How Much is Light Fruit in Blox Fruit?

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How Much is Light Fruit in Blox Fruit?

How Much is Light Fruit in Blox Fruit?

Blox Fruit, also known as Blox Piece, is a popular Roblox game based on the series One Piece. It offers a vast open-world experience where players can explore, battle enemies, and gain new abilities by eating Devil Fruits. One of the most sought-after Devil Fruits in the game is the Light Fruit, which grants the power of light manipulation. In this blog post, we will discuss the rarity, price, and abilities of the Light Fruit in Blox Fruit.

The Rarity of the Light Fruit

The Light Fruit is considered an extremely rare Devil Fruit in Blox Fruit. It is categorized as an Ultimate-tier fruit, which means it has a significantly lower drop rate compared to other fruits. Players often spend hours upon hours grinding and farming in hopes of finding this elusive fruit. The rarity of the Light Fruit, along with its powerful abilities, makes it highly sought after by players looking to acquire a unique and potent ability.

The Price of the Light Fruit

Due to its rarity and high demand, the price of the Light Fruit in Blox Fruit can vary greatly. The in-game currency used for trading and purchasing items in Blox Fruit is called Beli. The price of the Light Fruit can range anywhere from millions to billions of Beli, depending on the fruit’s availability and the demand in the player-driven market.

Players who manage to obtain the Light Fruit often have the opportunity to sell it for a significant amount of Beli. However, as the supply is limited, prospective buyers need to be prepared to spend a hefty sum to acquire this extraordinary Devil Fruit.

The Factors Influencing Price

The price of the Light Fruit can be influenced by several factors:

  1. Availability: The rarity of the Light Fruit directly affects its price. When fewer players have the fruit, the price tends to be higher as the demand outstrips the supply.
  2. Power and Abilities: The Light Fruit offers an array of powerful abilities related to light manipulation, making it one of the most desirable Devil Fruits in the game. The fruit’s abilities can greatly impact its price as players are willing to spend more for such potent powers.
  3. In-Game Updates: Changes to gameplay, updates, or new content introduced by the game developers can significantly impact the price of fruit in the player-driven market. An alteration in the fruit’s drop rate or the introduction of new Devil Fruits can cause fluctuations in the Light Fruit’s price.
  4. Player Trade Negotiations: As player-to-player trading is prevalent in Blox Fruit, individual negotiations and agreements can affect the price. Skillful negotiation and market understanding can lead to both buyers and sellers striking good deals.

The Abilities of the Light Fruit

The Light Fruit grants its user the ability to manipulate light in various ways. Here are some of the abilities players can unlock by consuming this powerful Devil Fruit:

  • Photon Blast: The user can release powerful blasts of light energy capable of inflicting considerable damage to enemies.
  • Light Speed: The user gains enhanced speed and agility, allowing them to move at incredible speeds similar to the speed of light.
  • Light Shield: The user can create protective barriers made of light energy, providing defense against attacks.
  • Light Illusion: The user can manipulate light to create illusions, confusing opponents and gaining a strategic advantage in battles.
  • Light Healing: The user can use light energy to heal themselves or others, aiding in the recovery of injuries.

The Light Fruit’s abilities offer a versatile playstyle that is not only deadly in combat but also provides utility in various situations. Whether it’s delivering devastating blows or healing allies, the Light Fruit is a valuable asset in the hands of a skilled player.


The Light Fruit in Blox Fruit is a rare and coveted Devil Fruit, offering its users the power to manipulate light. With its scarcity, the price of the Light Fruit can be exorbitant, reaching into the millions or even billions of Beli. Players seeking this extraordinary ability often invest significant time and effort into acquiring it through grinding or trading in the player-driven market.

Once in possession of the Light Fruit, players can unleash a range of potent light-based abilities, providing immense firepower and utility in battles. Combined with its scarcity, these abilities make the Light Fruit a highly desirable choice for players looking to gain a powerful advantage in the world of Blox Fruit.

So, if you ever come across the Light Fruit in Blox Fruit, be prepared to open your Beli purse wide, as this rare and powerful Devil Fruit is sure to fetch a hefty price!

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How Much is Light Fruit in Blox Fruit?