Geomancer Books in Divinity 2: A Comprehensive Guide

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Geomancer Books in Divinity 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Geomancer Books in Divinity 2: A Comprehensive Guide

Divinity 2, developed by Larian Studios, is a highly successful role-playing video game with an immersive fantasy world. Within this expansive realm, players can take on the role of various classes with distinct abilities and skills. One such class is the Geomancer, a master of manipulating the elements of the earth. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Geomancers and explore the various books available to enhance their abilities.

Understanding Geomancy

Geomancy is a magical discipline that harnesses the power of the earth’s natural elements. Geomancers have the unique ability to manipulate terrain, create obstacles, and summon elemental creatures to aid them in battle. By utilizing Geomancer books, players can further develop their character’s abilities, improve their combat effectiveness, and unlock new spells.

Types of Geomancer Books

There are several types of Geomancer books available in Divinity 2. Each book focuses on different aspects of geomancy and provides new spells and abilities. Let’s explore some of the most notable ones:

1. Geo Novice

The Geo Novice book is the starting point for any aspiring Geomancer. It introduces the basics of geomancy and provides fundamental spells to manipulate earth and poison. This entry-level book allows players to summon oil surfaces, create poison clouds, and conjure powerful boulders to crush their foes.

2. Geo Adept

Once the player has mastered the basics, the Geo Adept book offers more advanced spells and abilities. Geomancers with this book can conjure devastating earthquakes, turn the ground into a treacherous surface of spikes, and even transform themselves into an elemental amalgamation of earth.

3. Geo Master

The Geo Master book is the pinnacle of geomancy knowledge. It unleashes the true potential of Geomancers, granting them control over the entire battlefield. With this book, Geomancers can summon massive rock golems, create impassable barriers of solid earth, and even trigger catastrophic eruptions from beneath their enemies’ feet.

Finding Geomancer Books

In the vast world of Divinity 2, Geomancer books can be found in various locations or acquired as rewards for completing quests. Some vendors may also offer them for sale, so it’s worth exploring different towns and cities to expand your Geomancer’s repertoire.

The skill books can be easily identified by their distinct appearance and name, usually featuring the word “Geomancer” or related keywords. Additionally, players can seek guidance from NPCs, such as other Geomancers or scholars, to gain insight into potential book locations or hidden treasures.

Mastering Geomancy

As players accumulate Geomancer books and increase their character’s proficiency in the class, they will unlock new skills and synergies that can be combined with other classes. For example, pairing Geomancer abilities with those of a Pyromancer can create devastating fire traps or steam clouds that inflict a range of debilitating effects. Experimentation and exploration are key to fully harnessing the power of Geomancy in Divinity 2.


Geomancer books play a crucial role in the progression and development of Geomancers in Divinity 2. With each new book, players unlock new spells and abilities that allow for creative and strategic gameplay. Whether you prefer controlling the battlefield with hazardous terrain or summoning powerful earth elementals, Geomancy offers a versatile and captivating playstyle. So, venture forth, uncover the secrets of the Geomancer books, and become a true master of earth manipulation!

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Geomancer Books in Divinity 2: A Comprehensive Guide