How to Do a Tarot Reading on Yourself: A Complete Guide

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How to Do a Tarot Reading on Yourself: A Complete Guide

Are you intrigued by the mystic world of tarot cards and want to learn how to use them to gain personal insights and guidance? Performing a tarot reading on yourself can be a powerful tool for self-reflection and decision-making. In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of conducting a tarot reading on yourself, from choosing the right deck to interpreting the cards. So, grab your deck and let’s begin!

Choosing the Right Tarot Deck

The first step in setting yourself up for a successful self-reading is selecting the tarot deck that resonates with you the most. Tarot decks come in various designs and themes, ranging from traditional Rider-Waite decks to contemporary ones with unique artwork. Take some time to explore different decks, either in person or online, and choose one that speaks to your intuition and connects with your personal style.

Remember, there is no right or wrong deck—it’s all about the connection you feel with the cards. Trust your instincts and choose a deck that sparks your curiosity and excitement.

Creating a Sacred Space

Before beginning your tarot reading, it’s essential to create a sacred space where you can focus and feel at ease. Find a quiet and comfortable area where you won’t be disturbed. Cleanse the energy of the space by smudging with sage or lighting some incense. You can also place crystals or other meaningful objects around you to enhance the energy.

Settle into your space and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Close your eyes and visualize any distractions or negative energies leaving your body.

Establishing Your Tarot Intention

Setting a clear intention for your tarot reading is an important step. Ask yourself what you hope to gain or understand from the reading. It could be guidance regarding a specific situation, insight into your emotions, or clarity on a decision you need to make.

Once you have a clear intention in mind, write it down on a piece of paper or repeat it silently to yourself. This intention will help guide the energy of the reading and focus your subconscious mind on the specific area you wish to explore.

Cleansing and Shuffling the Cards

Now that you have your deck and sacred space ready, it’s time to cleanse and shuffle the tarot cards. Cleansing the deck removes any previous energies and infuses your own unique energy into it.

You can cleanse the cards by using various methods, such as smudging them with sage, placing them under moonlight, or simply tapping them on the table to release stagnant energy. Choose a method that resonates with you and your beliefs.

Once the deck is cleansed, shuffle the cards thoroughly. There are several ways to shuffle, including the traditional overhand shuffle or the riffle shuffle. Find a technique that feels comfortable to you and allows the cards to mix well.

Selecting a Tarot Spread

A tarot spread determines the layout and positions of the cards in your reading. There are countless tarot spreads available, each designed for different purposes. As a beginner, it’s recommended to start with a simple three-card spread, such as past-present-future or mind-body-spirit.

Three-card spreads are ideal for gaining a general understanding of a situation or for quick daily guidance. As you become more comfortable with tarot readings, you can explore more complex spreads with more cards and specific placements.

Interpreting the Tarot Cards

With your cards shuffled and spread out in front of you, it’s time to interpret their meanings and messages. Each card holds layers of symbolism and represents various aspects of life, emotions, and experiences.

Begin by looking at each card individually, paying attention to the imagery, colors, and symbols. Consider how the card’s energy aligns with your intention and the position it holds in the spread. Take notes, jotting down your initial impressions and intuitive insights.

Next, explore the relationship between the cards. Notice the connections, patterns, or contrasting energies that emerge. The story weaved by the cards and their positions will provide valuable insights into your situation or question.

Trusting Your Intuition

As you dive deeper into your tarot reading, remember to trust your intuition. While guidebooks and online resources can offer valuable interpretations, your inner wisdom and intuition hold the key to unlocking the true meaning of the cards.

Allow your intuition to guide you in understanding the messages the cards are conveying. Pay attention to any sensations, images, thoughts, or emotions that arise as you contemplate each card. Your intuition will help you establish a personal connection with the tarot and enhance the accuracy and relevance of your reading.

Journaling and Reflecting

After completing your tarot reading, take some time to journal and reflect on your experience. Write down the cards you pulled, their interpretations, and any additional insights that emerged during the reading.

Consider how the messages from the cards relate to your initial intention. What new perspectives or understanding have you gained? How do the insights from the tarot reading resonate with your current life circumstances?

Reviewing your tarot readings over time can also provide you with valuable insights into patterns, growth, and progress on your personal journey.


Performing tarot card readings on yourself is a beautiful practice that allows you to tap into your intuition and gain self-guidance. Remember, becoming proficient in tarot reading takes time, patience, and practice. The more you connect with your deck and trust your intuition, the more profound and meaningful your readings will become.

So, take a leap of faith, embrace the mysteries of tarot, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Your tarot cards are waiting to unveil their wisdom, and with each reading, you’ll deepen your connection with the ancient art of tarot!

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How to Do a Tarot Reading on Yourself: A Complete Guide