Full Moon Dates 2023 in Canada

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Full Moon Dates 2023 in Canada

Canada, known for its breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty, offers the perfect setting to admire the celestial wonders. Among these celestial events, one that captures the imagination of many is the full moon. The full moon showcases the moon in its complete glory as it illuminates the night sky. In this article, we will explore the full moon dates for the year 2023 in Canada, allowing you to plan your stargazing adventures well in advance.

Why are Full Moons Special?

Full moons have captivated humans for centuries. They have been the source of inspiration for poets, artists, and countless others who have marveled at their beauty. Aside from their aesthetic appeal, full moons also hold significance in various cultures and religions across the globe.

One intriguing aspect of full moons is that they have been given unique names throughout history, often based on seasonal or natural occurrences. These names include the Pink Moon, Strawberry Moon, Harvest Moon, and many more. Each name adds a layer of mystery and allure to these lunar events.

Full Moon Dates in Canada for 2023

Now, let’s dive into the full moon dates for 2023 in Canada, so you won’t miss out on any of these magical lunar displays:

Date Full Moon Name
January 12, 2023 Wolf Moon
February 10, 2023 Snow Moon
March 12, 2023 Worm Moon
April 11, 2023 Pink Moon
May 10, 2023 Flower Moon
June 9, 2023 Strawberry Moon
July 9, 2023 Buck Moon
August 7, 2023 Sturgeon Moon
September 5, 2023 Harvest Moon
October 5, 2023 Hunter’s Moon
November 4, 2023 Beaver Moon
December 3, 2023 Cold Moon

As you can see, each full moon in 2023 comes with its own name, adding an enchanting touch to these celestial events.

Where and When to See the Full Moons in Canada

Canada’s vast expanse provides ample opportunities to witness the full moons in all their glory. Whether you reside in the eastern provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland or the western regions of British Columbia and Yukon, you can venture into the great outdoors to experience the beauty of these lunar spectacles.

When planning your full moon viewing, it’s important to consider the moonrise and moonset times for your specific location. The moonrise and moonset times vary depending on your geographic coordinates and the time of year. With precise information about moonrise and moonset, you can plan your stargazing adventures accordingly.

To find the exact moonrise and moonset times for your location, you can refer to reputable astronomical websites or use mobile applications that provide this information. These resources will ensure that you don’t miss a single moment of the full moon’s splendor.

Capturing the Perfect Full Moon Photographs

Full moons present a fantastic opportunity for photographers to capture stunning images. The moon’s radiant glow and intricate details make for captivating compositions. To make the most of your full moon photography, here are a few tips:

  • Use a tripod: The moon’s brightness can deceive your camera’s exposure meter, resulting in blurry images. A tripod will steady your camera and prevent unwanted shakes.
  • Choose the right lens: Select a lens with a long focal length (200mm or higher) to capture the moon’s details more effectively.
  • Experiment with exposure settings: Since the moon is brightly lit, it’s crucial to find the right exposure balance. Start with a low ISO (100-200) and adjust your shutter speed and aperture accordingly.
  • Compose creatively: Incorporate interesting foreground elements, such as trees, buildings, or landscapes, to add depth and context to your moon photographs.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep experimenting and refining your techniques to capture breathtaking full moon images.


Full moons are a sight to behold. In 2023, Canada offers numerous opportunities to witness these magnificent lunar events firsthand. With the provided dates, names, and some preparation, you can plan your stargazing adventures and capture the moon’s beauty in stunning photographs. So mark your calendars, prepare your camera gear, and get ready for an awe-inspiring journey under the full moon’s enchantment.

For more information about moon phases and astronomical events, check out the Time and Date website.

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Full Moon Dates 2023 in Canada