The Bi Moon Flag: Celebrating Bisexuality with Symbolism and Pride

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The Bi Moon Flag: Celebrating Bisexuality with Symbolism and Pride

Pride flags are powerful symbols of unity, representation, and celebration within the LGBTQ+ community. While the rainbow flag is widely recognized as a symbol of overall LGBTQ+ pride, there are also flags that specifically represent and honor different aspects of the queer community.

One such flag is the Bi Moon Flag, designed to celebrate bisexuality and provide visibility for bisexual individuals. In this article, we will explore the origins, symbolism, and significance of the Bi Moon Flag.


The Bi Moon Flag, sometimes referred to as the Bisexual Moon Flag, was created by Michael Page in 1998. Page, an astronomer and bisexual activist, aimed to design a flag that would uniquely represent bisexuality and serve as a visual symbol for the bisexual community.

During the creation process, Page drew inspiration from various celestial bodies, particularly the moon, which holds significant symbolism in relation to cycles, duality, and feminine energy. The moon’s natural waxing and waning phases also resonated with the fluid nature of bisexuality.


The symbolism behind the Bi Moon Flag is rich and meaningful. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes—two shades of deep pink on the top and bottom, with a strip of royal blue in the center. Additionally, the flag features a white crescent moon positioned at the mast.

The deep pink stripes represent same-gender attraction, while the royal blue stripe represents opposite-gender attraction. Together, these colors represent the spectrum of attraction that bisexual individuals experience, regardless of gender. The inclusion of the moon symbolizes the fluidity and changing nature of bisexuality.

Furthermore, the placement of the moon at the mast signifies the strength and stability of the bisexual community, recognizing the struggles and discrimination faced while forging a sense of unity and pride.


The Bi Moon Flag holds significant importance within the bisexual community, serving several purposes:

  1. Visibility: The flag provides visual representation and visibility for bisexual individuals, serving as a recognizable symbol of bisexuality. It helps foster a sense of belonging, making it easier for people to connect and find support within the community.
  2. Recognition: The flag acknowledges the unique experiences and challenges faced by bisexual individuals. Its symbolism validates bisexuality as a legitimate sexual orientation, challenging the misconception of it being a transitional phase or an indecisive state.
  3. Empowerment: The Bi Moon Flag empowers and celebrates bisexuality, promoting self-acceptance and pride. By embracing and displaying the flag, individuals can express their identity and find strength in their authentic selves.

Inclusivity and Intersectionality

The Bi Moon Flag is inclusive by design, reflecting the diverse experiences and identities within the bisexual community. It acknowledges that bisexuality is not limited to a binary understanding of gender or attraction, recognizing the fluidity and complexity of human sexuality.

It is important to note that while the Bi Moon Flag is a widely recognized symbol, not all individuals within the bisexual community resonate with or utilize this flag. This is due to the diverse nature of individual experiences, preferences, and personal connections with other symbols of bisexuality.

The flag also intersects with other pride flags, often being combined or adapting elements to emphasize specific intersections of identity, such as race or disability, within the bisexual community.

Celebrating with the Bi Moon Flag

Displaying and sharing the Bi Moon Flag can be a powerful way to celebrate bisexuality and create awareness. Here are a few ways you can celebrate with the Bi Moon Flag:

  • Attend Pride events and parades, waving the flag to show visibility and solidarity with the bisexual community.
  • Use the Bi Moon Flag as a profile picture or cover image on social media platforms to signal your support for bisexual individuals.
  • Create or purchase merchandise featuring the Bi Moon Flag, such as pins, stickers, or clothing, to wear with pride.
  • Share the meaning and significance of the Bi Moon Flag with friends, family, or colleagues to promote understanding and acceptance.


The Bi Moon Flag, with its vibrant colors and celestial symbolism, provides a powerful representation of bisexuality. As a symbol of visibility and pride, it serves as a rallying point for the bisexual community, promoting inclusivity, understanding, and support. By embracing and celebrating the Bi Moon Flag, we can help create a more inclusive and accepting world.

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The Bi Moon Flag: Celebrating Bisexuality with Symbolism and Pride