Charge Tarot Cards with the Full Moon: Harnessing Lunar Energy

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Charge Tarot Cards with the Full Moon: Harnessing Lunar Energy

For centuries, the moon has held a mystical and powerful place in human culture and spirituality. Its ethereal glow and celestial navigation have inspired awe and wonder. The moon’s various phases and energies have been associated with numerous practices, including the world of tarot cards.

Many tarot enthusiasts believe that charging their cards with the energy of the full moon can enhance their intuitive abilities and unlock deeper meanings in readings. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of the full moon, how it can influence tarot cards, and discuss various methods to effectively charge your tarot deck under the lunar embrace.

Understanding the Full Moon’s Energy

The full moon is a significant celestial event that occurs approximately once a month when the moon’s entire face is illuminated by the sun. Spiritually and energetically, the full moon is associated with amplification, manifestation, and release. During this phase, the moon’s energy is thought to reach its peak, providing an abundance of cosmic power that can be harnessed for various purposes, including charging tarot cards.

Throughout history, different cultures and spiritual traditions have assigned unique meanings and attributes to the full moon, often considering it a potent source of feminine energy. Whether you believe in these mystical connections or not, the full moon’s impact on our planet is undeniable. It affects tides, agricultural practices, and even human behavior, as seen in the phrase “lunatic,” which originated from the belief that lunar cycles influenced mental states.

Tarot and Lunar Connection

Tarot cards have long been associated with mystical energy and intuition. Practitioners often refer to tarot as a tool for divination, personal growth, and spiritual guidance. While tarot readings are deeply personal and subjective experiences, many tarot enthusiasts believe that the bond between tarot cards and the moon’s energy can enhance the cards’ power and the reader’s abilities.

Just as the moon has different phases, tarot cards also possess their own energetical states. Some decks may feel vibrant and lively, while others may seem drained or dull. By charging your tarot cards with the full moon, you can rejuvenate and revitalize the deck, ensuring that it is ready to deliver accurate and insightful readings.

Methods to Charge Tarot Cards with the Full Moon

There are various methods to charge tarot cards with the energy of the full moon. Below, we’ll explore a few different techniques:

  1. 1. Moonlight Bath: Place your tarot deck in a location where it can be fully exposed to the moonlight during the night of the full moon. Choose a safe and appropriate spot, such as a windowsill or outdoor space. You may also want to use a clean cloth or cloth bag to protect your cards from moisture or debris. Leave your deck in the moonlight overnight to allow it to absorb the lunar energy.
  2. 2. Crystal Amplification: For an added boost of energy, consider placing a crystal alongside your tarot cards during the full moon’s light. Crystals such as clear quartz, selenite, or amethyst are known for their amplifying properties, enhancing the energy transfer between the moon and the cards.
  3. 3. Ritual Cleansing: Before exposing your tarot deck to the full moon, it can be beneficial to cleanse the cards and remove any stagnant or negative energy. This can be done through smudging with sage, visualization techniques, or by physically cleansing the cards with mild soap and water.
  4. 4. Full Moon Spread: To further connect with the moon’s energy, consider doing a dedicated full moon tarot spread. This spread can focus on reflecting on the past lunar cycle, setting intentions for the coming month, and gaining insight into areas of life that could benefit from the full moon’s energy. Charging the deck during or after the spread deepens the energetic connection.

Remember that these methods are not strict rules but rather suggestions to help you establish your own personal ritual. Intuition plays a significant role in tarot card practices, so feel free to adapt these techniques to suit your own beliefs and preferences.

Harnessing the Charged Energy of Tarot Cards

Once your tarot cards have been charged with the full moon’s energy, it’s essential to establish a strong connection with the deck during subsequent readings. Take the time to connect with your cards on an energetic level, meditate with them, or even sleep with them beneath your pillow to further imprint your energy onto the deck.

Remember that tarot cards are not inherently magical objects. They are tools that can unlock our own intuition and provide guidance. The charged energy of the full moon simply enhances the connection and deepens the potential meanings and insights that can be drawn from the cards.

As with any tarot practice, it’s crucial to trust your instincts and develop a personal connection with your deck. Use the charged cards in readings that align with the moon’s energy, such as focusing on manifestation or gaining clarity during times of change and transition.


The full moon holds a powerful energy that has captivated humans for centuries. By harnessing this energy and charging your tarot cards, you can infuse them with the vibrancy and insights needed for accurate and enlightening readings. Remember to approach tarot with an open heart and mind, blending intuition with ritual to unlock the full potential of this ancient divination practice.

So, why not try charging your tarot cards with the full moon’s energy? Discover the synergy between the moon’s mystical power and the ancient art of tarot, and let the cosmic currents guide your readings.

Embrace the magic of the moon, and allow your tarot deck to become a conduit for spiritual exploration and self-discovery.

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Charge Tarot Cards with the Full Moon: Harnessing Lunar Energy