What is Signify?

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What is Signify?

Signify is a global provider of lighting solutions and technologies. Formerly known as Philips Lighting, the company rebranded to Signify in 2018 to highlight its focus on innovative lighting products and services. With a rich history dating back more than a century, Signify has evolved into a leader in the lighting industry, offering a wide range of products that cater to residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

A Brief History of Signify

Signify traces its roots back to 1891 when Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips founded the company, initially as a manufacturer of carbon filament lamps. The business quickly grew and expanded its product offerings, introducing new lighting technologies and innovations.

In 1930, Philips was listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, solidifying its position as a leading lighting company. Over the years, the company expanded its global reach through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, enabling it to develop cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Signify continued to push the boundaries of lighting technology and sustainability. It played a pioneering role in the development of energy-efficient lighting systems and was one of the first companies to introduce LED lighting to the market. Today, Signify continues to lead the way in the development of connected lighting systems, smart lighting solutions, and sustainable lighting technology.

Products and Services

Signify offers an extensive range of lighting products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of its customers. From residential lighting solutions to large-scale commercial and industrial projects, Signify has solutions for every application.

Residential Lighting

For homeowners, Signify provides a wide array of lighting options to create comfortable, functional, and stylish living spaces. The company’s residential lighting solutions encompass everything from energy-efficient LED bulbs and fixtures to smart lighting systems that allow users to control their lights remotely.

Signify’s residential lighting range includes a variety of designs, allowing customers to choose from classic, contemporary, and minimalist styles to suit their personal preferences. With a focus on energy efficiency and durability, Signify ensures that its residential lighting products not only enhance the aesthetics of a home but also save on energy costs in the long run.

Commercial Lighting

Signify’s commercial lighting solutions cater to a wide range of industries, including retail, offices, hospitality, healthcare, and more. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to create engaging environments, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences.

From powerful LED luminaires and intelligent lighting controls to innovative connected lighting systems, Signify’s commercial lighting solutions help businesses reduce energy consumption, lower maintenance costs, and improve overall lighting quality.

Signify also offers specialized lighting solutions for specific applications, such as architectural lighting for highlighting building facades and landmarks, horticultural lighting for optimal plant growth in indoor settings, and automotive lighting for better visibility and safety on the road.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting solutions from Signify are designed to meet the demanding requirements of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, logistics centers, and other industrial settings. The company offers high-quality LED luminaires, sensors, and intelligent lighting controls that enhance safety, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Signify’s industrial lighting solutions not only provide sufficient illumination for workspaces but also contribute to energy savings and sustainability goals. With advanced features like daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing, and remote monitoring, industrial lighting systems from Signify enable facility managers to optimize energy usage and ensure optimal lighting conditions for workers.

Innovation and Sustainability

Signify has always been at the forefront of lighting innovation, consistently pushing boundaries to develop groundbreaking technologies. The company’s focus on sustainability and energy efficiency has led to numerous advancements in lighting systems with reduced energy consumption, longer lifespans, and improved performance.

One of the notable milestones in Signify’s sustainability journey is its transition to LED lighting. By pioneering the development of energy-efficient LED technology, Signify has contributed significantly to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions globally. LED lighting consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting technologies, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Moreover, Signify is committed to promoting circular economy principles and reducing waste throughout its value chain. The company offers recycling programs for its lighting products, ensuring that end-of-life lamps and luminaires are properly recycled and disposed of, minimizing environmental impact.

The Future of Signify

As the lighting industry continues to evolve, Signify remains dedicated to delivering innovative lighting solutions that improve people’s lives while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

The company’s ongoing commitment to research and development fosters a culture of innovation, driving the creation of cutting-edge lighting technologies. Signify embraces emerging trends such as connected lighting, IoT integration, and data-driven lighting solutions to provide customers with smarter, more sustainable lighting options.

By leveraging its expertise and global reach, Signify aims to shape the future of lighting and contribute to a more sustainable world. Through collaborations with partners and customers, the company seeks to create intelligent lighting ecosystems that enhance well-being, increase comfort, and promote energy efficiency.

With its rich heritage, vast experience, and unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability, Signify is poised to lead the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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What is Signify?