How to Read Runes in God of War

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How to Read Runes in God of War

God of War is a highly acclaimed action-adventure video game series that takes players on an epic journey through realms filled with gods, monsters, and mythical creatures. One of the core gameplay mechanics in the recent installment of the series is the ability to decipher and read ancient runes scattered throughout the game world. In this blog post, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to read runes in God of War. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Importance of Runes

Runes in God of War serve as a crucial element for world exploration and puzzle-solving. They are essentially ancient symbols that hold great power and meaning in the game’s universe. Reading these runes is essential to progress through the main storyline, access hidden areas, and unlock various secrets.

Learning the Language of Runes

Before you can start reading runes, it’s important to become familiar with the runic alphabet used in God of War. This alphabet, known as the Elder Futhark, consists of 24 characters, each representing a specific sound or letter. Here is a table showcasing the Elder Futhark runes:

Character Name Sound
F Feoh F
U Ur U
Þ Thurisaz TH
A Ansuz A
R Raido R
K Kenaz K

And so on…

Locating Runes in the Game

Runes can be found in various forms in God of War. They may appear on walls, objects, or even on the bodies of certain characters. When you encounter a rune, it will be locked behind a magical barrier or hidden in some other way. Your first step is to locate the runes in the game world.

Activating the Rune Seer

Once you have found a rune, you must activate the Rune Seer, a magical ability possessed by Kratos’ son, Atreus. By pressing a specific button (usually the square button on PlayStation consoles), Atreus will shoot an arrow at the rune, revealing its true form.

Deciphering the Rune

Once the rune is revealed, it’s time to decipher its meaning. This is where your knowledge of the Elder Futhark comes into play. Each rune corresponds to a specific letter or sound. By referring to the runic alphabet table we mentioned earlier, you can identify the correct letter or sound represented by the rune.

It’s important to note that some runes may require combining multiple symbols to form a word or phrase. Experimentation and careful observation are key in deciphering such runes. Pay attention to the context in which the rune appears, as it may provide hints or clues.

Using Runes for Puzzle-solving

Once you have successfully deciphered a rune, it’s time to put it to use. Runes often play a pivotal role in opening doors, activating mechanisms, or revealing hidden paths. Some puzzles may require matching runes in a specific sequence, while others may involve rotating or manipulating rune symbols in a particular order.

Unleashing the Power of Runes

In addition to puzzle-solving, runes can also grant Kratos and Atreus powerful abilities and buffs. By collecting runes throughout your journey, you can enhance your weapons, unlock new combos, or even gain temporary invincibility. Keep an eye out for special runes hidden in secret areas or dropped by defeated enemies.


Mastering the art of reading runes in God of War is a crucial skill that will greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By understanding the runic alphabet, locating runes, activating the Rune Seer, deciphering the meaning, and using them to solve puzzles and gain powerful abilities, you will be well on your way to becoming a formidable warrior in the game’s universe. So, go forth, adventurer, and unravel the ancient secrets hidden within the runes!

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How to Read Runes in God of War