What Time is First Quarter Moon?

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What Time is First Quarter Moon?


The moon has always captivated us with its ever-changing phases. From a tiny sliver to a full circle, the moon’s transformation is a spectacle to behold. One of the most intriguing phases is the first quarter moon. But what time does it occur? In this blog post, we will explore the timing and significance of the first quarter moon in detail.

Understanding Moon Phases

Before diving into the specifics of the first quarter moon, let’s first understand moon phases as a whole. The moon goes through four primary phases: new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and last quarter moon. These phases occur due to the moon’s position in relation to the sun and the Earth.

During a new moon, the side of the moon facing the Earth is entirely dark because it is not receiving any direct sunlight. As the moon moves along its orbit, gradually more of its illuminated side becomes visible. This journey from darkness to full illumination is known as a complete moon phase cycle, which takes roughly 29.5 days to complete.

The First Quarter Moon

The first quarter moon, often referred to as a half moon, occurs approximately one week after the new moon. It is called a half moon because exactly half of the moon’s illuminated side is visible from Earth. The other half remains in darkness.

During this phase, the moon appears as a semicircle, with the right half illuminated. The first quarter moon is an excellent opportunity for astronomers and stargazers to observe the moon’s surface features, such as craters and lunar maria (dark, flat areas).

Timing of the First Quarter Moon

Determining the exact time of the first quarter moon can be a little tricky. As the moon doesn’t rise and set at the same time each day (like the sun), its timing varies throughout the year. However, various resources can help us determine when the first quarter moon will occur on a specific date.

Online Moon Phase Calculators

The easiest way to find the time of the first quarter moon is by using online moon phase calculators. These tools provide accurate information about the moon’s phase, including the specific time of the first quarter. Simply enter the desired date, and the calculator will display the time the first quarter moon occurs.

Astronomical Almanacs

Astronomical almanacs are another valuable resource for determining the timing of the first quarter moon. These publications contain detailed astronomical data, including moon phase information. They are often used by professional astronomers but are also accessible to the general public. Astronomical almanacs typically provide moon phase data for the entire year, enabling you to plan your moon viewing activities in advance.

Visibility and Importance

During the first quarter moon, the moon is visible in the afternoon and evening sky. It rises around midday, reaches its highest point in the sky around sunset, and sets around midnight. The exact timing varies depending on the time of year and your location on Earth.

Although the first quarter moon might not garner as much attention as the full moon, it still holds significance for astronomers, scientists, and even ancient cultures. It is an excellent opportunity for amateur astronomers to study the moon’s surface. Additionally, the first quarter moon is an essential milestone for those observing lunar eclipses, as it marks the beginning of the moon’s waxing phase.


The first quarter moon is an enchanting phase that occurs approximately one week after the new moon. It represents the moon’s journey from darkness to illumination, with exactly half of its illuminated side visible from Earth. Determining the specific time of the first quarter moon can be done through online moon phase calculators or astronomical almanacs. The first quarter moon’s visibility in the afternoon and evening sky makes it an ideal time for lunar observation. So, mark your calendars and be ready to witness the beauty of the first quarter moon on your next stargazing adventure.

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What Time is First Quarter Moon?