What Are All the Fruits in Blox Fruits

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If you are a fan of the popular game “Blox Fruits,” you might be curious about the different fruits available within the game. Fruits play a vital role in enhancing your gameplay and abilities, so it’s essential to know what each fruit does and how it can benefit you. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the fruits in Blox Fruits and provide you with valuable information to get started on your fruity adventure!

1. Gum-Gum Fruit

The Gum-Gum Fruit is the first fruit you encounter in the game. It grants you the ability to stretch your body and deal powerful melee attacks. With this fruit, you can perform devastating punches and kicks, allowing you to defeat enemies with ease. As you progress, you can unlock additional moves and unlock more potential with this versatile fruit.

2. Flame-Flame Fruit

The Flame-Flame Fruit gives you the power to control fire. You can shoot fireballs at your enemies and create devastating explosions. Additionally, with this fruit, you become immune to fire damage, which can be handy when facing fire-based opponents. Mastering this fruit allows you to unleash fiery attacks and dominate your adversaries.

3. Magma-Magma Fruit

The Magma-Magma Fruit enables you to manipulate magma. You can launch magma blasts, create volcanic eruptions, and even transform into a magma form for enhanced durability and power. This fruit allows you to deal massive damage and control the battlefield by harnessing the destructive power of magma.

4. Ice-Ice Fruit

The Ice-Ice Fruit grants you control over ice. You can create ice projectiles, freeze enemies in place, and even use ice-based attacks to immobilize opponents. This fruit’s abilities are particularly useful against close-range fighters, as you can slow them down and gain an advantage in battles.

5. Dark-Dark Fruit

The Dark-Dark Fruit gives you the power of darkness itself. You can create black holes, teleport short distances, and manipulate shadows. This fruit’s unique abilities make it a formidable choice, allowing you to surprise and confuse your adversaries with your shadowy arsenal.

6. Light-Light Fruit

The Light-Light Fruit allows you to control light and illuminate dark areas. You can create blinding light beams, blind your enemies temporarily, and even heal yourself and teammates using light energy. This fruit is versatile and provides both offensive and defensive capabilities, making it a valuable asset in combat situations.

7. String-String Fruit

The String-String Fruit grants you the ability to manipulate and control strings. You can create powerful string-based attacks, ensnare enemies, and even swing from buildings using your strings. This fruit’s mobility and offensive capabilities make it a great choice for players who prefer a more agile and acrobatic playstyle.

8. Rumble-Rumble Fruit

The Rumble-Rumble Fruit gives you control over electricity. You can shoot lightning bolts, electrocute enemies, and even become immune to electrical attacks. This fruit’s electrical powers allow you to deal high damage and stun opponents, making it a formidable choice in combat situations.

9. Quake-Quake Fruit

The Quake-Quake Fruit enables you to create earthquakes and control the ground. You can create shockwaves, cause massive tremors, and even create a localized earthquake around your enemies. This fruit’s abilities are excellent for crowd control and dealing area-of-effect damage.

10. Barrier-Barrier Fruit

The Barrier-Barrier Fruit provides you with a defensive power. You can create impenetrable barriers to shield yourself and teammates from incoming attacks. This fruit’s abilities allow you to protect yourself and support your team during challenging battles.


These are the ten fruits available in the Blox Fruits game, each offering unique abilities and playstyles. Experimenting with different fruits will help you discover your favorite powers and enhance your gameplay experience. Remember to utilize the strengths of each fruit and practice to master their abilities. Good luck on your journey to become the ultimate fruit-wielding warrior in Blox Fruits!

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What Are All the Fruits in Blox Fruits