Tarot Reading Job: Insights into this Mystical and Lucrative Profession

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Tarot Reading Job: Insights into this Mystical and Lucrative Profession

Are you intrigued by the world of divination and spiritual guidance? Do you have a knack for deciphering symbols and interpreting hidden meanings? If so, then a tarot reading job might be the perfect career path for you. In this detailed blog post, we will delve into the fascinating realm of tarot reading as a profession, exploring its history, the skills required, the earning potential, and how to get started.

Table of Contents

  1. History of Tarot Reading
  2. Skills Required
  3. Earning Potential
  4. Getting Started as a Tarot Reader

History of Tarot Reading

Tarot cards have a rich and storied history that dates back to the 15th century. Initially used as playing cards in Europe, they were later adopted for divination purposes by occultists and mystics. The tarot card deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own symbolism and significance.

The art of tarot reading gained popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly in esoteric circles and spiritual communities. Tarot cards are believed to provide insights into past, present, and future events, as well as offering guidance and advice on various life aspects.

Modern tarot readers combine their intuitive abilities with deep knowledge of the cards’ symbolism to interpret their clients’ questions and provide meaningful answers. Tarot reading has now become a respected profession, with many individuals seeking guidance through a tarot reading job.

Skills Required

While anyone can attempt to read tarot cards, becoming a proficient tarot reader requires a combination of innate skills and dedicated practice. Here are some essential skills you should develop if you want to excel in this profession:

  • Intuition: A strong sense of intuition is crucial for interpreting the meanings behind tarot cards and connecting with the energy of the clients.
  • Knowledge of Symbolism: Familiarize yourself with the traditional meanings of each tarot card and understand how to interpret combinations and layouts.
  • Empathy and Communication: Being able to establish a rapport with clients, empathize with their concerns, and effectively communicate the insights gained from the cards is vital for a successful tarot reading.
  • Ethics: Tarot readers often deal with sensitive and personal matters. Honesty, confidentiality, and ethical conduct are essential traits to uphold when working as a tarot reader.
  • Continuous Learning: Tarot is a vast subject, with various decks, spreads, and interpretations. Ongoing study and research will help you expand your repertoire and deepen your understanding.

Earning Potential

One of the key questions aspiring tarot readers have is regarding the earning potential in this profession. While it ultimately depends on factors such as experience, location, and clientele, a tarot reading job can be financially rewarding.

Many professional tarot readers charge an hourly or per-session rate, which can range from $50 to $300 or more. Additionally, establishing a strong online presence through a website or social media can attract clients globally and increase income potential. Tarot readers may also offer additional services like email readings or workshops, further adding to their earnings.

However, it’s essential to note that the income of a tarot reader may be inconsistent, especially in the initial stages. Building a solid reputation and client base takes time and effort. Success in this industry often hinges on word-of-mouth recommendations, customer satisfaction, and effective marketing strategies.

Getting Started as a Tarot Reader

Ready to embark on your journey as a professional tarot reader? Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Study and Practice: Invest time in understanding the symbolism and meanings of tarot cards. Practice reading for friends and family to hone your skills.
  2. Choose the Right Tarot Deck: Select a tarot deck that resonates with you, as each deck has its own unique art and symbolism.
  3. Develop Your Reading Style: Tarot readers interpret cards differently, so discover your own reading style and trust your intuition.
  4. Market Yourself: Create a professional website or social media profiles to showcase your services. Engage with the tarot community and attend local events and fairs to network.
  5. Offer Free or Discounted Readings: Initially, attracting clients can be challenging. Consider providing free or discounted readings to build your reputation and gain testimonials.
  6. Get Certified: Although certification is not mandatory, obtaining a certification from a reputable tarot organization can enhance your credibility and attract clients.

Remember that being a tarot reader requires a commitment to personal and professional growth. Regularly practice your craft, seek feedback from experienced readers, and continue expanding your knowledge through workshops, books, and online resources.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of what it takes to excel in a tarot reading job, it’s time to embark on this mystical and rewarding career path. Whether you decide to read tarot cards professionally or simply as a personal hobby, the world of tarot holds endless fascination and enlightenment.

Keep in mind that tarot reading is deeply personal and subjective, with diverse interpretations and approaches. Embrace the journey and trust your intuition as you navigate the ethereal realm of tarot cards.


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Tarot Reading Job: Insights into this Mystical and Lucrative Profession