The Symbolism of Full Moon Weddings

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The Symbolism of Full Moon Weddings

Weddings are magical occasions that celebrate the union of two souls. Couples often strive to incorporate unique elements into their wedding ceremonies to make them more meaningful and memorable. One such unique element is having a wedding ceremony under a full moon. The symbolism of the full moon adds an extra layer of enchantment and significance to the occasion. In this blog post, we will explore the symbolism behind full moon weddings and why they have become increasingly popular.

The Full Moon’s Symbolic Meaning

Throughout history, the moon has been associated with various symbolic meanings. Its phases and cycles have been interpreted as representations of life, fertility, and spiritual growth. The full moon, in particular, holds a special place in many cultures and beliefs.

1. Completion and Wholeness: The full moon represents completeness and wholeness. Just as the moon reaches its fullest phase, a wedding ceremony under a full moon symbolizes the complete union of two individuals. It signifies a profound connection and a promise to support and love each other throughout their lives.

2. Feminine Energy: The moon has long been associated with feminine energy and is often seen as a goddess symbol. The full moon represents the peak of this feminine energy, emphasizing qualities such as intuition, nurturing, and emotional harmony. A full moon wedding embraces and celebrates these qualities, recognizing the strength and power of the feminine.

3. Illumination and Clarity: The full moon illuminates the night sky, providing clarity and visibility. Similarly, a full moon wedding symbolizes a union that brings clarity and insight into the couple’s lives. It represents a moment of enlightenment where both partners fully understand and accept each other, their flaws, and their strengths.

The Significance of Full Moon Weddings

Choosing to have a wedding under a full moon can be a deeply personal decision for many couples. Here are a few reasons why full moon weddings have gained popularity:

1. Connection with Nature

Getting married under a full moon allows couples to connect with nature on a profound level. Nature has always been a source of inspiration and spiritual energy. By aligning their wedding with the cycles of the moon, couples honor and acknowledge the interconnectedness of all living things.

2. Intimate and Magical Atmosphere

A full moon creates an ethereal and magical atmosphere. The soft glow of the moonlight adds a romantic ambiance and heightens the emotional experience of the wedding ceremony. The enchanting surroundings can enhance the intimacy and depth of the moment, making it even more unforgettable.

In addition, a full moon wedding often takes place outdoors, providing a unique setting for the celebration. The natural beauty of the moonlit landscape can create breathtaking backdrops and photo opportunities.

3. Symbolic Meaning for the Couple

For some couples, a full moon wedding holds personal significance. It may remind them of a significant moment in their relationship or represent a spiritual or emotional transformation they have undergone together. The symbolism of the full moon adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to their commitment.

Planning a Full Moon Wedding

If you are considering a full moon wedding, here are a few elements to keep in mind:

1. Date and Timing

Choose a wedding date that coincides with a full moon. Research astronomical calendars or consult an astrologer to find the most suitable dates. Plan your ceremony to align with the time of the moonrise to fully appreciate the moon’s beauty.

2. Outdoor Venues and Décor

Opt for an outdoor venue to fully immerse yourselves and your guests in the moonlit ambiance. Consider venues with open spaces, gardens, or waterfront views where the moon can be easily observed. Enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings with subtle yet elegant décor that complements the moonlight.

3. Lighting and Moon-inspired Elements

Pay attention to lighting arrangements that create a dreamy atmosphere. Utilize soft, warm, and indirect lighting to mimic moonlight. Incorporate moon-inspired elements in your décor, such as crescent-shaped seating arrangements, moon-themed centerpieces, or celestial motifs in your stationery.

4. Ceremony Rituals and Symbolism

Infuse the ceremony with rituals and symbolism that highlight the significance of the full moon. You could include readings or performances that celebrate feminine energy, love, and unity. Consider incorporating reflective elements like mirrors or reflective fabrics that mimic the moon’s glow.

5. Wedding Attire and Jewelry

Choose attire and jewelry that reflect the ethereal beauty of the moon. Opt for flowing, diaphanous fabrics that catch the light and create a celestial effect. Consider moonstone or pearl accessories to add a touch of lunar symbolism.


A full moon wedding holds a deep symbolic meaning, representing completion, feminine energy, and illumination. Couples who choose to celebrate their union under a full moon embrace the profound connection with nature and create a magical atmosphere for their wedding ceremony. Whether you are drawn to the spiritual significance or captivated by the enchanting ambiance, a full moon wedding offers an opportunity for a truly unique and unforgettable celebration.

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The Symbolism of Full Moon Weddings