Full Moon Rituals to Do: Harnessing the Power of Lunar Energies

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Full Moon Rituals to Do: Harnessing the Power of Lunar Energies

Throughout history, the full moon has been a symbol of illumination, mysticism, and spiritual significance. Many believe that this lunar phase holds immense power, making it an ideal time for performing rituals and manifesting intentions. Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual practitioner or just starting your journey, engaging in full moon rituals can provide a sacred space for reflection, setting intentions, and releasing what no longer serves you. In this article, we’ll explore various full moon rituals that you can incorporate into your practice to harness the potent energies of the lunar cycle.

1. Setting Intentions with the Full Moon

One of the most powerful ways to utilize the energies of the full moon is by setting intentions. Take a moment to reflect on what you desire to manifest in your life. Write these intentions down on a piece of paper, using positive and affirmative language. Be specific about what you wish to bring into your reality. Once you have completed your list, find a quiet space under the moonlight, light a candle, and read your intentions aloud. Visualize them already manifesting and feel the emotions associated with achieving your goals.

2. Moon Bathing and Charging Crystals

Full moon energy can be used to recharge and cleanse crystals, amplifying their energetic properties. Start by gathering your favorite crystals or gemstones and placing them in a bowl or on a clean cloth under the moonlight. Allow them to bask in the moon’s glow throughout the night, absorbing its powerful energy. If you prefer a more direct approach, you can also take a moon bath by lying down under the moonlight and allowing its rays to envelop your body. This practice can help realign your own energy with the moon’s energy, fostering a sense of balance and harmony within.

3. Creating a Full Moon Altar

Building a full moon altar is a beautiful way to honor the lunar energies and create a sacred space for your rituals. Start by finding a space in your home where you can dedicate an altar. Cover it with a clean cloth in a color that resonates with you and represents the moon’s energy, such as silver, white, or blue. Decorate your altar with items that symbolize the fullness and potency of the moon, such as moonstone, symbols of the goddess, and flowers. You can also include candles, incense, or any personal objects that hold spiritual significance for you.

4. Full Moon Release Ritual

The full moon is an opportune time to release what no longer serves you. Start by writing down any negative emotions, fears, or limiting beliefs that you wish to let go of. Be as specific as possible, acknowledging the impact they have had on your life. Once you have completed your list, find a safe spot outside (or near a window if you’re unable to go outside) and light a fire in a cauldron or a fire-safe container. Safely burn your written intentions, visualizing the release of these negative energies into the transformative power of the fire. As the smoke rises, imagine it carrying away what you wish to release, creating space for new opportunities and positive energies to enter your life.

5. Moonlit Meditation and Reflection

During the full moon, the energy is highly potent, making it an ideal time for meditation and reflection. Find a comfortable spot outside, preferably under the moonlight or near a window with a clear view of the moon. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, letting go of any tension or stress. Allow your mind to become still and open yourself to the higher vibrations and insights that the full moon offers. Reflect on your goals, aspirations, and the areas of your life that need attention. Listen to your inner guidance and trust the intuitive messages that come through during this lunar meditation.

6. Full Moon Tarot or Oracle Card Readings

Using tarot or oracle cards during the full moon allows you to access the lunar energies and gain insight into your life. Start by cleansing your cards by smudging them with sage or passing them through the smoke of incense. Shuffle the deck while focusing on your intention for the reading, then pull cards that resonate with your question or desire for guidance. Reflect on the messages and symbols present in the cards, allowing your intuition to guide you in interpreting their meaning. This practice can provide clarity, guidance, and a deeper connection to your subconscious during the potent energy of the full moon.

7. Full Moon Manifestation Jar

A full moon manifestation jar is a powerful tool for attracting your desires. Start by finding a jar or a container with a lid. Write down your intentions on small pieces of paper, being specific and using affirmative language. Fold the papers and place them inside the jar, alongside crystals or items that symbolize your desires. You can also add herbs or essential oils that align with your intentions. Seal the jar, and on the night of the full moon, hold it in both hands and infuse it with your energy and intention. Place the jar on your altar or in a sacred space, allowing the full moon’s energy to activate and amplify your manifestations.


The full moon offers a unique opportunity to connect with the energies of the universe and tap into your own inner power. By incorporating these full moon rituals into your practice, you can harness the potent energies of the lunar cycle, manifest your desires, release what no longer serves you, and gain clarity and insight. Remember to follow your intuition and adapt these rituals to suit your personal preferences and beliefs. May the full moon illuminate your path and guide you on your spiritual journey.

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Full Moon Rituals to Do: Harnessing the Power of Lunar Energies