Shamanic Journey: Unveiling the Teachings of Michael Harner

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Shamanic Journey: Unveiling the Teachings of Michael Harner

Shamanism, an ancient practice rooted in indigenous cultures around the globe, has seen a resurgence in modern society as people seek spiritual connections and alternative healing methods. Among the influential figures in the contemporary shamanic movement, Michael Harner stands out for his pioneering work in bringing shamanic practices into the mainstream. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of shamanic journeying and explore the teachings of Michael Harner.

1. Who is Michael Harner?

Michael Harner, born in April 1929, was an anthropologist and archaeologist who dedicated his life to studying shamanic traditions worldwide. He specialized in indigenous cultures of the Americas and had a profound interest in indigenous healing practices. Harner is best known for his development of Core Shamanism, an approach to shamanic healing that emphasizes universal shamanic techniques.

2. The Shamanic Journey

At the core of shamanic practice lies the shamanic journey, a method of direct spiritual exploration and interaction with the spirit world. This ancient technique is central to shamanism and can be traced back thousands of years. By entering an altered state of consciousness through drumming, rattling, or other rhythmic techniques, practitioners embark on a journey to connect with spiritual allies, ancestors, and guides.

During a shamanic journey, individuals enter a trance-like state, often with the assistance of a shamanic practitioner or through self-guided practices. The journey can take place in both the physical realm and non-ordinary reality, where spirits and otherworldly entities reside. It serves as a bridge between the visible and invisible realms.

2.1 How does the Shamanic Journey Work?

The mechanics of a shamanic journey involve accessing altered states of consciousness, wherein the ordinary perception of reality is suspended. This allows practitioners to step beyond the bounds of everyday awareness and tap into the spiritual realms. Encountering spirit guides, power animals, and ancestral beings is a common experience during these journeys.

The steady drumming or rattling, often at a specific rhythm of around 4-7 beats per second, helps induce an altered state of consciousness. It is believed that the repetitive sound stimulates the brainwave patterns associated with trance and opens the doorway to the spirit world.

2.2 The Teachings of Michael Harner

Michael Harner played a pivotal role in demystifying shamanism and making it accessible to modern practitioners. He founded the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in 1979, through which he introduced Core Shamanism to a broader audience. Core Shamanism seeks to extract the common underlying principles and techniques from various shamanic cultures, providing a cross-cultural framework for contemporary practice.

Harner’s teachings emphasize the universal aspects of shamanism, allowing practitioners of diverse backgrounds to engage with shamanic journeying. His work focuses on honing the ability to enter altered states of consciousness and establish relationships with compassionate helping spirits. These spirits, often in the form of power animals or spirit guides, offer guidance, protection, and healing to journeyers.

During workshops and training programs conducted by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, participants learn the techniques of shamanic journeying in a supportive environment. The teachings emphasize the exploration of non-ordinary reality, purification practices, and methods for divination and healing.

3. The Benefits of Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying opens up a vast realm of possibilities for personal growth, healing, and spiritual development. By bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual realms, practitioners can access profound wisdom, gain insight into life challenges, and seek guidance for their personal journey. Here are a few benefits commonly associated with shamanic journeying:

3.1 Personal Empowerment

Engaging in shamanic journeying can empower individuals by helping them tap into their inner resources. By connecting with compassionate helping spirits, journeyers receive guidance, wisdom, and support in navigating life’s challenges. This empowerment extends beyond the journey itself, positively influencing day-to-day life.

3.2 Healing and Transformation

Shamanic journeying has been used for millennia as a means of healing physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. Spiritual allies and power animals may offer insights into the root causes of imbalances or provide transformative healing energy. Shamanic practitioners often work with individuals seeking relief from trauma, anxiety, depression, or chronic health issues.

3.3 Connection to Ancestral Wisdom

Shamanic journeying can establish a profound connection to ancestral wisdom and heritage. By exploring non-ordinary reality, practitioners have the opportunity to meet and communicate with their ancestors, gaining insights, healing, and guidance from the wisdom of those who came before.

4. Incorporating Shamanic Journeying into Your Life

If you’re drawn to shamanic journeying and the teachings of Michael Harner, there are several ways you can begin incorporating this ancient practice into your life:

4.1 Attend Workshops and Training

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, founded by Harner, offers workshops, training, and resources for those interested in learning shamanic journeying. These programs provide a structured environment for experiential learning and offer a solid foundation for your own practice.

4.2 Explore Self-Guided Journeying

While workshops and guided sessions can be immensely beneficial, self-guided shamanic journeying allows you to explore the depths of your own consciousness. Create a sacred space, set intentions, and use drumming or rattling to enter a trance-like state. Remember to approach your journeys with humility, respect, and a willingness to learn from the wisdom of the spirits you encounter.

4.3 Connect with a Shamanic Practitioner

If you prefer guidance from an experienced practitioner, seek out a reputable shamanic healer in your area. A trained shamanic practitioner can act as a bridge, assisting you in establishing relationships with compassionate helping spirits and providing insights and healing.

5. Conclusion

The shamanic journey, an ancient practice of connecting with the spirit world, offers profound opportunities for personal growth, healing, and transformation. Michael Harner’s teachings on Core Shamanism have played a crucial role in making these practices accessible to a wider audience. Whether you embark on this journey through workshops, self-guided practices, or under the guidance of a practitioner, the path of shamanic journeying can lead to deep spiritual exploration and connection. Embrace the wisdom of the ancients, and let the spirits be your guides on this extraordinary adventure of the soul.


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Shamanic Journey: Unveiling the Teachings of Michael Harner