Sacred Geometry Symbols: A Comprehensive List

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Sacred Geometry Symbols: A Comprehensive List

Sacred geometry is a fundamental aspect of various ancient cultures and spiritual traditions. It involves the study and exploration of geometric patterns and shapes that are believed to have deep spiritual significance. These symbols are often seen as representations of universal principles and can be found in art, architecture, and religious practices around the world. In this blog post, we will explore a comprehensive list of sacred geometry symbols and their meanings.

1. Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is one of the most widely recognized sacred geometry symbols. It is a complex interlocking pattern of overlapping circles that form flower-like shapes. This symbol is believed to contain the fundamental blueprint of creation and is seen as a representation of the interconnectedness of all living beings.

2. Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube is a powerful symbol that consists of 13 circles connected by straight lines. It is named after the archangel Metatron, who is said to have created this geometric structure to protect and heal the earth. This symbol is associated with balance, harmony, and divine protection.

3. Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is a sacred symbol in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It is a complex geometric pattern composed of nine interlocking triangles that form a central point known as the bindu. The Sri Yantra represents the divine feminine energy and is believed to be a visual representation of the universe and the union of the masculine and feminine principles.

4. Seed of Life

The Seed of Life is a geometric pattern consisting of seven overlapping circles. It is seen as the basic template of all creation and is thought to contain the blueprint for the entire universe. The symbol is associated with fertility, growth, and the beginning of life.

5. Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a sacred symbol found in many spiritual traditions, including Kabbalah and ancient Egyptian mythology. It depicts a tree with interconnected branches and roots that represent the unity and interdependence of all life. The Tree of Life symbolizes wisdom, growth, and the connection between heaven and earth.

6. Vesica Piscis

The Vesica Piscis is formed by the intersection of two circles of equal radius, creating a shape resembling a fisheye lens. It is a symbol of balance and harmony and is associated with the divine feminine energy. The Vesica Piscis is often used as a template for various sacred symbols and is considered a symbol of unity and completion.

7. Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio, also known as the Divine Proportion, is a mathematical concept that can be found in various natural and man-made structures. It represents a ratio of approximately 1.618 and is believed to create aesthetically pleasing proportions. The Golden Ratio is associated with beauty, balance, and divine perfection.

8. Torus

The Torus is a three-dimensional geometric shape resembling a doughnut. It is a symbol of wholeness, abundance, and infinite energy flow. The Torus is often used to represent the interconnectedness of all things and the continuous cycle of creation and regeneration.

9. Phi Grid

The Phi Grid is derived from the Golden Ratio and is used as a visual guide in art and design. It is a grid system based on the proportions of the Golden Ratio and is believed to create visually pleasing compositions. The Phi Grid symbolizes beauty, harmony, and balance.

10. Platonic Solids

The Platonic Solids are a set of five geometric shapes: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. These shapes are believed to represent the building blocks of the universe and are associated with different elements and energetic qualities. The Platonic Solids symbolize stability, harmony, and the interconnectedness of all things.

11. Merkaba

The Merkaba is a sacred symbol composed of two intersecting tetrahedra, one pointing upward and the other downward. It represents the integration of the spiritual and physical realms and is associated with divine light and protection. The Merkaba is often used as a meditation tool to expand consciousness and access higher dimensions.

12. Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a winding, maze-like pattern often seen in ancient architecture and spiritual practices. It symbolizes the journey of life, with twists and turns that lead to a central point of enlightenment or self-discovery. Walking a physical or symbolic labyrinth is believed to facilitate introspection, reflection, and spiritual transformation.

13. Fibonacci Spiral

The Fibonacci Spiral is a logarithmic spiral that expands outward based on the Fibonacci sequence (a series of numbers where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones). It is found in numerous natural phenomena, such as the arrangement of flower petals and the curve of seashells. The Fibonacci Spiral symbolizes growth, expansion, and the inherent patterns found in nature.


Sacred geometry symbols encompass a vast array of intricate patterns and shapes. They hold profound spiritual meanings and are believed to resonate with universal energies and principles. From the Flower of Life to the Fibonacci Spiral, each symbol represents a specific aspect of creation, growth, and interconnectedness. Exploring these sacred symbols can deepen our understanding of the underlying patterns that shape our reality and invoke a sense of awe and wonder in the profound intricacies of the universe.

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Sacred Geometry Symbols: A Comprehensive List