Unlocking the Mystery: The Power of Clairvoyance in Pathfinder Second Edition

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Unlocking the Mystery: The Power of Clairvoyance in Pathfinder Second Edition


Pathfinder Second Edition brings a host of exciting abilities for players to explore, and one that offers a touch of the mystical and supernatural is the power of clairvoyance. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of clairvoyance in Pathfinder Second Edition and explore how this ability can be utilized by various classes and archetypes. Whether you are an aspiring oracle, a curious investigator, or a devoted witch, clairvoyance holds incredible potential for enhancing your adventures. So let’s embark on this journey and unlock the secrets of clairvoyance in Pathfinder Second Edition.

What is Clairvoyance?

Before we delve into how clairvoyance is implemented in Pathfinder Second Edition, it’s important to understand what clairvoyance truly is. Clairvoyance is the ability to gain information about an object, location, or event without the use of ordinary sensory perception. It provides a means to perceive things that are otherwise hidden from view, allowing characters to gather vital information, unravel mysteries, or even predict the future.

Clairvoyance in Pathfinder Second Edition

In Pathfinder Second Edition, clairvoyance is primarily represented through class abilities, feats, and spells. It allows characters to tap into unseen realms and access information that would otherwise be inaccessible. Let’s explore some of the ways clairvoyance manifests in the game.

Cleric – Divination Domain

Clerics who choose the Divination domain gain access to the power of clairvoyance. This domain grants them the ability to gain glimpses of specific events, objects, or creatures that are relevant to their divinatory focus. By channeling their faith and tapping into the divine, clerics can gain valuable insights to aid their party in their quests. The Divination domain opens up a world of possibilities for players who wish to explore the mysteries of the beyond.

Witch – Divination Patron

Witches in Pathfinder Second Edition can tap into the power of clairvoyance through their choice of the Divination patron. By forming a pact with this patron, witches gain access to a range of divinatory spells and abilities. They can peer into the future, read the thoughts of others, or scry upon distant locations. The Divination patron empowers witches to manipulate the fabric of reality and bend it to their will, making them formidable allies and formidable adversaries.

Investigator Class – Feats

The Investigator class in Pathfinder Second Edition offers a selection of feats that grant access to clairvoyant abilities. By investing in the right feats, investigators can gain the power to detect invisible foes, perceive hidden traps, or find hidden objects. These feats represent the keen observational skills and deductive reasoning that define the investigator, making them an indispensable asset in any party.

The Rituals

In addition to class-specific abilities, Pathfinder Second Edition introduces rituals that allow characters to tap into clairvoyant powers. Rituals are complex, time-consuming spells that can have powerful effects. Among the multitude of available rituals, there are several that grant characters the ability to scry upon locations or individuals, providing glimpses into events happening elsewhere. These rituals can be utilized by any character with the proper training and access to the required components.

Limitations and Drawbacks

While clairvoyance offers incredible advantages, it also comes with limitations and drawbacks. The range of clairvoyant abilities varies depending on the class or archetype chosen. Additionally, many clairvoyant powers require concentration or utilize limited resources, such as spell slots or daily uses. These limitations ensure a balanced gameplay experience and encourage players to strategize and use their abilities judiciously.


In Pathfinder Second Edition, clairvoyance opens up a world of possibilities for characters seeking to unravel mysteries, gain invaluable information, and navigate the complexities of their adventures. Whether you choose to embrace the path of the diviner, harness the powers of a witch, or invest in the keen observational skills of an investigator, clairvoyance offers a rich tapestry of abilities to explore. So, gather your spell components, sharpen your senses, and embark on a journey of discovery as you unlock the hidden powers of clairvoyance in Pathfinder Second Edition.


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Unlocking the Mystery: The Power of Clairvoyance in Pathfinder Second Edition