Qigong Research Society: Exploring the Healing Powers of Qigong

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Qigong Research Society: Exploring the Healing Powers of Qigong

Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice that combines movement, meditation, and breath control, has been gaining popularity in recent years for its numerous health benefits. As more people are recognizing the positive effects of qigong on physical and mental well-being, the need for further research and understanding has become increasingly important.

Introducing the Qigong Research Society

The Qigong Research Society is an organization dedicated to the study and promotion of qigong practices. Established in 2009, the society brings together researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts from around the world to share knowledge, collaborate on research projects, and advance the field of qigong.

Through its various initiatives, the Qigong Research Society aims to bridge the gap between traditional Chinese medicine and modern scientific research, providing evidence-based insights into the mechanisms and effects of qigong practice.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Qigong Research Society is to promote the understanding, research, and integration of qigong practices to enhance individual and collective well-being. The society strives to achieve its mission through the following goals:

  • Facilitating collaborative research projects on qigong’s efficacy and mechanisms of action
  • Providing education and training opportunities for researchers and practitioners
  • Promoting evidence-based practice and integrating qigong into healthcare systems
  • Developing guidelines and standards for qigong practice and research
  • Creating a platform for exchange and dissemination of qigong-related knowledge

Research Initiatives

The Qigong Research Society is engaged in several research initiatives aimed at exploring the therapeutic potential and physiological effects of qigong practice. These initiatives include:

1. Clinical Trials

By conducting rigorous clinical trials, the Qigong Research Society aims to gather scientific evidence on the effectiveness of qigong in treating various health conditions. These trials involve the participation of qigong practitioners, patients, and healthcare professionals, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to research.

2. Neurophysiological Studies

The society collaborates with neuroscientists and researchers to investigate the impact of qigong on brain function and neuroplasticity. Using techniques such as fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) and EEG (electroencephalography), these studies aim to uncover the neural mechanisms underlying qigong practices.

3. Psychosocial Studies

Qigong’s mental health benefits are also a focus of research for the society. By examining the effects of qigong practices on stress reduction, emotional well-being, and quality of life, the society aims to provide evidence for the integration of qigong techniques in psychological therapies.

4. Comparative Studies

To gain a better understanding of qigong’s unique characteristics and its relationship with other mind-body practices, the Qigong Research Society conducts comparative studies. By comparing qigong to practices such as yoga, tai chi, and meditation, the society aims to identify commonalities and differences, shedding light on the distinct therapeutic effects of qigong.

Educational Programs and Resources

In addition to its research initiatives, the Qigong Research Society also provides educational programs and resources for both researchers and practitioners to enhance their understanding and skills in qigong.

The society organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars where experts in the field share their knowledge and experiences. These events provide opportunities for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among qigong enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the Qigong Research Society maintains an online library of research articles, publications, and resources related to qigong. This valuable collection serves as a reference for anyone interested in exploring the scientific and theoretical aspects of qigong.

Qigong Research Society Network

The Qigong Research Society’s impact goes beyond its research initiatives and educational programs. It has established a vast network of individuals and organizations dedicated to advancing qigong practices and research.

The society collaborates with universities, medical institutions, and research centers worldwide to foster interdisciplinary research on qigong. By working with experts in fields such as psychology, physiology, and neuroscience, the society ensures a holistic approach to understanding the intricate effects of qigong practice.

Qigong Research Society members have access to an online platform where they can connect with like-minded individuals, share their research findings, and engage in discussions that contribute to the growth of qigong as a scientifically supported practice.


The Qigong Research Society plays a vital role in advancing the scientific understanding of qigong and promoting its integration into healthcare systems. Through its research initiatives, educational programs, and global network, the society contributes to the growing body of evidence supporting the therapeutic benefits of qigong.

As interest in qigong continues to rise, the Qigong Research Society remains at the forefront of research and collaboration, driving the development of evidence-based practices and further establishing qigong as a valuable component of overall well-being.


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Qigong Research Society: Exploring the Healing Powers of Qigong