Unveiling the Mystery of Psychometry: The Power of Object Reading

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Unveiling the Mystery of Psychometry: The Power of Object Reading

In the vast realm of spiritualism lies a fascinating practice that goes beyond the realms of clairvoyance and mediumship. It is a practice known as psychometry – the ability to gather information about an object or a person by means of touch. While not widely known, psychometry has been an integral part of spiritualism for centuries, offering a unique insight into the intricate web of connections between individuals and the world around them.

Derived from the Greek words “psyche” meaning soul, and “metron” meaning measure, psychometry delves into the intuitive powers of the human mind, allowing practitioners to tap into the energy imprints left on objects and delve into their past, present, and potential futures.

The Origins of Psychometry

Psychometry has ancient roots and can be found in various cultures throughout history. The practice of object reading can be traced back to Egyptian hieroglyphics and ancient Chinese medicine. In the West, it gained popularity during the Spiritualist movement of the 19th century, when mediums sought to communicate with the deceased and provide comfort to the living.

One of the earliest recorded instances of psychometry is attributed to the Italian physician and scientist, Marcellus Emants, who used this technique to diagnose illnesses. While his methods were not scientifically recognized, it propelled psychometry into the limelight and paved the way for further exploration.

Over time, psychometry evolved, and its focus shifted to understanding the emotional and historical significance of objects, making it a valuable tool for historians, archeologists, and paranormal investigators.

How Does Psychometry Work?

Psychometry operates under the belief that everything in the universe possesses energy and leaves an energetic residue. Just as our fingerprints remain on objects we touch, so does our energy. Psychometry practitioners, also known as psychometrists, use their heightened intuitive abilities to tap into this energy field and interpret the information stored within.

When a psychometrist handles an object, they focus on its vibrations and subtle energy patterns. Through touch, they establish a connection, allowing impressions, images, emotions, and even smells to flow into their consciousness. These intuitive insights are then interpreted and analyzed to gain information about the object’s history, its previous owners, or the significant events it may have witnessed.

Psychometry can also be utilized to gain insights into the energetic imprints left on people. By touching someone’s hand, for example, a psychometrist may receive information about their emotional state, past experiences, or even glimpses into their future.

Developing Psychometry Skills

Psychometry, like any psychic ability, requires practice and honing of one’s intuitive skills. While some individuals may possess a natural affinity for psychometry, it is an ability that can be developed by anyone willing to put in the time and effort.

Here are a few techniques that can help you unlock the power of psychometry:

  1. Start with personal objects: Begin by practicing with objects that hold deep emotional significance to you. Focus on the sensations and impressions that arise when you hold them. Allow your intuition to guide you.
  2. Expand to unfamiliar objects: Gradually move on to objects you have no personal connection with. This could be an antique, a found item, or an object borrowed from a friend. Challenge yourself to gather information about these objects without any prior knowledge.
  3. Journal your experiences: Keep a journal of your psychometry sessions. Note down any impressions or insights you receive during your practice. This will help you track your progress and identify patterns or areas for improvement.
  4. Seek feedback: Share your experiences with trusted individuals or join a psychic development group. Feedback from others can offer valuable insights and help validate your intuitive impressions.
  5. Meditate and visualize: Regular meditation and visualization exercises can enhance your ability to connect with subtle energies. Practice visualizing yourself merging with the object and imagine yourself absorbing its energy and information.

Practical Applications of Psychometry

Psychometry has practical applications in various fields, beyond the realm of spirituality. Let’s explore a few areas where psychometry finds its usefulness:

Historical Investigations

Psychometry can be an invaluable tool for uncovering untold stories and understanding the hidden aspects of historical events. By handling objects from the past, psychometrists can gain insight into the emotions, motivations, and experiences of those who lived in a different era.

Through psychometric analysis, a historian can gain a multi-dimensional understanding of historical figures, providing a unique perspective that supplements conventional research methods. For example, by examining personal belongings or clothes, a psychometrist might offer a glimpse into the life of a powerful leader, shedding light on their true motivations and character traits.

Paranormal Investigations

Psychometry is frequently employed by paranormal investigators to explore haunted locations, uncovering the mysteries and histories that surround them. By holding objects associated with alleged paranormal activity, psychometrists can tap into the energy imprints and gain insights into past events that may have left an indelible mark on the location.

This practice can assist in understanding the origins of supernatural phenomena, validating eyewitness accounts, and providing a deeper understanding of the spirits that may be present in a given place. Psychometry serves as a tool to bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world, shedding light on the untold stories that linger in haunted locations.

Archaeological Discoveries

Archaeologists often turn to psychometry to enrich their understanding of ancient civilizations and their artifacts. By connecting with objects found during excavations, psychometrists can gain insights into the customs, beliefs, and daily lives of the people who once held those artifacts.

Psychometry expands the possibilities of interpreting ancient relics, providing a human touch to the scientific endeavor of archaeology. This collaboration between science and intuition offers a more holistic understanding of civilizations that have long since vanished from the earth’s surface.

Ethical Considerations in Psychometry

As with any spiritual practice, ethics play a crucial role in psychometry. It is essential for psychometrists to approach their work with respect, integrity, and sensitivity to the privacy and emotions of others.

Responsible psychometrists understand the importance of consent and only handle objects or touch individuals with their explicit permission. Ethical psychometry involves maintaining strict confidentiality and using the gained information for the highest good of all involved.

It is also important to recognize that psychometry is not infallible and interpretations can vary. Psychometrists should remain humble, open to feedback, and continually seek to expand their understanding of this intriguing practice.


Psychometry is a captivating and versatile aspect of spiritualism, uncovering hidden information and connecting us to the universal energies that bind us. Through the power of touch, psychometrists gain access to a wealth of insights and offer a unique perspective on objects, people, and historical events.

While psychometry may not be as well-known as other forms of psychic abilities, it holds tremendous potential to expand our understanding of the world around us. So, the next time you stumble upon an intriguing object, take a moment to reflect on the stories it may hold – for every object has a story, and through psychometry, that story can be unlocked.

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Unveiling the Mystery of Psychometry: The Power of Object Reading