How Many Major Arcana Cards Are There in the Tarot?

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How Many Major Arcana Cards Are There in the Tarot?

When delving into the world of tarot cards, one will quickly encounter two distinct categories of cards – the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana, often regarded as the heart and soul of the tarot deck, consists of a series of powerful cards that hold great significance in readings and interpretations. In this article, we will explore the Major Arcana in detail, focusing on the number of cards it contains and the symbolism behind each card. Let’s dive in!

What is the Major Arcana?

The Major Arcana comprises a set of twenty-two cards, numbered from 0 to 21. These cards are often depicted with striking images and carry profound symbolism that relates to the journey of an individual’s soul through life’s various stages and experiences. Each card represents a unique archetype or archetype combination, capturing elemental forces, personalities, and life lessons.

The Twenty-Two Cards of the Major Arcana

In the following table, you will find a comprehensive list of the Major Arcana cards, along with their corresponding numbers and brief descriptions:

Card Number Card Name Description
0 The Fool Begins an epic journey with boundless potential and naivety
1 The Magician Manifests desires through willpower and mastery of natural forces
2 The High Priestess Embodies feminine intuition, wisdom, and the subconscious mind
3 The Empress Symbolizes abundance, fertility, and nurturing energy
4 The Emperor Represents authority, structure, and masculine energy
5 The Hierophant Signifies tradition, education, and adherence to societal norms
6 The Lovers Symbolizes partnerships, love, and choices
7 The Chariot Represents determination, self-discipline, and overcoming obstacles
8 Strength Exemplifies inner strength, courage, and resilience
9 The Hermit Embodies introspection, solitude, and wisdom through inner reflection
10 Wheel of Fortune Symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and the effects of destiny
11 Justice Represents fairness, balanced decision-making, and karmic consequences
12 The Hanged Man Signifies surrender, suspension, and new perspectives
13 Death Symbolizes transformation, change, and the end of a cycle
14 Temperance Embodies the blending of energies, moderation, and balance
15 The Devil Represents materialism, addictions, and self-imposed limitations
16 The Tower Signifies sudden change, upheaval, and the dismantling of illusions
17 The Star Symbolizes hope, inspiration, and healing after a period of hardship
18 The Moon Embodies the unconscious, intuition, and the hidden aspects of life
19 The Sun Represents joy, success, and the radiant energy of life
20 Judgment Signifies rebirth, self-reflection, and spiritual awakening
21 The World Symbolizes completion, integration, and the attainment of goals

Reflecting on the Major Arcana

As you can see, the Major Arcana cards encompass a wide range of profound themes and archetypal energies. Each card holds deep symbolism and conveys a unique message that can assist individuals in finding guidance, self-reflection, and understanding across various aspects of their lives.

When conducting a tarot reading, the Major Arcana cards often take center stage. They represent significant life events, important choices and influences, and indicate transformative periods of personal growth. Their archetypal nature allows for a connection to the collective unconscious, expanding their impact and relevance beyond individual experiences.


The Major Arcana, consisting of twenty-two cards, forms an essential part of every tarot deck. These cards carry powerful symbolism, representing the journey of the soul and the universal experiences we encounter throughout life. Understanding the meanings behind each Major Arcana card can greatly enhance one’s tarot readings and provide profound insights into personal growth, decision-making, and spiritual development.

As you embark on your own tarot journey, remember to explore the Major Arcana, discovering the wisdom and guidance they hold. May they illuminate your path and empower you to navigate the twists and turns of life with clarity and purpose.

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How Many Major Arcana Cards Are There in the Tarot?