Blox Fruit Awakening Price: A Comprehensive Guide

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Blox Fruit Awakening Price: A Comprehensive Guide

Awakening your fruits in Blox Fruit can significantly enhance your abilities and make you a formidable force in the game. However, awakening comes at a price. In this article, we will delve into the details of Blox Fruit awakening prices, explaining the different factors that influence the cost and how you can prepare yourself for this crucial upgrade.

Understanding Blox Fruit Awakening

In Blox Fruit, awakening is the process of unlocking the true potential of your Devil or Blox Fruits. By spending Beli, the in-game currency, players can awaken their fruits and gain access to powerful new abilities and increased stats. Awakening provides a significant boost to your character and allows you to progress further in the game.

Factors Affecting Awakening Prices

The price of awakening your fruit in Blox Fruit depends on several factors. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors to understand how they impact the awakening cost:

Fruit Rarity

The rarity of your fruit plays a crucial role in determining the awakening price. Generally, higher rarity fruits tend to have a higher awakening cost compared to common fruits. The rarity of your fruit affects both the base price and the price for each awakening level.

Awakening Levels

Awakening levels refer to the number of times you have awakened your fruit. Each awakening level increases the overall price of the next awakening. The higher the awakening level, the more expensive it becomes to awaken your fruit further.

Awakening Bonuses

Awakening bonuses are special perks or abilities that you unlock when awakening your fruit. These bonuses can provide significant advantages in battles and gameplay. The more powerful the awakening bonuses, the higher the awakening prices tend to be.

Devil Fruits vs. Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruit, there are two types of fruits: Devil Fruits and Blox Fruits. Awakening prices for Devil Fruits are generally higher than Blox Fruits. This distinction is due to the perceived balance and power levels between the two types of fruits.

Awakening Price Chart

Below is a table detailing the general awakening prices for different fruit rarities and awakening levels in Blox Fruit:

Fruit Rarity Awakening Level 1 Awakening Level 2 Awakening Level 3
Common 10,000 Beli 20,000 Beli 30,000 Beli
Uncommon 15,000 Beli 30,000 Beli 45,000 Beli
Rare 20,000 Beli 40,000 Beli 60,000 Beli
Epic 25,000 Beli 50,000 Beli 75,000 Beli
Legendary 30,000 Beli 60,000 Beli 90,000 Beli

Note: The prices mentioned in the table are for reference purposes only and can vary depending on the specific fruit and game updates.

Preparing for Awakening

Awakening your fruit requires a significant amount of Beli and preparation. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for the awakening process:

Earning Beli

Start by focusing on earning enough Beli to cover the awakening costs. Participate in quests, defeat bosses, and complete challenges to earn rewards and Beli. Additionally, consider selling valuable items that you no longer need to accumulate more Beli.

Leveling Up

Progressing through the game and leveling up your character is crucial for unlocking access to higher difficulties and more rewarding quests. By increasing your level, you can earn more Beli through quests and challenges, making it easier to afford awakening costs.

Strategizing Fruit Usage

Before awakening your fruit, make sure to understand its abilities and how it fits into your playstyle. Experiment with different strategies and try to optimize your fruit usage to maximize efficiency. This will help you determine if awakening is the right choice for your specific fruit.

Research and Community Support

Researching online resources, watching tutorial videos, and engaging with the Blox Fruit community can provide valuable insights and tips for awakening your fruit. Joining forums or Discord servers dedicated to Blox Fruit can connect you with experienced players who can offer advice and guidance.


Awakening your fruits in Blox Fruit is a key aspect of enhancing your abilities and becoming a formidable player. Understanding the factors that affect awakening prices, such as fruit rarity, awakening levels, awakening bonuses, and the distinction between Devil Fruits and Blox Fruits, is essential to prepare for this significant upgrade. By following the tips provided and investing time in earning Beli and strategizing your fruit usage, you can embark on your awakening journey and unleash the true potential of your fruit in Blox Fruit.

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Blox Fruit Awakening Price: A Comprehensive Guide