Exploring the Concept of Frashokereti in Zoroastrian Mysticism

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Exploring the Concept of Frashokereti in Zoroastrian Mysticism

Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest religions, holds within its mystical teachings a profound concept known as Frashokereti. Derived from the Avestan language, Frashokereti can be translated as “making wonderful” or “making excellent.” Within the Zoroastrian framework, Frashokereti represents a final renovation of the universe, marking the triumph of good over evil and the ultimate resurrection of the dead. In this long-form blog post, we delve deep into the lesser-known aspects of Frashokereti, its significance within Zoroastrian mysticism, and its implications for believers.

Origins and Evolution of Frashokereti

Frashokereti’s roots can be traced back to the ancient prophet, Zarathustra (Zoroaster), who received divine revelations in the 6th century BCE. Zoroastrianism, founded by Zarathustra, emerged as a monotheistic faith centered around Ahura Mazda, the supreme deity representing truth, light, and wisdom. The concept of Frashokereti evolved over centuries as Zoroastrian theologians contemplated the nature of existence, the balance between good and evil, and the ultimate destiny of humanity.

Frashokereti encompasses both eschatological and cosmological elements. Eschatology refers to beliefs about the end of the world, the afterlife, and the resurrection, while cosmology deals with the understanding of the universe and its structure. Zoroastrianism combines these two concepts in its vision of Frashokereti, offering a comprehensive framework that guides believers in their quest for spiritual enlightenment.

The Four Stages of Frashokereti

Frashokereti can be understood as a four-stage process, each representing a phase of transformation and renewal in the cosmic order:

1. Peshotanu

Peshotanu, the first stage of Frashokereti, refers to the appearance of the first saoshyant (benefactor) born of a virgin mother. The saoshyants are messianic figures in Zoroastrianism who play a crucial role in the renewal of the world. This stage symbolizes the initial restoration of righteousness and the emergence of the divine presence, paving the way for subsequent stages.

2. Wohu-Mano

Wohu-Mano signifies the stage when spiritual enlightenment reaches its peak, and the forces of evil are weakened. At this point, humanity recognizes the abundance of divine wisdom and aligns themselves with righteousness. Individuals experience spiritual transcendence, leading to the harmonization of the physical and spiritual realms.

3. Gayetano

Gayetano corresponds to the stage where the remaining souls are raised, judged, and rewarded according to their deeds. This phase involves a final separation of good and evil, with the righteous ascending to a higher plane of existence while the wicked suffer retribution. It marks the completion of the soul’s journey, culminating in the ultimate triumph of good.

4. Mainyu-Naska

The final stage, Mainyu-Naska, encompasses the physical and spiritual transformation of the universe. It represents complete renovation, where the forces of evil are eradicated, and all creation is purified. It is at this stage that the resurrection of the dead occurs, and individuals are reunited with their bodies in a perfected state. Harmony, justice, and immortality prevail, bringing forth a new age of enlightenment and bliss.

Significance of Frashokereti for Zoroastrian Believers

Frashokereti holds immense significance in Zoroastrian mysticism and offers believers a framework of hope, optimism, and moral responsibility. It instills a sense of purpose and encourages individuals to align their actions with divine truth, in anticipation of the ultimate cosmic renewal.

For Zoroastrians, Frashokereti serves as a guiding light in navigating life’s challenges and remaining steadfast in the face of evil. It offers solace in times of hardship and reminds believers that even in the darkest of times, goodness will prevail.

Additionally, Frashokereti promotes the doctrine of reward and punishment, emphasizing the consequences of one’s choices and actions. It reinforces the belief that every individual has the capacity to shape their destiny, encouraging them to lead virtuous lives and contribute positively to the world.

Furthermore, Frashokereti encourages believers to develop a deep sense of environmental responsibility. Zoroastrians consider nature sacred, believing that every living entity possesses a divine spark. The concept of Frashokereti inspires believers to protect the environment, honoring the interconnectedness of all creation and working towards its preservation.


The concept of Frashokereti in Zoroastrian mysticism encompasses a rich tapestry of eschatological and cosmological ideas, offering believers a comprehensive vision of the ultimate triumph of good over evil. With its four distinct stages, Frashokereti promises believers a renewed universe, where righteousness prevails, and the cycle of life and death comes to an end. It acts as a guiding principle, inspiring individuals to navigate life’s challenges with hope, foster environmental stewardship, and embrace moral responsibility. Through its profound teachings, Frashokereti continues to shape the spirituality and worldview of Zoroastrianism, enlightening believers and inviting them to actively participate in the divine plan for cosmic renovation.

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Exploring the Concept of Frashokereti in Zoroastrian Mysticism