What are Angel Card Readings?

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What are Angel Card Readings?

Angel card readings are a form of divination where individuals use a deck of angel cards to gain guidance, insight, and messages from angelic beings. These readings are believed to provide spiritual guidance, support, and encouragement to navigate through life’s challenges and obstacles. Angel cards can be used by anyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, and they offer a way to connect with angelic energies for guidance and inspiration.

The Origin and History of Angel Card Readings

The concept of angel card readings can be traced back to ancient times when people sought divine guidance through various means. Angels have been a significant part of many cultures and religious traditions, viewed as celestial beings who serve as messengers between humans and the divine. The use of angel cards for divination purposes emerged as a way to tap into angelic energies and receive messages and guidance.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, interest in spiritualism and divination practices increased, leading to the development and popularization of various card reading methods. During this time, tarot cards became widely used for divination, and in the 1970s, Doreen Virtue, a prominent spiritual author, introduced angel oracle cards, specifically designed to connect with the angelic realm. This sparked a resurgence of interest in angelic divination, giving birth to the modern practice of angel card readings as we know them today.

How Angel Card Readings Work

Angel card readings follow a similar structure as other forms of card readings, such as tarot or oracle card readings. The reader, also known as an angel card reader, shuffles the deck while focusing on the intention of seeking guidance or insight from the angels. Once the cards are shuffled, the reader lays them out in a particular pattern or spreads.

Each card in the deck features an angelic image or symbolism and carries a message or guidance associated with it. The reader interprets the cards’ meanings based on their intuition, knowledge, and connection with the angels. The reading aims to provide guidance, inspiration, clarity, and reassurance, helping individuals gain insight into their current situations, relationships, decisions, and overall life path.

The Role of Angels in Angel Card Readings

Angels are spiritual beings believed to exist on a higher vibrational plane, serving as messengers and helpers for humans. They are seen as benevolent, compassionate entities that provide guidance, protection, and assistance to individuals on earth. In angel card readings, angels are seen as the source of the guidance and messages conveyed through the cards.

Angel cards are designed to specifically connect and communicate with angelic energies. Each card is associated with a particular angel or archangel, and the imagery and symbolism on the cards are chosen to represent different aspects of angelic guidance. The messages conveyed through the cards are believed to come directly from the angels, offering wisdom, comfort, and inspiration to the individual receiving the reading.

Benefits of Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings can provide numerous benefits for those seeking guidance and support. These benefits include:

  • Clarity: Angel card readings can offer clarity and insight into various aspects of life, helping individuals see situations from a different perspective.
  • Guidance: The messages received during an angel card reading can provide guidance and direction, helping individuals make informed decisions and choices.
  • Support: Angel card readings can offer emotional support and encouragement during challenging times, reminding individuals that they are not alone and that help is available.
  • Inspiration: The guidance from angel cards can inspire individuals to pursue their dreams, follow their passions, and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.
  • Connection: Angel cards provide a means to connect with the angelic realm and develop a deeper understanding of angelic energies, fostering a sense of spirituality and connection.


Angel card readings are a powerful tool for gaining guidance, inspiration, and support from the angelic realm. Whether you are seeking clarity, direction, or simply a deeper connection with the spiritual realm, angel card readings can provide you with the messages and insights needed to navigate through life’s challenges and make informed decisions. By tapping into the wisdom and guidance of the angels, angel card readings offer a pathway to personal growth, healing, and self-discovery.

Remember, while angel card readings can be incredibly insightful and transformative, they should not replace professional advice or be solely relied upon for major life decisions. Ultimately, the power lies within you, and angel cards serve as a helpful tool to tap into your inner truth and intuition.

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What are Angel Card Readings?