Understanding Reiki Healing Symbols: A Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding Reiki Healing Symbols: A Comprehensive Guide

Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing, has gained immense popularity over the years as a holistic approach to improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Central to the practice of Reiki are the various symbols used by Reiki practitioners to enhance the healing process. These symbols hold deep spiritual meaning and are believed to be instrumental in channeling energy for healing purposes.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the significance and applications of Reiki healing symbols. Whether you are a Reiki enthusiast or simply curious about this ancient practice, this article aims to provide you with a detailed understanding of these powerful symbols and how they are utilized in Reiki healing sessions.

What are Reiki Healing Symbols?

Reiki symbols, also known as “jiu gong” or “shirushi” in Japanese, are sacred and powerful images that are used to connect with specific energies and intentions. These symbols are drawn or visualized by Reiki practitioners to tap into the universal life force energy and direct it towards healing.

There are several different symbols used in Reiki, with each symbol carrying its unique vibration and purpose. The symbols are typically taught to Reiki practitioners during their training and are kept secret within the Reiki community. However, with the increasing popularity of Reiki, some symbols have become more widely known and shared.

The Three Traditional Reiki Symbols

The traditional Reiki symbols most commonly used are:

  1. The Cho Ku Rei Symbol (CKR): This symbol represents power and is primarily used to focus and intensify the flow of energy. It is often used at the beginning of a Reiki session to strengthen the healing intention. CKR is also used to cleanse negative energy from spaces or objects.
  2. The Sei He Ki Symbol (SHK): The SHK symbol is associated with mental and emotional healing. It is used to address issues related to trauma, addictions, and negative thought patterns. This symbol helps bring balance to the mind and emotions, promoting healing on a deep level.
  3. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol (HSZSN): HSZSN is the distance healing symbol used for sending healing energies across time and space. It facilitates healing for individuals who are not physically present and can be used to heal past trauma or future events. This symbol allows Reiki practitioners to connect with the essence of a person or situation, transcending physical limitations.

It is important to note that the true power of these symbols lies in the practitioner’s intention and connection to the energy rather than solely in the symbols themselves. The symbols serve as a tool to access and channel the universal life force energy.

Additional Reiki Symbols

While the traditional symbols mentioned above form the foundation of Reiki practice, there are several additional symbols that have been introduced over time. These symbols vary among Reiki lineages and practitioners, and their usage may differ slightly based on personal interpretations and experiences.

Some of the additional symbols used by Reiki practitioners include:

Symbol Meaning Application
Dai Ko Myo Symbol of enlightenment and mastery Used to awaken spiritual awareness and enhance the healing process
Raku Symbol of balance and grounding Used to stabilize energy and promote grounding during a Reiki session
Zonar Symbol of deep emotional healing Used to release emotional blocks and promote healing at a profound level
Harth Symbol of love and harmony Used to promote love-based healing and restore balance in relationships

There are numerous other symbols that Reiki practitioners may choose to incorporate into their practice. These symbols often represent specific intentions, energies, or spiritual concepts. Reiki practitioners may learn and use symbols that resonate with their own healing journey and the needs of their clients.

Using Reiki Healing Symbols

Reiki symbols are typically drawn or visualized by the practitioner during healing sessions. The process of connecting with the symbols helps to focus intention and deepen the connection to the universal life force energy.

Here are some common practices for using Reiki symbols:

  1. Visualization: The practitioner imagines the symbol in their mind’s eye, allowing it to become a focal point for channeling energy.
  2. Drawing: The practitioner physically draws the symbol using their finger in the air, on their own body, or near the client’s body.
  3. Chanting or Speaking: The practitioner may recite the symbol’s name or mantra while tapping into its energy.

When using Reiki symbols, the practitioner combines their intention with the specific qualities associated with each symbol, thereby enhancing the healing process. It is important to note that Reiki symbols are not a requirement for practicing Reiki, and some practitioners prefer to solely rely on their intention and connection to the energy.

The Power of Intention in Reiki

While Reiki symbols are potent tools, the true power of Reiki lies in the practitioner’s intention and the connection forged with the universal life force energy. Intention is a vital aspect of any healing modality, as it directs the energy towards a specific purpose.

The symbols serve as conduits, helping practitioners to focus and amplify their intentions. However, it is the intention itself, combined with an open heart and compassion, that ultimately facilitates healing. The symbols act as visual and energetic reminders of the practitioner’s intention, enhancing their ability to channel energy effectively.

Exploring the Origins of Reiki Symbols

The origins of Reiki symbols are deeply rooted in Japanese Buddhist and Shinto teachings, and they carry spiritual significance. The symbols were traditionally passed down from Reiki master to student during the training and initiation process.

Over time, variations of the symbols have emerged as different Reiki lineages developed, incorporating personal interpretations and experiences. These variations have led to a diverse range of symbols used by Reiki practitioners today.

It is important to respect the lineage and teachings from which the symbols originated. Reiki practitioners should honor the traditional symbols while also embracing the evolution of the Reiki practice.


Reiki healing symbols are powerful tools used by practitioners to focus their intentions and enhance the flow of universal life force energy. While the traditional symbols form the foundation of Reiki practice, additional symbols have emerged over time, offering different avenues for healing and spiritual growth.

Remember, the true power of Reiki lies not solely within the symbols themselves, but within the intention, connection, and compassion of the practitioner. The symbols serve as visual and energetic reminders of the practitioner’s intention, guiding their focus and amplifying their ability to channel healing energy.

As you explore the world of Reiki, take time to deepen your understanding of these symbols, their meanings, and their applications. Embrace the beautiful energy that Reiki offers, allowing it to transform your life and the lives of others.


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Understanding Reiki Healing Symbols: A Comprehensive Guide