What is Enneagram Type 2? Understanding the Helper Personality

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What is Enneagram Type 2? Understanding the Helper Personality

If you have ever taken an Enneagram personality test, you may have come across the term “Type 2” or “The Helper.” Enneagram Type 2 is one of the nine personality types described by this ancient system of personality classification. In this blog post, we will delve deep into the characteristics, motivations, and behaviors of individuals with Enneagram Type 2, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of this personality type.

Overview of Enneagram

The Enneagram is a personality framework that categorizes individuals into nine distinct types. Each type has its own unique set of core motivations, fears, desires, and behavioral patterns. The system offers valuable insights into why people think, feel, and act in certain ways.

Enneagram Type 2, also known as “The Helper,” is one of the heart-centered types. These individuals primarily seek love and connection, and they often find fulfillment in assisting others. Type 2s have a strong desire to be appreciated, admired, and loved, and they frequently place other people’s needs before their own.

The Characteristics of Enneagram Type 2

Core Desire Core Fear Core Weakness
To be loved and appreciated Being unwanted or unloved Self-neglect

  • Empathetic and caring
  • Generous and giving
  • Warm and affectionate
  • Supportive and nurturing
  • Sensitive to the needs of others
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Prone to self-sacrifice
  • Tendency to be possessive or clingy

The Core Motivations of Enneagram Type 2

Understanding the core motivations of Type 2 individuals is crucial to comprehending their behaviors and choices. Here are the key motivations that drive Enneagram Type 2:

  1. To feel needed and valued by others
  2. To ensure that others depend on them
  3. To receive love and appreciation in return for their help
  4. To avoid feelings of rejection or abandonment
  5. To maintain a positive self-image as a caring and supportive person

Healthy, Average, and Unhealthy Levels of Type 2

Like all Enneagram types, Type 2 individuals can exhibit healthy, average, and unhealthy levels of behavior and mindset. Let’s explore the different levels:

Healthy Type 2s:

  • Are genuinely caring and compassionate
  • Have balanced relationships based on mutual support
  • Recognize their own needs and take care of themselves
  • Help others from a place of strength rather than seeking validation

Average Type 2s:

  • May become overly involved in others’ lives, neglecting their own
  • Feel hurt or unappreciated when their help is not acknowledged
  • Can exhibit manipulative behaviors to gain love and attention
  • Struggle with setting boundaries and saying no

Unhealthy Type 2s:

  • Develop a martyr complex, sacrificing their own well-being for others
  • Become resentful and seek validation through guilt-tripping
  • Lose touch with their own needs and desires
  • Can be possessive and controlling in relationships

Growth and Development for Enneagram Type 2

For Type 2s to grow and develop, it is essential for them to:

  • Recognize and honor their own needs
  • Set healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Learn to accept help and support from others
  • Realize that their worth and value are not solely dependent on helping others
  • Develop self-compassion and self-care practices

Engaging in personal development activities such as therapy, self-reflection, and mindfulness can greatly aid Type 2s on their growth journey.


Enneagram Type 2, aptly named “The Helper,” possesses unique qualities that revolve around their desire to be of service to others. Understanding their motivations, characteristics, and growth opportunities can grant us insight into their world. By appreciating and supporting the Type 2s in our lives, we can foster balanced and healthy relationships built on genuine care and mutual understanding.

If you identify as an Enneagram Type 2, remember to prioritize self-care and self-compassion. Embracing your own needs and desires is not selfish—it is an essential part of your personal growth and well-being. As you develop a healthier relationship with yourself, you will continue to be a beacon of light and support for others.

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What is Enneagram Type 2? Understanding the Helper Personality