Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Tipping: A Forgotten Seance Phenomenon

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Tipping: A Forgotten Seance Phenomenon

Seances and mediumship have been subjects of fascination and curiosity for centuries. From Ouija boards to spirit cabinets, there are numerous techniques used to communicate with spirits from the other side. However, one lesser-known and often forgotten seance phenomenon is table tipping.

Table tipping, also known as table turning, is a method used to establish communication with spirits by allowing them to physically move or tilt a table. This practice gained popularity during the height of the Spiritualist movement in the 19th century and continues to intrigue paranormal enthusiasts today. In this blog post, we dive deep into the mysteries of table tipping, explore its history, techniques, and the possible explanations behind this mesmerizing phenomenon.

The Origins of Table Tipping

Table tipping is believed to have originated in the early 1850s in the United States, at a time when the Spiritualist movement was rapidly gaining followers. The movement centered around the belief that spirits of the deceased could communicate with the living through specially gifted individuals, known as mediums.

The Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret, played a crucial role in popularizing table tipping. In 1848, the sisters claimed to have made contact with a spirit in their home in Hydesville, New York, using a series of knocks and raps. This event marked the beginning of the Spiritualist movement in America.

As the movement grew, mediums experimented with various methods to facilitate communication with spirits. Table tipping quickly became a popular practice during seances and was seen as a tangible way to connect with the spirit realm.

The Table Tipping Process

Table tipping typically requires a group of participants, often sitting in a circle around a table. The table used is usually round and lightweight, allowing for easy movement. The participants place their hands lightly on the table, forming a connection with the energy in the room and inviting spirits to manipulate the table.

Mediums acting as facilitators may begin the session by calling upon spirits or guiding participants through a relaxation exercise to create a conducive atmosphere. As the seance progresses, the participants focus their attention on the table, watching for any signs of movement or tilting.

According to accounts from practitioners, tables engaged in tipping often exhibit various movements, including rocking, spinning, or lifting one or more legs off the ground. In some cases, the table may even hover above the floor entirely.

Participants may ask questions, inviting the spirits to respond through the table’s movements. The table’s tilts and rotations are interpreted as “yes” or “no” answers or as rudimentary attempts at spelling out words by pointing to letters arranged around the edge of the table.

Possible Explanations for Table Tipping

Table tipping has fascinated both believers and skeptics, raising questions about the true nature of the phenomenon. Several factors might explain the movements observed during table tipping seances:

1. Ideomotor Effect

The ideomotor effect refers to the subconscious, involuntary movements made by individuals without their conscious awareness. Some researchers suggest that participants in table tipping seances might unknowingly influence the table’s movements through this effect. Through a combination of subtle muscle contractions and expectations, participants’ hands might inadvertently cause the table to move.

This explanation is supported by experiments in which participants were blindfolded or the table’s movements were concealed from their view, resulting in no significant tipping or movement.

2. Group Psychology and Social Facilitation

Group dynamics and social influence can play a significant role during table tipping seances. When individuals gather for a seance, they often share a common belief in spirits and the desire to witness supernatural phenomena. This collective belief and energy can create an atmosphere of suggestion and heightened suggestibility, leading participants to interpret even subtle movements as signs of spirit communication.

The positive reinforcement within the group can amplify the effects, strengthening the participants’ belief in the reality of the phenomenon.

3. Paranormal Activity

For some, the movements witnessed during table tipping cannot be easily explained by psychology or physical manipulation. Believers argue that supernatural entities or spirits are genuinely interacting with the table, using it as a medium of communication.

While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, personal experiences and anecdotes continue to fuel the debate surrounding table tipping.


Table tipping remains a captivating, though relatively obscure, aspect of seances and mediumship. Whether seen as a genuine connection with the spirit world or as a product of psychology and physical manipulation, table tipping continues to intrigue paranormal enthusiasts, historians, and skeptics alike.

The practice serves as a unique window into the history of the Spiritualist movement, allowing us to explore the fervor and fascination surrounding the concept of communicating with spirits during the 19th century.

Today, table tipping is less commonly practiced compared to other seance techniques. However, it serves as a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of mediums and their enduring quest to bridge the gap between the living and the afterlife.

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Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Tipping: A Forgotten Seance Phenomenon