New Moon Summary Chapter by Chapter

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Are you a fan of the Twilight series? If so, you’re probably familiar with the second book, New Moon. In this blog post, we’ll provide a detailed summary of each chapter in New Moon, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the story. Let’s dive in!

Chapter 1: Party

Bella Swan, the protagonist, is celebrating her 18th birthday at the Cullen’s residence. However, an accident causes her to get a paper cut, leading Jasper, a vampire, to lose control and attempt to attack her. To protect Bella, Edward, her vampire boyfriend, decides to leave her and his family.

Chapter 2: Stitches

Bella is devastated and falls into a deep depression. Her best friend, Jacob Black, helps her cope with the breakup. In this chapter, Bella gets a motorcycle as a distraction, but ends up injuring herself, leading to stitches.

Chapter 3: The End

Despite Edward leaving, Bella is determined to keep his memory alive and begins to hear his voice whenever she engages in reckless behavior. Bella decides to continue putting her life in danger to hear Edward’s voice, putting herself at risk.

Chapter 4: Waking Up

Bella’s reckless behavior escalates, causing her to hear Edward’s voice more frequently. With encouragement from Alice, Edward’s sister, Bella decides to go cliff diving. However, she gets caught in a dangerous riptide.

Chapter 5: Cheater

Bella is saved by Jacob, who reveals that he is a werewolf. Bella becomes closer to Jacob while still struggling with her feelings for Edward. She realizes that every time she hears Edward’s voice, she is putting Jacob’s pack in danger due to Victoria, a vampire who is out to kill Bella.

Chapter 6: Friends

Bella and Jacob develop a strong friendship, spending more time together. Jacob opens up about the existence of werewolves and the treaty they have with the Cullen family, ensuring the safety of humans in the area.

Chapter 7: Repetition

Bella continues to put herself in dangerous situations to hear Edward’s voice, which worries her friends and family. Edward believes that Bella has died and decides to go to Italy to provoke the Volturi, a powerful vampire coven, and force them to kill him.

Chapter 8: Adrenaline

Alice and Bella rush to Italy to stop Edward from exposing himself to the Volturi. They arrive just in time and convince him not to go through with his plan. The three return to Forks, Washington.

Chapter 9: Third Wheel

Upon returning, Bella realizes that her actions have hurt Jacob. He confesses his love for her, but she admits that she still loves Edward. This revelation strengthens Bella’s desire to become a vampire to be with Edward forever.

Chapter 10: Nature

Bella and Jacob’s friendship becomes strained as she becomes more determined to be with Edward. Jacob is heartbroken but promises to be there for her, even if she chooses Edward.

Chapter 11: Cult

Bella and Edward visit the Cullen family, who are relieved to have Bella back. Alice presents them with a plan to prevent Bella from becoming a vampire. However, Edward insists on turning Bella into a vampire himself.

Chapter 12: Intruder

Alice has a vision of Bella becoming a vampire, causing her to worry about her own future. Meanwhile, Laurent, another vampire from Twilight, tracks Bella and tries to kill her. The werewolves save her once again.

Chapter 13: Killer

Edward and Bella discover that Victoria is responsible for creating an army of newborn vampires to kill Bella. The Cullens and the werewolves unite to protect Bella and successfully win the battle, defeating Victoria and her army.

Chapter 14: Family

The Cullens throw Bella a graduation party, and Jacob appears to say goodbye before joining his werewolf pack, who are disapproving of his friendship with vampires. Edward promises Bella that they will stay together forever, regardless of her becoming a vampire or not.

Chapter 15: Pressure

As the book concludes, Bella feels torn between her love for Edward and Jacob. She contemplates her own mortality and the consequences of becoming a vampire. The story sets the stage for the next book, Eclipse.


New Moon takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster as Bella deals with heartbreak, dangerous situations, and conflicting feelings for Edward and Jacob. This book sets the foundation for the intense love triangle that continues to unfold throughout the Twilight series. We hope this chapter-by-chapter summary helps you better understand the plot of New Moon and encourages you to delve deeper into the captivating world of Twilight!

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New Moon Summary Chapter by Chapter