Viking Runes: Exploring the Meaning of Love

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Viking Runes: Exploring the Meaning of Love

Viking Runes Meaning
Fehu Wealth, prosperity, and fertility.
Uruz Strength, physical vitality, and courage.
Thurisaz Protection against negative forces and defense.
Raidho Safe journeys, both physically and spiritually.
Kenaz Passion, creativity, and knowledge.
Gebo Gifts, partnerships, and harmonious relationships.
Wunjo Joy, happiness, and contentment.

The Vikings had a rich and complex culture, with their own distinct written language known as the runic alphabet. Consisting of various symbols called runes, this ancient alphabet was used for both practical and mystical purposes. Each rune carried its own specific meaning, representing a concept or idea. In this blog post, we will explore the meaning of love in the Viking runes.

The symbols of the Viking runes were not only used for communication but also held deep spiritual significance. They were often carved into objects, worn as amulets, or used in rituals to invoke certain qualities or attain desired outcomes. Love, a universal and powerful emotion, was undoubtedly a topic of importance to the Vikings.

To uncover the runic meanings of love, we must examine several key runes:


In the runic alphabet, Fehu symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and fertility. While it may not directly represent love, the connection becomes apparent when we consider the role of material security in cultivating a loving environment. In Viking society, a prosperous household with an abundance of resources would likely foster stronger bonds between individuals.


Uruz embodies strength, physical vitality, and courage. Love often requires strength and resilience to overcome challenges, both within oneself and in relationships. The representation of Uruz in matters of the heart reflects the importance of staying strong and true, embracing the journey of love with determination and fortitude.


Thurisaz, known as the rune of protection, wards off negative forces and defends against harm. Love, like any precious treasure, needs to be safeguarded. This rune emphasizes the need to protect one’s heart and the love shared with others from any detrimental influences or external threats.


Raidho represents safe journeys in both physical and spiritual realms. Love is undoubtedly a journey, and the rune Raidho reminds us of the importance of navigating this path in a harmonious and supportive manner. Just as the Vikings would embark on physical journeys, they recognized the significance of embarking on a shared emotional and spiritual journey with their loved ones.


Kenaz signifies passion, creativity, and knowledge. Love thrives on passion and creativity, bringing a sense of vibrancy and novelty to relationships. The rune Kenaz encourages the exploration of new experiences and the acquisition of knowledge, enhancing the depth and richness of one’s love life.


Gebo embodies gifts, partnerships, and harmonious relationships. This rune directly relates to love as it represents the exchange of kind gestures, the establishment of partnerships, and the creation of harmonious connections between individuals. Gebo reminds us that love is an exchange—an offering from one person to another.


Wunjo symbolizes joy, happiness, and contentment. Ultimately, love seeks to bring joy and happiness into our lives. This rune emphasizes the importance of finding and nurturing relationships that contribute to our overall well-being and fulfillment, fostering love as a source of contentment and deep satisfaction.

Understanding the runic meanings of love not only sheds light on the ancient Viking perspective but also offers insights that can be applied to our own lives. Love, irrespective of time or culture, is a complex and cherished emotion that remains a driving force for humanity.

As we explore the depths of the Viking runes, we become acquainted with their intricate symbolism and the ways they shaped their worldview. By embracing the wisdom of the past, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the value of love in our lives and cultivate it with intention, nurturing the bonds we share with those closest to us.

So, let us honor the Vikings and their profound understanding of love, as we embark on our own journey, guided by the wisdom of the runic alphabet.

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Viking Runes: Exploring the Meaning of Love