The Power of Circular Breathwork: A Deep Dive into One of Breathwork’s Most Transformative Techniques

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The Power of Circular Breathwork: A Deep Dive into One of Breathwork’s Most Transformative Techniques

Breathwork has gained significant popularity in recent years as an alternative healing modality that provides a range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. From stress reduction to increased focus and clarity, the effects of conscious breathing techniques are well-documented. However, within the vast realm of breathwork, there are lesser-known, yet incredibly transformative techniques that can take the breathwork experience to another level. One such technique is Circular Breathwork.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Circular Breathwork, exploring its history, benefits, and how to practice it effectively. Whether you’re new to breathwork or a seasoned practitioner, understanding the power of Circular Breathwork can enhance your personal practice and deepen your connection to your breath and inner self.

What is Circular Breathwork?

Circular Breathwork, also known as Circular Breathing or Continuous Breathing, is a technique that involves creating a continuous, uninterrupted flow of breath without any pauses or breaks between the inhalation and exhalation. Unlike most natural breathing patterns, which include brief pauses at the top and bottom of the breath cycle, Circular Breathwork keeps the breath flowing in a circular rhythm, resembling a continuous loop.

The circular pattern of the breath activates and expands the body’s energy, promoting a stronger connection between the physical body and the spiritual self. It allows for a deeper exploration of the breath and encourages the release of emotional and energetic blockages, leading to profound healing experiences.

The Origins of Circular Breathwork

While the practice of Circular Breathwork has become popularized in various breathwork modalities, its roots can be traced back to ancient indigenous cultures. Shamans, healers, and spiritual practitioners from different traditions have utilized circular breathing as a means of connecting with higher consciousness and accessing altered states of awareness.

In many indigenous ceremonies, such as the Native American sweat lodge rituals, circular breathing has been an integral part of the practices aimed at healing, vision questing, and spiritual transformation. The rhythmic and continuous flow of breath has been recognized as a powerful tool for expanding consciousness, releasing stagnant energies, and gaining insight into one’s inner world.

Over time, Circular Breathwork found its way into modern breathwork methodologies, where it has been refined and tailored to suit different healing intentions and individual needs. Today, Circular Breathwork is commonly used in practices like Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing Breathwork, and Transformational Breath®.

Benefits of Circular Breathwork

1. Release Emotional and Energetic Blockages: Circular Breathwork provides a safe space for suppressed emotions and stagnant energy to rise to the surface and be released. By maintaining a consistent flow of breath, the practice allows for deep release and transformation, facilitating healing on emotional, mental, and energetic levels.

2. Expanded Consciousness and Altered States: The circular pattern of breath can induce altered states of consciousness, similar to those experienced during meditation or in psychedelic journeys. By bypassing the rational mind and accessing deeper layers of awareness, Circular Breathwork can facilitate transcendent experiences and spiritual insights.

3. Increased Self-Awareness: Practicing Circular Breathwork cultivates a heightened sense of body awareness and presence. The continuous rhythm of the breath deepens the connection to the physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts arising in the present moment, fostering self-awareness and self-discovery.

4. Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief: The rhythmic, circular breath pattern induces a state of deep relaxation and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This triggers the body’s relaxation response, reducing stress, anxiety, and tension, and promoting an overall sense of calm and tranquility.

5. Enhanced Energy Flow: Circular Breathwork increases the flow of vital life force energy (also known as chi or prana) throughout the body. This heightened energy circulation rejuvenates the body, promotes vitality, and revitalizes the mind and spirit.

6. Improved Physical and Mental Health: Regular practice of Circular Breathwork can have wide-ranging health benefits, including improved respiratory function, increased oxygenation of tissues, enhanced immune system, and reduced symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders.

How to Practice Circular Breathwork

To practice Circular Breathwork, find a quiet space where you can lie down comfortably. Follow these steps:

  1. Lie down on a mat or a comfortable surface, ensuring your body is fully supported.
  2. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath.
  3. Begin by taking a few deep breaths to ground yourself and relax.
  4. Once you feel centered, begin breathing in and out through your mouth.
  5. Focus on creating a circular, uninterrupted flow of breath, without any pauses or breaks.
  6. Allow the inhalation to naturally flow into the exhalation, and the exhalation to seamlessly transition into the inhalation.
  7. Continue breathing in this circular pattern for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
  8. As you breathe, observe any sensations, emotions, or thoughts that arise, without judgment.
  9. When you are ready to conclude the practice, gradually slow down your breath and return to regular breathing.
  10. Take a few moments to rest and integrate the experience before getting up.


Circular Breathwork is a profound technique that can deepen your breathwork practice and facilitate transformative experiences. By engaging in this continuous, rhythmical flow of breath, you can unlock the vast potential of your breath as a tool for healing, self-discovery, and deep relaxation.

As with any breathwork practice, it’s essential to approach Circular Breathwork with intention, respect, and guidance if necessary. If you’re new to breathwork or have any underlying health conditions, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified breathwork facilitator or healthcare professional before engaging in Circular Breathwork on your own.

Embark on this journey of circular breathing, and unlock the transformative potentials of your breath today!

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The Power of Circular Breathwork: A Deep Dive into One of Breathwork’s Most Transformative Techniques