What Tarot Spread Should I Do?

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What Tarot Spread Should I Do?

Choosing the right tarot spread can greatly enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of your tarot readings. Whether you’re a seasoned tarot reader or just starting out on your divination journey, selecting an appropriate spread is crucial in extracting insight and guidance from the tarot deck.

In this article, we will explore various tarot spreads and help you determine which spread is best suited for different types of questions or situations. Let’s dive in!

1. Three-Card Spread

The three-card spread is a simple yet versatile spread that is ideal for beginners or for quick, on-the-go readings. It consists of three cards representing the past, present, and future aspects of a situation or question.

To perform a three-card spread, shuffle your tarot deck thoroughly while focusing on your query. Then, draw three cards and lay them face down from left to right. Turn over and interpret each card in relation to its corresponding position.

This spread is perfect for gaining general insights into a situation and understanding the progression of events over time.

2. Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross spread is one of the most popular and widely used spreads in tarot reading. It offers a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of a specific question or situation. It consists of ten cards arranged in a particular pattern, with each card representing different aspects of the querent’s life.

Position Meaning
1 The Present
2 The Challenge
3 The Past
4 The Future
5 Above (Conscious)
6 Beyond (Subconscious)
7 Yourself
8 External Influences
9 Hopes and Fears
10 Outcome

To perform a Celtic Cross spread, shuffle your tarot deck while focusing on your question. Lay out the cards according to the pattern shown above, starting from the left. Turn over and interpret each card in relation to its corresponding position.

The Celtic Cross spread provides detailed insights into the present situation, challenges, influences, hopes, fears, and the potential outcome. It offers a deeper understanding of the querent’s concerns and helps identify potential paths forward.

3. Relationship Spread

If your tarot reading revolves around relationships, whether romantic, platonic, or familial, the Relationship spread is an excellent choice. This spread helps shed light on the dynamics, strengths, weaknesses, and potential outcomes of a connection.

To perform a Relationship spread, shuffle your tarot deck while focusing on the relationship in question. Draw two cards, representing each individual involved. Place these cards side by side. Then, draw a third card to represent the overall energy or potential outcome of the relationship.

The Relationship spread provides valuable insights into the desires, needs, and challenges of each person in the relationship. It facilitates understanding and communication, enabling the querent to make informed decisions.

4. Decision-Making Spread

When facing a tough decision or dilemma, the Decision-Making spread is a powerful tool for gaining clarity and guidance. This spread examines the factors influencing the decision and explores potential outcomes.

To perform a Decision-Making spread, shuffle your tarot deck while focusing on the decision at hand. Draw five cards and lay them out in a fan shape, with each card representing a different aspect of the decision-making process.

Position Meaning
1 The Question/Issue
2 Option 1
3 Option 2
4 Additional Information
5 Advice or Potential Outcome

Turn over and interpret each card based on its corresponding position. The Decision-Making spread helps the querent explore different perspectives, weigh the pros and cons, and make well-informed decisions.

5. The Gypsy Spread

The Gypsy spread, also known as the Twelve-House spread, provides insight into various areas of the querent’s life. It covers topics such as love, career, creativity, and personal growth. This spread is ideal for anyone seeking a more comprehensive understanding of their life’s different aspects.

To perform the Gypsy spread, shuffle your tarot deck while visualizing the different areas of life. Lay out twelve cards in a circle, each representing a specific house or aspect of the querent’s life.

Interpret each card in relation to its corresponding house to gain a holistic view of the querent’s life. The Gypsy spread facilitates self-reflection, personal development, and a deeper understanding of life’s interconnectedness.


As you dive deeper into the world of tarot reading, experimenting with different spreads can greatly enrich your divination practice. The choice of spread depends on the nature of the question or situation at hand. Whether you opt for a simple three-card spread or a more complex Celtic Cross spread, trust your intuition and allow the tarot cards to guide you towards greater wisdom and clarity.

Remember, tarot spreads are versatile and can be customized based on personal preferences and the specific needs of the querent. With practice and experience, you’ll develop a deeper connection with the cards and a better understanding of which spread works best for different situations. Happy tarot reading!

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What Tarot Spread Should I Do?