New Moon Manifestation in July 2022: A Guide to Setting Intentions

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New Moon Manifestation in July 2022: A Guide to Setting Intentions

The new moon in July 2022 is an opportunity to start fresh and set intentions for the upcoming month. Manifestation is the act of bringing ideas and desires into reality by focusing on them and taking action towards them. With the new moon in July, we have the chance to harness the power of manifestation and create a positive shift in our lives.

What is a New Moon?

A new moon occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, and its illuminated side is not visible from the Earth. It marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle that lasts approximately 29.5 days. Astrologically, the new moon is a time of new beginnings, a chance to set intentions, and the start of a new cycle.

How to Harness the Power of the New Moon?

The new moon is a potent time for manifestation, and there are a few steps you can follow to align yourself with its powerful energy:

1. Reflect and let go of the past:

The new moon is a great time to set intentions, but it is also an opportune time to let go of what no longer serves you. Take a moment to reflect on the past month and release any negative energies or emotions that are holding you back.

2. Focus on your goals:

With the energy of the new moon, you have a chance to set positive intentions and focus on your goals. Take some time to identify your goals, both personal and professional, and write them down.

3. Visualize:

Visualization is a powerful tool for manifestation. Close your eyes and visualize yourself achieving your goals. See yourself happy, successful, and thriving in your personal and professional life.

4. Take Action:

Manifestation is not just about setting intentions and visualizing. To make your dreams a reality, you need to take action towards them. Make a plan and take small, actionable steps every day towards achieving your goals.

New Moon Manifestation Rituals

In addition to the steps outlined above, there are several new moon manifestation rituals you can incorporate into your practice to enhance your manifestation abilities.

1. Setting Intentions with Crystals:

Crystals have strong vibrations that can amplify your intentions. Choose a crystal that aligns with your goals, hold it in your hand, and visualize your dreams. You can even bury the crystal in the ground to symbolize the growth and manifestation of your intentions.

2. New Moon Meditation:

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind, relax, and align yourself with the energy of the new moon. Find a quiet place and meditate on your goals, visualize your desires, and release any negative energy.

3. Create a Vision Board:

A vision board is a physical representation of your goals and desires. Cut out pictures, quotes, and affirmations that resonate with you and create a collage on a board. Place the board in a prominent place in your home or office to remind you of your intentions.

In conclusion, the new moon in July 2022 is a powerful time for manifestation. By following the guidelines outlined in this post and incorporating new moon rituals, you can manifest your desires and create a positive shift in your life. Remember to let go of past negative energy, focus on your goals, visualize your dreams, take action, and trust the universe to bring your intentions to fruition.

New Moon Manifestation in July 2022: A Guide to Setting Intentions

The New Moon is a powerful time for setting intentions, manifesting your desires, and beginning new chapters in your life. This is a time when the moon is not visible in the sky, representing a new beginning, fresh starts, and renewal. The New Moon is a perfect time to turn inward and focus on your desires and goals. In this article, we will explore some of the most frequently asked questions about New Moon manifestation in July 2022 and provide you with a guide to setting intentions.

What is New Moon Manifestation?

New Moon manifestation is the practice of setting intentions at the beginning of a lunar cycle during the New Moon phase. This is a time when the energetic pull of the moon is at its lowest, making it an ideal time for new beginnings and the planting of new seeds. During this time, it is recommended to create a sacred space for yourself, light candles, and meditate on what you wish to bring into your life.

Why is July 2022 a Good Time for New Moon Manifestation?

July 2022 is an excellent time for New Moon manifestation because it is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This time is particularly potent because it occurs during the astrological sign of Cancer, which is associated with nurturing and emotional healing. Cancer is a water sign, representing emotions, feelings, and intuition. This is a perfect time to focus on your emotional well-being and what you want to bring into your life emotionally.

How Can I Prepare for New Moon Manifestation?

Preparing for New Moon manifestation involves creating a sacred space for yourself, where you can relax and focus your energy. This can include lighting candles, burning incense or sage, and playing soft music. Once you have created a sacred space, it is important to meditate on what you want to manifest in your life. This can involve journaling, visualizing, or simply sitting in silence and focusing on your desires.

