Is Fishing Better on a Full Moon?

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Is Fishing Better on a Full Moon?

Have you ever wondered if fishing is better under a full moon? Many anglers believe that during a full moon, fish are more active and it is easier to catch them. But, is there any truth to this claim or is it just another fishing myth?

The Moon’s Effect on Fishing

The moon has been known to affect nature and the behavior of animals. It is believed that the gravitational pull of the moon affects the tides, and a full moon can result in higher tides. This increase in water level can cause fish to move into shallower waters, making them easier to catch. It is also said that a full moon provides more light, making it easier for anglers to see at night.

Fishing During a Full Moon

While the theory of a full moon resulting in better fishing sounds promising, there is little scientific evidence to back it up. In fact, some studies have shown that fishing is actually worse during a full moon. This is because the bright light can make fish more cautious, and they tend to be less active.

However, there are still many anglers who swear by fishing during a full moon. They claim that they have had great success during this lunar phase, and that it is a great time to catch big fish. The best way to find out if fishing during a full moon works for you is to go out and try it for yourself.

Tips for Fishing During a Full Moon

If you decide to give fishing during a full moon a try, here are a few tips to help increase your chances of success:

– Fish at night, as the moon will provide enough light to see.
– Use lures or live bait that glows in the dark to attract fish.
– Look for areas with strong currents, as fish tend to congregate in these areas during high tides.
– Be patient and persistent. Fishing can be unpredictable, so it may take some time to catch a fish.


Is Fishing Better on a Full Moon?

Fishing has always been a source of excitement and adventure for anglers worldwide, and it is one of the most popular outdoor activities enjoyed by many. The choice of the best time to go fishing has been an age-old question for many anglers, and one of the most common myths associated with fishing is that the full moon phase has a significant impact on fishing.

There has been a lot of speculation about the effect of the full moon on fishing, and many people believe that fishing is better on a full moon. In this blog post, we will explore the most frequently asked questions regarding fishing during a full moon and provide evidence-based answers to clear up all your doubts.

What is the full moon phase?

Before delving into the effects of the full moon on fishing, it’s crucial to understand what the full moon phase is. A full moon occurs when the sun, the Earth, and the moon are all in alignment, and the sun’s light illuminates the entire visible side of the moon. This alignment occurs approximately every 29.5 days and marks the middle of the lunar cycle.

Does the full moon affect fishing?

Many anglers believe that the full moon phase affects fishing, and that fishing is better during this phase. However, there is no conclusive scientific evidence that supports this belief. Some studies suggest that the full moon phase may affect the behavior and feeding patterns of fish to some extent, but the effect is likely to be minor.

Some anglers believe that the full moon phase results in increased fish activity, while others believe it has the opposite effect. However, experts suggest that other factors such as weather, water temperature, and time of day have a more significant impact on fishing success than the full moon phase.

What are the best times to fish during a full moon?

If you choose to fish during the full moon phase, it’s essential to time your fishing excursion correctly. It’s said that the best time to fish during a full moon is at night, especially during the hours of the moonset and moonrise. During these hours, the gravitational pull on the water is at its peak, and it creates more movement, which can attract fish.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that other factors such as weather and water temperature also play a crucial role in fishing success. Therefore, it’s recommended to combine the full moon with other optimal fishing conditions to increase your chances of a successful day on the water.

What types of fish are more active during a full moon?

There is no conclusive evidence that suggests the full moon phase affects certain types of fish more than others. However, some studies suggest that fish may be more active around the full moon phase due to the increased gravitational pull on the water. This increase in activity may make it easier to catch certain types of fish, such as bass and walleye. Additionally, many anglers believe that the full moon phase can trigger a successful fishing experience for predator fish like muskie.

Is Fishing Better on a Full Moon? The Myths and Truths Explained

There’s an old saying that claims fishing is better under a full moon, but is there any truth to it? While it may seem like just another old wives’ tale, many fishermen swear by it. The truth is, there are both myths and truths surrounding this fishing theory.

Below, we will explain the myths and truths of fishing under the full moon and give you a better understanding of whether fishing is actually better under the full moon.

Myths: Fishing is Better on a Full Moon

The idea that fish are more active and that fishing is better under the full moon has been around for centuries. However, this is mainly just a myth. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that the full moon affects fish behavior, feeding habits, or makes them more active.

One of the reasons this myth has persisted is that it’s believed that fish are able to see better in the moonlight, which makes them more likely to bite. However, most fish are not nocturnal and are not active during the night. Besides, a full moon provides only five percent of the illumination available during daylight, which limits the fish’s ability to see the bait or lure as well.

Another myth is that fish feed on plankton and other outside sources of food during the full moon. However, while it’s true that some fish feed on plankton during certain times of the year, this is unlikely to be tied to the full moon.

Truths: Full Moon Affects Fish Behavior in some ways

While there is no solid evidence to suggest that fishing is better under a full moon, the full moon still has an impact on fish behavior in some ways. For instance, the full moon affects the tides, which in turn can impact the fish’s feeding habits.

During the full moon, the tides are generally higher, which means that fish living in coastal areas may move closer to shore to find food. This could make it easier for shore fishermen to catch fish during a full moon.

Furthermore, certain species of fish are known to spawn during the full moon. Catfish, for example, spawn during the full moon in the spring and can be more active and aggressive than during other times of the year. If you are looking to catch catfish, then fishing during the full moon may be more effective.

Fishing Tips during Full Moon

While there is no direct evidence that fishing is better during the full moon, there are still some tips and tricks that you can follow to increase your odds of success.

1. Fish during the times of the day that you usually would, but pay attention to the tides. High tides may bring more fish closer to shore.

2. Use lighter line and smaller bait as fish may be more cautious during the full moon.

3. If you are fishing for catfish or other species that spawn during the full moon, target areas with plenty of cover and drop your bait into the deeper holes.

4. Try to vary your fishing location, as the fish that you usually catch may be in a different location than usual.

5. Stay quiet and calm when fishing during the full moon. While there isn’t any scientific evidence to suggest that noise scares fish during the full moon, this could still have an effect on their behavior.


In conclusion, the idea that fishing is better during a full moon is mainly a myth. However, the full moon may affect fish behavior in some ways, such as tides, which can impact fishing success. If you are looking to catch specific species, such as catfish, then fishing during the full moon may be more effective.

Ultimately, the best way to improve your fishing success is to learn about the type of fish you want to catch and their behavior patterns. With this knowledge, along with the tips and tricks outlined above, you may have more success during the full moon, or any other time of the month.

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Is Fishing Better on a Full Moon?