What Time Do Fruits Spawn in Blox Fruits?

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What Time Do Fruits Spawn in Blox Fruits?

If you’re an avid player of the popular Roblox game, Blox Fruits, you know how important it is to find and collect fruits. Fruits grant unique abilities, enhance your combat skills, and play a crucial role in your overall gameplay experience. However, if you’re new to the game or haven’t spent much time exploring the fruit mechanics, you might be wondering when and where these valuable items spawn.

In Blox Fruits, fruits randomly spawn across the map in predetermined locations. Each fruit has its own spawn time, and they can appear at various intervals throughout the day. To help you optimize your fruit hunting, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide detailing the spawn times of different fruits in Blox Fruits.

Moku Moku No Mi

The Moku Moku No Mi fruit, also known as the Smoke-Smoke Fruit, is one of the many fruits players can find in Blox Fruits. This Logia-type fruit grants its user the ability to transform into smoke, making them invulnerable to most physical attacks. The Moku Moku No Mi fruit spawns at four different locations on the map:

1. Marine Island (near the strawberry vendor) – 12:00 AM
2. Jungle Island (inside the hollow tree) – 4:30 AM
3. Pirate Island (near the pirate flag) – 8:30 AM
4. Ice Island (behind the frozen river) – 12:30 PM

These spawn times are based on the in-game clock and are subject to change with updates. Make sure to keep an eye out at these timings if you’re looking to obtain the Moku Moku No Mi fruit in Blox Fruits.

Gomu Gomu No Mi

The Gomu Gomu No Mi fruit, also known as the Rubber-Rubber Fruit, is another sought-after fruit in Blox Fruits. This Paramecia-type fruit grants its user the ability to stretch their body like rubber, enhancing their mobility and granting powerful stretching attacks. The Gomu Gomu No Mi fruit spawns at three different locations:

1. Shivering Tundra (on top of the frozen waterfall) – 1:30 AM
2. Desert Island (inside the pyramid) – 6:30 AM
3. Factory (on the conveyor belt) – 10:00 AM

Keep in mind that these spawn times are subject to variations introduced by game updates. To obtain the Gomu Gomu No Mi fruit, ensure you’re in the right place at the right time, according to the in-game clock.

Bari Bari No Mi

The Bari Bari No Mi fruit, also known as the Barrier-Barrier Fruit, provides its user with the ability to generate barriers at will. These barriers can protect the user from incoming attacks and can also be used offensively. The Bari Bari No Mi fruit spawns at three locations:

1. Factory (on the roof) – 2:30 AM
2. Jungle Island (inside a hut near the river) – 7:00 AM
3. Marine Island (inside the marine base) – 11:00 AM

To get your hands on the Bari Bari No Mi fruit, make sure to be at the designated locations at the specified times, corresponding to the in-game clock.

Glare Glare No Mi

The Glare Glare No Mi fruit, also known as the Glint-Glint Fruit, is a rare paramecia-type fruit that allows its user to create and manipulate light. This fruit grants its user extraordinary speed and the ability to blind opponents with dazzling flashes. The Glare Glare No Mi fruit spawns at two locations:

1. Desert Island (inside a cave) – 3:30 AM
2. Marine Island (on top of marine headquarters) – 9:30 AM

Make sure to be present at the correct location at the appointed time according to the in-game clock if you’re eager to acquire the Glare Glare No Mi fruit in Blox Fruits.


Knowing the spawn times of different fruits in Blox Fruits can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining these valuable abilities. While we have specified the fruit spawn timings at the time of writing, please keep in mind that the game’s developers may introduce updates that can potentially alter these timings. Therefore, it’s essential to regularly check for any updates or changes to ensure accurate information.

Happy fruit hunting in Blox Fruits, and may you discover the fruits that suit your playstyle and bring you victories in your epic Roblox journey!

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What Time Do Fruits Spawn in Blox Fruits?