person who is dominant and powerful

How to Read Tarot with a Regular Deck of Cards

To read tarot with a regular deck of cards, you need to have a clear question in mind. Shuffle the deck of cards thoroughly and lay them out in a spread of your choice. You can use any spread that you like, but a simple three-card spread is a good place to start.

Here’s how to do a three-card spread with a regular deck of cards:

1. Shuffle the deck of cards and ask your question.
2. Cut the deck into three piles and choose one of the piles.
3. Lay out the first card to represent the past.
4. Lay out the second card to represent the present.
5. Lay out the third card to represent the future.

Interpret each card based on its meaning and its position in the spread. Consider the symbolism of the suit and the number of each card, as well as any intuition or insights that come to you as you read. Repeat this process for as many spreads as you like.


Reading tarot with a regular deck of cards can be a fun and insightful way to gain a new perspective on your life. By understanding the symbolism of each card and learning how to interpret them in a spread, you can explore your past, present, and future and gain new insights into yourself and your life. So grab a deck of cards, shuffle them up, and start exploring the art of reading tarot with a regular deck of cards today.

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The Art of Reading Tarot with a Regular Deck of Cards