Moon Planting Calendar Australia 2022: Guide to Lunar Gardening

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Moon Planting Calendar Australia 2022: Guide to Lunar Gardening

Gardening is not just about planting seeds and watering them. There are various factors to consider to ensure the success and health of your plants. One often overlooked aspect is the influence of the moon on gardening. Many gardeners believe that the different phases of the moon can affect plant growth and development. To maximize your gardening efforts, it is essential to follow a moon planting calendar that aligns with the lunar cycles of Australia.

Understanding Lunar Gardening

Lunar gardening, also known as moon planting or moon phase gardening, is a practice that has been followed for centuries. The idea is that the different moon phases have a direct effect on different types of plant growth. By planting and tending to your garden based on the lunar phases, you can supposedly enhance your plants’ overall health, yield, and resistance to disease.

The moon planting calendar is based on the understanding that the moon affects the moisture content in the soil, just as it affects the tides of the ocean. The gravitational pull of the moon is believed to influence the water movement in plants and soil. As a result, the different moon phases can impact germination, root growth, leaf growth, flowering, and fruiting.

Using the Moon Planting Calendar

With its vast and diverse climatic regions, Australia benefits from having its own moon planting calendar tailored to its unique conditions. The moon planting calendar for Australia generally takes into account the local weather patterns, sunlight hours, and common gardening practices of each region.

The calendar provides specific dates for different gardening activities based on the lunar phases. It suggests the best times to sow, transplant, prune, and harvest various types of plants. It also indicates periods when gardening activities should be avoided or limited.

Moon Planting Calendar Australia 2022

Here is a detailed moon planting calendar specifically designed for Australia in the year 2022:

Month New Moon First Quarter Full Moon Last Quarter
January 2nd 10th 17th 24th
February 1st 9th 16th 23rd
March 3rd 11th 18th 26th
April 1st 8th 16th 24th
May 1st 8th 16th 23rd
June 29th 6th 14th 22nd
July 29th 6th 13th 22nd
August 27th 4th 12th 20th
September 25th 2nd 10th 19th
October 25th 2nd 10th 18th
November 23rd 1st 8th 16th
December 23rd 1st 7th 16th

The strong emphasis indicates the best time for gardening activities according to the lunar calendar.

General Moon Planting Guidelines

While the lunar gardening calendar provides specific dates for various activities, there are also some general guidelines to keep in mind:

  • New Moon: This phase is ideal for planting annuals and crops that produce their harvest above the ground. It promotes leaf growth and the development of above-ground parts.
  • First Quarter: This phase is suitable for planting, especially crops that grow below the ground. It supports root growth, making it a great time for transplanting, pruning, and fertilizing.
  • Full Moon: This phase is considered the best time for harvesting, as well as planting flowers and fruits, as it is believed to enhance seed germination and plant growth overall.
  • Last Quarter: This phase is best for activities that focus on the roots, such as weeding, cultivating, and mowing the lawn. It is also a good time to control pests and disease.

Remember that while following the moon planting calendar can be beneficial, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor for successful gardening. Other essential factors such as soil quality, climate, and plant variety also play significant roles in achieving optimal results.


Embracing lunar gardening and incorporating the moon planting calendar into your gardening routine can add an extra dimension to your gardening experience. By aligning your gardening activities with the lunar phases, you might notice improved plant growth, increased yields, and overall healthier plants. However, it’s important to experiment and observe the results for yourself, as gardening is both an art and a science.

Make 2022 the year you explore the wonders of lunar gardening in Australia. Follow the moon planting calendar and witness how the moon’s influence can enhance the beauty and productivity of your garden.

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Moon Planting Calendar Australia 2022: Guide to Lunar Gardening