What Does Full Moon Do in Blox Fruits First Sea?

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What Does Full Moon Do in Blox Fruits First Sea?

In the world of Blox Fruits, there are many mysteries to uncover, and one of them revolves around the full moon. For those setting sail in the first sea, encountering a full moon can have both positive and negative effects on gameplay. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the full moon and its impact on Blox Fruits adventures.

1. Increased Spawn Rates

During a full moon in Blox Fruits’ first sea, players can expect to encounter a surge in spawn rates for both enemies and bosses. This means greater opportunities to engage in battles and earn rewards. However, it’s important to proceed with caution, as these higher spawn rates also bring about increased difficulty.

To make the most of this effect, gather a group of skilled players and venture out together to take on the increased onslaught of enemies. Teamwork and coordination will be key during these intense encounters.

2. Rare Item Drops

The full moon in Blox Fruits’ first sea also bestows a chance for rare item drops. Certain enemies and bosses may have an increased likelihood of dropping valuable loot during this lunar phase. It’s a fantastic opportunity to acquire coveted weapons, accessories, or other highly sought-after items.

It’s wise to focus on defeating tougher enemies and bosses during a full moon, as they tend to have a higher chance of dropping rare items. Utilize your strongest abilities and gear to maximize your chances of obtaining these exclusive treasures.

3. Unique Quests

In addition to the increased spawn rates and rare item drops, full moons in Blox Fruits’ first sea also introduce unique quests. These special quests are only available during this specific lunar phase and come with their own set of challenges and rewards.

Players should keep an eye out for NPCs with quest markers above their heads during a full moon. Engaging in these quests will not only provide an opportunity for unique experiences but also unlock additional rewards that cannot be acquired through regular gameplay.

4. Hazards and Challenges

While the full moon brings great benefits, it also introduces certain hazards and challenges to be aware of. The heightened spawn rates of enemies can make traveling through the first sea more perilous, especially for solo players or those who aren’t adequately prepared for battle.

It’s crucial to be well-equipped and strategize your approach during the full moon. Ensure you have high-level gear and a well-rounded arsenal of abilities to combat the increased threats lurking in the shadows. Moreover, coordinating with other players can provide an extra layer of safety and increase your chances of success.

5. Weather Effects

In Blox Fruits, weather patterns play a significant role in shaping gameplay. During a full moon, certain weather effects can be enhanced, further intensifying the challenges and opportunities players encounter.

For example, the dark and mysterious atmosphere brought about by the full moon may enhance thunderstorms, causing lightning strikes to become more frequent and powerful. Alternatively, foggy conditions may obscure vision and increase the difficulty of navigation.

It’s important to adapt your strategies and tactics based on the specific weather effects that occur during a full moon. Keep a keen eye out for changes in the environment and adjust your gameplay accordingly to overcome these challenges successfully.


The full moon in Blox Fruits’ first sea is a captivating phenomenon that presents both opportunities and challenges for players. From increased spawn rates and rare item drops to unique quests and intensified weather effects, the lunar phase brings forth a dynamic and immersive experience.

As you set sail in search of adventure and treasures, take advantage of the full moon’s effects by teaming up with skilled players, refining your combat skills, and equipping yourself with powerful gear. Embrace the challenges it presents, and you’ll discover new depths to explore within this vibrant virtual world.

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What Does Full Moon Do in Blox Fruits First Sea?