The Meaning Behind Moon Tarot Card Tattoos: A Guide to Symbolism and Interpretation

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The Meaning Behind Moon Tarot Card Tattoos: A Guide to Symbolism and Interpretation

The art of tattooing has been practiced for centuries, serving as a form of self-expression and a means to convey personal beliefs, values, and interests. Among the vast array of tattoo designs available, the Moon Tarot Card has gained popularity due to its deep symbolism and enchanting imagery. In this blog post, we will explore the meaning behind Moon Tarot Card tattoos, including their interpretation in tarot readings and their significance in different cultures and spiritual beliefs.

The Moon Tarot Card

The Moon card is a fundamental part of the tarot deck, consisting of 78 cards used for divination and self-reflection. In traditional tarot decks, the Moon card is numbered 18 and features a serene full moon shining brightly in the night sky. Often accompanied by a crescent moon and two towers, this card embodies several powerful themes, including femininity, intuition, subconsciousness, and cycles.


The Moon Tarot Card is laden with symbolism that contributes to its popularity as a tattoo design. Here are some key symbols associated with this card:

  • The Moon: The central focus of the card, the moon represents the ebb and flow of emotions, psychic abilities, and the unconscious mind. It signifies the hidden aspects of oneself and the need to explore and embrace them.
  • Crescent Moon: Adorning the moon, the crescent symbolizes the cycle of life, renewal, and a connection to the divine feminine.
  • Towers: The two towers depicted on the card represent the gateways to the unknown, representing opportunities for growth and self-discovery. They also symbolize the dualistic nature of existence, balancing light and dark, conscious and unconscious.
  • Crab: In some variations of the card, a crab emerges from the water, representing the zodiac sign Cancer. The crab symbolizes protection, intuition, and the need to retreat when necessary.
  • Water: The calm waters in the Moon card reveal reflection, emotions, and the subconscious mind. It encourages individuals to dive deep within themselves and explore the hidden realms of their psyche.

Interpreting Moon Tarot Card Tattoos

When choosing to adorn your body with a Moon Tarot Card tattoo, it is vital to understand the various interpretations associated with this symbol. The Moon card speaks to our innermost thoughts and feelings, depicting a passage through the realms of the unconscious mind. Here are a few common interpretations of Moon card tattoos:

1. Intuition and Inner Wisdom

The Moon Tarot Card urges us to listen to our instincts and trust our intuition. A tattoo of this card can serve as a constant reminder to embrace our inner wisdom, reminding us to pay attention to our instincts and follow our gut feelings even in the face of uncertainty.

2. Self-Exploration and Shadow Work

Exploring the hidden corners of our psyche can be an enlightening and transformative journey. A Moon Tarot Card tattoo can symbolize an individual’s commitment to self-exploration and shadow work, helping them confront and integrate their subconscious fears, desires, and unresolved emotions.

3. Cycles and Transformation

Just as the moon waxes and wanes, our lives are filled with cycles of growth, change, and transformation. A Moon Tarot Card tattoo can represent the cyclical nature of life and our ability to adapt and evolve through different phases. It serves as a reminder that darkness eventually gives way to light and that embracing change is essential to personal growth.

4. Femininity and the Divine Feminine

The Moon card is closely tied to feminine energy and the divine feminine. By getting a Moon Tarot Card tattoo, individuals can celebrate and honor the feminine aspects within themselves or pay homage to goddesses associated with the moon, such as Artemis, Selene, or Luna.

5. Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

For many, the Moon Tarot Card represents a spiritual journey and the quest for enlightenment. A tattoo of the Moon card can symbolize an individual’s commitment to seeking higher truths, expanding consciousness, and deepening their spiritual connection.

Moon Tarot Card Tattoos in Different Cultures

The Moon’s powerful symbolism extends beyond the realm of tarot readings and is present in various cultures worldwide. Here are a few examples of how the moon is interpreted in different cultural contexts:

Ancient Greek Mythology

In ancient Greek mythology, the moon was personified as the goddess Selene, who rode her moon-chariot across the night sky. Selene represented lunar energy, femininity, and the power of the natural cycles. Getting a Moon Tarot Card tattoo may resonate with individuals who connect with Greek mythology or wish to embody Selene’s qualities.

Native American Traditions

In Native American traditions, different tribes attribute their unique meanings to the moon. For example, the Cherokee people refer to the full moon as “Nvdo Wvwi,” representing a time of reflection and gratitude. Moon Tarot Card tattoos can be a way to explore and embrace Native American spiritual beliefs or celebrate a personal connection to the moon in indigenous traditions.

East Asian Culture

In East Asian cultures, the moon holds deep symbolic significance. In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, celebrates family reunion and the harvest moon. The moon is associated with harmony, reunion, and the yin energy. Moon Tarot Card tattoos can embody these themes or reflect an individual’s affinity for Eastern cultural traditions.


Moon Tarot Card tattoos offer a captivating and meaningful choice for those seeking to express their connection to feminine energy, inner wisdom, cycles of life, or spiritual growth. The rich symbolism behind the Moon card resonates with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. Whether you are drawn to the moon’s enchanting beauty or its profound symbolism, a Moon Tarot Card tattoo can serve as a profound reminder of the hidden depths within yourself and the transformative power of embracing your inner world.

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The Meaning Behind Moon Tarot Card Tattoos: A Guide to Symbolism and Interpretation