Can Anyone Practice New Moon Manifestation?

Yes, anyone can practice New Moon manifestation. It does not require any special skills or training, and it is accessible to everyone. All you need is an open heart and an open mind to the process.

What Should I Do After I Set My Intentions?

After you have set your intentions during the New Moon, it is important to take action toward your desired outcomes. This can involve taking small steps, making changes in your daily routine, or seeking out opportunities that align with your intentions. It is important to remember that manifestation is not just about setting intentions but also about taking action towards your goals.

Are There any Do’s and Don’ts for New Moon Manifestation?

There are no strict rules when it comes to New Moon manifestation, but there are some best practices to keep in mind. Do focus on what you want to manifest, be clear with your intentions, and believe that your desires will come true. Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see immediate results, or if things don’t happen exactly as you planned. Remember that manifestation takes time, patience, and faith in the process.

New Moon Manifestation in July 2022: A Guide to Setting Intentions

The new moon is a powerful time for setting intentions and manifesting your desires. In July 2022, the new moon falls on the 9th, making it the perfect time to set your intentions and manifest your dreams. This guide will take you through the steps to create an effective new moon manifestation ritual.

What is New Moon Manifestation?

New moon manifestation is the process of setting intentions for the coming cycle. The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and it is a time for new beginnings. During this time, the moon is in complete darkness, representing a clean slate and a fresh start. Setting intentions during the new moon allows you to tap into the energy of new beginnings and harness the power of the universe to manifest your desires.

How to Prepare for New Moon Manifestation

Before you start your new moon manifestation ritual, it’s important to set the right environment. Here are the steps to create a conducive environment for your manifestation ritual:

1. Clear Your Space

Clearing away physical clutter and creating a clean and tidy space is essential in creating a conducive environment for your new moon manifestation ritual. You can also use sage or palo santo to cleanse the space and remove any negative energy.

2. Gather Your Supplies

You will need a few supplies for your new moon manifestation ritual. Here are the essentials:

  • A notebook or journal
  • A pen or pencil
  • Candles and matches or a lighter
  • Crystals (optional but can be helpful in amplifying your manifestation energy)

3. Create a Calm and Relaxing Atmosphere

Before you begin the ritual, create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You can play soft music or use aromatherapy oils to create a relaxing environment.

How to Set Intentions and Manifest Your Desires

Here are the steps to set your intentions and manifest your desires during the new moon:

1. Meditate

Begin your manifestation ritual by meditating. Find a comfortable position, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. This will help you relax and quiet your mind, allowing you to tap into your intuition and set your intentions.

2. Write Your Intentions

After meditating, take out your notebook or journal and write down your intentions for the coming lunar cycle. Be specific, concise and use positive language. Start each intention with “I am” or “I have,” as if your intention has already come true.

3. Light Candles

Lighting candles can help to set the mood for your manifestation ritual. Choose candles in colors that represent your intentions, such as green for abundance or red for passion.

4. Hold Crystals (Optional)

If you choose to use crystals, hold them in your hand and visualize your intentions as if they have already come true. Crystals can amplify your manifestation energy and can be a powerful tool in setting intentions.

5. Speak Your Intentions Aloud

Speaking your intentions aloud can help to manifest your desires by putting your energy and focus into your intentions. Speak your intentions as if they have already come true, with conviction and confidence.

6. Visualize Your Intentions

After you have spoken your intentions aloud, close your eyes and visualize your intentions as if they have already come true. Imagine yourself in the situation you desire and feel the emotions that come with it.

7. Thank the Universe

After visualizing, thank the universe for bringing your intentions to fruition. Expressing gratitude and trust in the universe can further amplify your manifestation energy.


New moon manifestation is a powerful tool for setting intentions and manifesting your desires. By taking the time to prepare your environment, meditate, write your intentions, light candles, hold crystals, speak your intentions aloud, visualize, and express gratitude, you can tap into the power of the new moon and manifest your dreams. Remember to trust in the universe and have faith that your intentions will come to fruition.

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New Moon Manifestation in July 2022: A Guide to Setting Intentions