The Best Book to Learn Astrology in Tamil: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Best Book to Learn Astrology in Tamil: A Comprehensive Guide

Astrology is an ancient practice that has fascinated individuals across cultures and generations. With its ability to provide insights into human behavior, personality traits, and even future events, astrology has gained popularity worldwide.

If you are a Tamil speaker looking to delve into the world of astrology, you may be wondering which book will best suit your needs. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top books to learn astrology in Tamil and help you make an informed decision.

1. ஜாதக நூல்கள் (Jathaka Noolgal)

Written by renowned astrologer M.A. Sivaraja, “ஜாதக நூல்கள்” is considered one of the best books for beginners in Tamil astrology. This book covers the basics of astrology, including the zodiac signs, planets, and houses.

The author explains complex concepts in a simplified manner, making it easier for readers to grasp the fundamentals of astrology. With detailed illustrations and examples, “ஜாதக நூல்கள்” allows readers to understand and interpret birth charts accurately.

2. ஜோதிடத்தின் அடிப்படைகள் (Jothidathin Adippadaigal)

Authored by B. V. Raman, a renowned Indian astrologer, “ஜோதிடத்தின் அடிப்படைகள்” is a comprehensive guide to the principles and practices of astrology.

This highly acclaimed book covers various aspects of astrology, including predictive astrology, horary astrology, and remedial measures. It also explores the significance of planetary transits and the influence of celestial bodies on human life.

With its easy-to-understand language and in-depth analysis, “ஜோதிடத்தின் அடிப்படைகள்” serves as an excellent resource for both beginners and advanced learners of astrology.

3. நர்மள ஜோதிடம் (Narmala Jothidam)

Written by R. Krishnamurthy Sastrigal, “நர்மள ஜோதிடம்” is a highly regarded astrology book that combines traditional astrological principles with modern interpretations.

This book provides a comprehensive view of various astrological concepts such as planetary movements, birth charts, and cosmic energy. Additionally, it includes detailed explanations of the twelve houses, planetary combinations, and their effects on individuals.

“நர்மள ஜோதிடம்” also covers topics like gemstone therapy, palmistry, and astrological remedies, making it a well-rounded guide for astrology enthusiasts.

4. புதன் பொது ஜோதிடம் (Puthan Pothu Jothidam)

For those interested in mundane astrology, “புதன் பொது ஜோதிடம்” by Palanisamy is an essential read. This book focuses on the astrological analysis of nations, politics, and global events.

The author delves into various aspects like national horoscopes, planetary influences on governments and leaders, and techniques to predict national and international circumstances. “புதன் பொது ஜோதிடம்” offers valuable insights into the world of mundane astrology.

5. நினைத்த செயல்களுடன் ஜோதிடம் (Ninaitha Seyalgaludan Jothidam)

Authored by S. Sivasubramanian, “நினைத்த செயல்களுடன் ஜோதிடம்” is a unique book that explores the correlation between thoughts and astrology.

The book puts forth the idea that an individual’s thoughts and mental state significantly influence their life experiences and future events. It provides readers with techniques to align their thoughts with their desired outcomes using astrological principles.

“நினைத்த செயல்களுடன் ஜோதிடம்” is an inspiring book that combines astrology, psychology, and motivation in a truly enlightening manner.

Final Thoughts

Learning astrology in Tamil allows for deeper understanding and connection with the ancient art. The books mentioned in this comprehensive guide are excellent resources to begin your journey into astrology or expand your knowledge if you are already familiar with the subject.

Whether you are interested in birth chart analysis, predictive astrology, mundane astrology, or wish to explore the effects of thoughts on your life, there is a book on this list that will suit your needs.

Remember, astrology is a vast field with several interpretations and perspectives. Therefore, it is essential to read, explore, and engage with multiple sources to develop a well-rounded understanding of the subject.

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The Best Book to Learn Astrology in Tamil: A Comprehensive Guide