What Moon is Good for Fishing?

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What Moon is Good for Fishing?

Are you an avid angler looking to improve your chances of catching fish on your next fishing trip? Did you know that the moon can have a significant impact on fish activity and feeding behavior? Understanding the lunar cycle and its effects on fish can help you plan your fishing excursions more effectively. Let’s look at what moon phases are best for fishing.

New Moon

The new moon occurs when the moon is positioned between the earth and the sun, making it invisible from earth. During this phase, there is little to no moonlight, which can make it more challenging to fish at night but is excellent for daytime fishing. Fish that are used to feeding at night may feed more actively during the day, making it easier to catch them.

Full Moon

The full moon is an excellent time for night fishing since the bright moonlight makes it easier to see what you’re doing. However, the downside is that the fish may be less active since they can see more clearly, making them more cautious. The light also attracts insects and other prey, which can distract the fish from your bait or lure.

First Quarter and Third Quarter Moon

The first quarter and third quarter moon phases are ideal for anglers who prefer to fish during the day. The moon’s position during these phases creates less moonlight at night, allowing fishing to be productive during the day. During these phases, the fish’s feeding activity becomes more predictable, making it easier to catch them.

What Moon is Good for Fishing?

Fishing is a favorite pastime activity for many people who want to relax, enjoy nature, and catch some fish. However, choosing the right time to fish is crucial for success. Fish activity is affected by different factors such as weather, water temperature, and the moon phase. In this blog post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the moon’s impact on fishing and help you understand what moon is good for fishing.

Does the Moon Affect Fishing?

Yes, the moon phase can have a significant impact on fishing. The gravitational pull of the moon affects the tides, and the tidal water movement impacts fish behavior. Fish are more likely to be active during high tide or low tide, depending on the species. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the moon phase and the corresponding tidal movement to determine the best time to fish.

What Moon Phase is Best for Fishing?

The best moon phase for fishing is during the full moon or new moon. During these phases, the gravitational pull of the moon is at its strongest, resulting in increased tide movement, which in turn makes fish more active. The time following the full or new moon can also be good for fishing as the tidal currents are still strong. However, during the quarter moon phases, the gravitational pull of the moon is weaker, and the tide movements are less pronounced, making it harder to catch fish.

What Time of Day is Best for Fishing During the Moon Phases?

The best time of day for fishing during the moon phases depends on the species of fish you are targeting. During the full moon, fish are usually more active at night, so fishing during the evening or early morning is ideal. On the other hand, during the new moon phase, fish are more active during the day, so fishing during daylight hours is more effective.

What Are Some Key Factors to Consider When Fishing During the Moon Phases?

Besides the moon phase and the corresponding tidal movements, several other factors can impact fishing success. Here are some key things to consider when planning your fishing trip during the moon phases:

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions such as wind speed, cloud cover, air temperature, and barometric pressure can significantly impact fish activity. Fish behavior can change depending on the weather conditions, so understanding how weather affects fish can help you choose the right time to fish.

Water Temperature

Water temperature can also impact fish activity. Different species of fish prefer different water temperature ranges, and understanding the preferred water temperature of the fish you are targeting can increase your chances of catching fish.

Fishing Location

Choosing the right fishing location can also impact your fishing success during the moon phases. Freshwater and saltwater fish behave differently, and knowing the species of fish in your chosen location and their preferences can help you determine the best bait and tactics to use.

What Moon is Good for Fishing?

Fishing is a popular outdoor activity, enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are an experienced angler or a novice, you must have heard people talking about the importance of the moon phase in fishing. But, what moon is good for fishing, and why? In this blog post, we will unravel the mystery of moon phases and fishing.

The Relationship between the Moon Phases and Fishing

Fishing has been linked with moon phases for centuries, and many anglers believe that the moon phase has a significant impact on fishing success. The gravitational pull of the moon affects the tides, which, in turn, affects the behavior of fish. The theory is that fish are more active and feed more during certain moon phases.

The Science of Moon Phases and Fishing:

Fish are known to be more active during the times of the day when the moon is either directly overhead or directly beneath them. During these times, the gravitational pull of the moon is stronger, and this results in stronger tides. Stronger tides, in turn, result in more movement in the water, which can cause fish to become more active and feed.

The Best Moon Phases for Fishing:

Now that we know how moon phases affect fishing, let’s discuss the best moon phases for fishing. There are four primary phases of the moon – new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. Each of these phases has a different impact on fishing.

New Moon

During the new moon, the moon is not visible in the sky. This phase of the moon is often regarded as one of the best times to fish, especially for freshwater species. During this phase, the darkness can make fish less cautious about their surroundings. As a result, they may be more willing to strike lures or bait.

First Quarter

During the first quarter, the moon is waxing, and this phase is often considered one of the worst times to fish. The gravitational pull of the moon is weak during this phase, resulting in weaker tides. This makes fish less active, and the fishing conditions can be challenging.

Full Moon

The full moon is perhaps the most famous moon phase in fishing circles. This phase is known for having the most significant impact on fishing, with many species becoming more active and feeding more during this period. However, this increased activity can also make it more challenging to catch fish, as they may be more cautious and less inclined to strike.

Last Quarter

The last quarter is also a good time to fish, especially for saltwater species. During this phase, the moon is waning, and the gravitational pull is weak. This can make the tides weaker, resulting in less water movement, and making it easier to catch some species.


In conclusion, the moon phase can have a significant impact on the success of your fishing trip. While there is no perfect moon phase, each of the four primary phases of the moon affects fishing differently. If you want to maximize your chances of catching a fish, it’s recommended that you tailor your fishing approach and tactics to the specific moon phase. So next time you plan on going fishing, pay attention to the moon phase, and you might improve your chances of catching a fish.

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What Moon is Good for Fishing?