Can You Charge Tarot Cards in the Moon?

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Can You Charge Tarot Cards in the Moon?

The practice of charging tarot cards is rooted in the belief that these cards can absorb and store energy, which can be used during readings to gain insights and guidance. Charging methods typically involve exposing the cards to different sources of energy, such as crystals, sunlight, or moonlight. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of charging tarot cards specifically in the moon and discuss whether or not it is an effective technique.

Understanding Tarot Card Charging

Before delving into the specifics of moon charging, it’s essential to understand the general concept of charging tarot cards. Many tarot practitioners believe that their cards need to be spiritually attuned to their energy in order to provide accurate and insightful readings. Charging serves as a means of infusing the cards with the practitioner’s energy, as well as any external energy sources used during the process.

The purpose of charging is to establish a connection between the reader and the cards, empowering the reader to tap into their intuitive abilities more effectively. By charging their tarot cards, a practitioner is essentially creating a customized energetic link that enhances their interpretations and insights during readings.

The Significance of Moon Energy

The moon has long been associated with mystical and magical properties. It has been revered and utilized in various spiritual practices, from spellcasting to meditation. The lunar energy is believed to be gentle, reflective, and intuitive, making it appealing for many metaphysical endeavors, including tarot card charging.

According to astrologers and practitioners of moon magic, different lunar phases hold different energies. The new moon is said to bring about new beginnings, making it ideal for setting intentions and initiating spiritual projects. The full moon, on the other hand, is believed to be a time of heightened energy and opportunity for release and manifestation.

Pros and Cons of Moon Charging

Like any other charging method, moon charging tarot cards has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine both sides of the equation for a better understanding.

Pros of Moon Charging Tarot Cards

1. Intuitive Connection: Many tarot readers find that charging their cards in the moon enhances their intuitive connection to the deck. They claim that the moon’s energy helps them tap into their psychic abilities more effectively during readings.

2. Spiritual Alignment: Moon charging is seen as a way to align oneself with the cycles of nature and the cosmos. This alignment can bring about a sense of harmony and spiritual attunement, which can positively impact the reader’s interpretations and the overall energy of the reading.

3. Ritual and Symbolism: The process of moon charging can be viewed as a sacred ritual, deepening the practitioner’s connection to their tarot practice. It adds an element of symbolism and intention, which can heighten the reader’s focus and devotion to their craft.

Cons of Moon Charging Tarot Cards

1. Weather Dependency: Moon charging requires clear skies and direct exposure to moonlight, which can be challenging depending on the weather conditions and geographical location. Cloudy nights or lack of outdoor access can limit the opportunity for moon charging tarot cards.

2. Lengthy Process: Moon charging typically requires leaving the tarot cards outside overnight, exposing them to moonlight for several hours. This process may not be feasible for practitioners who don’t have a safe outdoor space or who prefer quicker charging methods.

3. Potential Damage: Leaving your tarot cards outside can expose them to the elements, including moisture from dew or rain. This may lead to damage, especially if the cards are not adequately protected. It’s crucial to take precautions to ensure the cards are not directly exposed to any moisture during the moon charging process.

Best Practices for Moon Charging Tarot Cards

If you decide to charge your tarot cards in the moon, it’s important to follow some best practices to ensure your cards remain in optimal condition and that the charging process is effective. Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose a clear night with a visible moon. You’ll want to take advantage of moonlight when it’s at its brightest.
  2. Find a safe and clean space to leave your cards. Consider using a clean cloth or a special charging bag to protect your cards from any potential damage.
  3. Place your tarot cards facing up, allowing them to be directly exposed to the moonlight. Some practitioners also choose to place a quartz crystal or amethyst with the cards to enhance the charging process.
  4. Leave the cards outside for several hours, ideally overnight, to absorb the moon’s energy.

Remember to bring your cards inside promptly once the charging process is complete, especially if there’s a chance of inclement weather or if you’re concerned about moisture damaging the cards. It’s essential to prioritize the preservation of your tarot card deck.

Alternative Charging Methods

If moon charging is not feasible for you or you prefer to explore different options, there are alternative methods to consider. Some practitioners charge their tarot cards using sunlight, burying them in salt, placing them near crystals, or even through visualization and meditation.

The choice of charging method ultimately depends on personal preference and belief systems. Experiment and find the method that resonates most with you and enhances your connection with your tarot cards.


In the realm of tarot reading and spirituality, there are diverse beliefs and practices. Charging tarot cards in the moon is just one approach embraced by some practitioners who believe in the moon’s energy and its potential to enhance psychic connections. While there are no scientific studies to prove or disprove the efficacy of this method, the personal experiences and beliefs of practitioners drive their choices.

Whether you choose to charge your tarot cards in the moon, through another method, or decide not to charge them at all, what matters most is the intention and connection you bring to your practice. Your tarot cards are tools that can amplify your intuition and provide valuable insights, and it’s up to you to find the means to enhance that connection.


The Power of Moonlight: Charging Your Tarot Cards

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Can You Charge Tarot Cards in the Moon?