What Tarot Card Represents Leo?

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What Tarot Card Represents Leo?

Leo, the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, is known for its confidence, enthusiasm, and strong leadership qualities. People born between July 23 and August 22 fall under the sign of Leo. Each zodiac sign is believed to be associated with a tarot card that embodies its unique characteristics. For Leo, that tarot card is none other than the Strength card.

The Strength Card

The Strength card is the eighth card in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. It is often depicted with a woman gently holding open the jaws of a lion, representing her ability to overcome her fears and conquer her inner demons. The Strength card symbolizes courage, perseverance, and inner strength.

Just like the lion, Leo individuals possess an extraordinary amount of courage and bravery. They are not afraid to take risks and step out of their comfort zones. The Strength card resonates deeply with Leo’s lion-like qualities, highlighting their innate ability to face challenges head-on with confidence and determination.

Key Themes in the Strength Card

To understand how the Strength card aligns with Leo’s personality traits, we need to delve deeper into its key themes:

Theme Meaning
Inner Strength Leo individuals possess incredible inner strength, allowing them to overcome obstacles and adversity with poise. The Strength card encourages them to harness this power and trust in their abilities.
Courage Leos are known for their courage and audacity. The Strength card emphasizes their bravery, reminding them that they have the strength to face any challenges that come their way.
Passion Leos are passionate individuals who approach life with enthusiasm. The Strength card inspires them to channel their passion and use it to accomplish their goals.
Resilience Leos possess immense resilience, often bouncing back from setbacks stronger than before. The Strength card encourages them to keep going, reminding them that their determination will lead them to success.
Self-confidence Leos exude self-confidence and charisma, captivating those around them. The Strength card acknowledges their natural charm and encourages them to trust in their abilities.

How Leo Can Embrace the Energy of the Strength Card

Although Leo individuals already possess many of the qualities represented by the Strength card, there are ways they can further embrace its energy:

  1. Cultivate Inner Strength: Leos should take time to cultivate their inner strength through practices like meditation, affirmations, or self-reflection. This will enable them to develop an unshakable sense of self.
  2. Face Challenges Head-On: Leos should embrace challenges rather than shying away from them. By confronting obstacles with courage and resilience, they can prove to themselves and others just how capable they are.
  3. Express Passion: Allowing their passion to shine through in their projects and endeavors will not only bring them joy but also inspire others around them.
  4. Build Confidence: Although Leos are typically confident, there may be moments of self-doubt. Engaging in activities that boost self-esteem, such as embracing personal style or taking on leadership roles, can enhance their natural confidence.
  5. Help Others Discover Their Strength: Leos can use their inherent strength and courage to uplift and support others. By inspiring those around them, they reinforce their own inner power.


As the regal lions of the zodiac, Leo individuals resonate strongly with the Strength card in the tarot deck. They embody traits such as courage, passion, resilience, and self-confidence. Just like the woman in the Strength card holds open the lion’s jaws, Leo individuals have the power to conquer any challenges that come their way with grace and determination. By embracing the energy of the Strength card, Leos can unlock their full potential and inspire those around them.

Disclaimer: Tarot readings are highly subjective, and the interpretation of tarot cards may vary. It’s important to remember that tarot offers guidance and insight, but ultimately, individual choices shape our destinies.

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What Tarot Card Represents Leo?