Egyptian Astrology Signs: A Godsend for Understanding Oneself Better

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Egyptian Astrology Signs: A Godsend for Understanding Oneself Better

Each civilization has its own unique astrology system and interpretation of celestial bodies. The ancient Egyptians were no exception. Their astrology system was based on the observations of the movements of the stars and the identification of certain constellations. The Egyptian astrology is believed to be thousands of years old and is rooted in the country’s rich history and culture.

What Are Egyptian Astrology Signs?

As with other astrology systems, the Egyptian zodiac comprises 12 signs, each of which corresponds to a specific month of the year. Each sign is represented by an Egyptian god or goddess and is believed to have specific characteristics that influence an individual’s personality, traits, and destiny. The 12 signs of the Egyptian zodiac are:

  • Anubis (The jackal-headed god)
  • Bastet (The cat goddess)
  • Geb (The god of earth)
  • Hathor (The cow goddess)
  • Horus (The god of the sky)
  • Isis (The goddess of fertility)
  • Ma’at (The goddess of truth and justice)
  • Nepthys (The goddess of death)
  • Osiris (The god of the underworld)
  • Set (The god of chaos)
  • Thoth (The ibis-headed god of knowledge and wisdom)
  • Sekhmet (The lioness goddess)

How Do Egyptian Astrology Signs Work?

According to Egyptian astrology, the time and date of a person’s birth determine their zodiac sign. Each sign has specific characteristics that are believed to influence an individual’s life path and destiny. These characteristics can be both positive and negative, and they help individuals understand themselves better.

For example, if you were born under the sign of Hathor, you are believed to be romantic, artistic, and highly sensitive. You may also be prone to mood swings and emotional outbursts. Understanding these traits can help you navigate your life more effectively and help you make decisions that align with your personality and values.

The Significance of Egyptian Astrology Today

While Egyptian astrology was originally used to provide guidance and insight to the pharaohs and their advisors, it’s still widely used today by modern enthusiasts who find value and meaning in this ancient practice. Egyptian astrology can provide a deeper understanding of oneself and help individuals understand their unique purpose and destiny. It can also provide insight into romantic relationships, career paths, and other important life decisions.

Egyptian Astrology Signs: A Godsend for Understanding Oneself Better

Egyptian astrology has been around for thousands of years and is one of the oldest forms of astrology in the world. It is based on the belief that each person is born under a specific Egyptian zodiac sign that is determined by the position of the planets and stars at the time of their birth. Understanding your Egyptian astrology sign can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your life path.

In this post, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Egyptian astrology signs and how they can be used to improve your life.

What are Egyptian Astrology Signs?

Egyptian astrology is based on the twelve Egyptian zodiac signs, each of which is associated with an ancient Egyptian god. The Egyptian zodiac signs include Amon-Ra, Anubis, Bastet, Geb, Hathor, Horus, Isis, Ma’at, Nephthys, Osiris, Ptah, and Seth. Each of these signs has its own unique characteristics and personality traits that are believed to influence the individual born under that sign.

How are Egyptian Astrology Signs Calculated?

Egyptian astrology signs are calculated based on the date of birth of a person. The position of the planets and stars at the time of a person’s birth is used to determine their Egyptian zodiac sign. The exact calculations used to determine these signs are not fully understood today, but it is believed that they were created by the ancient Egyptians through observation of the night sky.

What are the Characteristics of Each Egyptian Astrology Sign?

Each Egyptian astrology sign is associated with a specific god or goddess, and therefore has its own unique set of characteristics and personality traits. Here are some of the key characteristics of each sign:

1. Amon-Ra (January 8 – February 6) – Creative, curious, and independent.
2. Anubis (February 7 – March 6) – Loyal, trustworthy, and fair-minded.
3. Bastet (March 7 – April 5) – Creative, passionate, and adventurous.
4. Geb (April 6 – May 4) – Practical, reliable, and hardworking.
5. Hathor (May 5 – June 3) – Romantic, sensitive, and intuitive.
6. Horus (June 4 – July 3) – Bold, confident, and ambitious.
7. Isis (July 4 – August 2) – Caring, compassionate, and nurturing.
8. Ma’at (August 3 – September 1) – Diplomatic, graceful, and fair.
9. Nephthys (September 2 – October 1) – Mysterious, intuitive, and wise.
10. Osiris (October 2 – November 1) – Strong-willed, determined, and focused.
11. Ptah (November 2 – December 1) – Creative, imaginative, and innovative.
12. Seth (December 2 – January 7) – Assertive, analytical, and driven.

Can Your Egyptian Astrology Sign Change?

Unlike Western astrology, which has the concept of changing horoscopes, Egyptian astrology signs are fixed. This means that your Egyptian astrology sign is determined by the position of the planets and stars at the time of your birth and will not change throughout your life.

How Can Understanding Your Egyptian Astrology Sign Help You?

Understanding your Egyptian astrology sign can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your life path. It can provide insight into your personality, talents, and abilities, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your Egyptian astrology sign, you can make better decisions in your personal and professional life, such as choosing a career path that is in alignment with your strengths, or making changes to your lifestyle that support your well-being.

Egyptian Astrology Signs: A Godsend for Understanding Oneself Better

Astrology signs hold a significant place in many cultures around the world, including the ancient Egyptian culture. The Egyptians were well-known for their belief in the importance of planetary alignments and their influence on human behavior. The Egyptian Astrology signs present a unique perspective on the zodiac with its animal symbols and elemental associations. The Egyptian Zodiac’s interpretation takes things to another level with its lively and intriguing aspects, and you might be surprised to know that many people prefer this Zodiac interpretation over others.

History of Astrology in Egypt

Astrology dates back to ancient times, and the Egyptians were one of the pioneers in observing celestial movements and recording their astrological science. In ancient Egypt, astrologers observed and interpreted the movements of celestial bodies to predict future events, develop calendars, and help determine the best time for planting and harvesting crops. The ancient Egyptians’ starry skies were an intrinsic part of their mythology and were an essential component of Egyptian life and spirituality.

The Significance of Egyptian Astrology Signs

The Egyptian astrology tradition comprises twelve unique zodiac signs, each represented by an animal with a god or goddess associated with it. These signs have their unique traits and attributes that can help identify one’s personality and characteristics. The Egyptian Zodiac signs are based on the calendar used during the ancient Egyptian civilization. Each sign was believed to have a distinct cosmic vibration, which was transmitted by the stars and heavenly bodies that formed the ancient constellations.

The 12 Egyptian Astrology Signs

Here are the twelve Egyptian Astrology signs and their meanings:

1. The Nile

The Nile represents the sign of a person’s birth with the trait of having an ability to bring life to others. People born under this sign are creative, compassionate, and emotionally sensitive.

2. Amon-Ra

Amon-Ra represents those born between March 25th and April 28th. This sign is associated with the god of creation representing qualities like leadership, courage, and ambition.

3. Mut

Born between April 29th and May 27th, people born under the Mut sign are headstrong, sharp-witted, and fast learners. This sign is connected with the goddess of family and motherhood.

4. Geb

Geb is the sign that represents those born between May 28th and June 27th. The people born under the Geb sign are witty, adaptable, creative, and charming, symbolic of the earth god Demeter.

5. Hathor

Hathor represents people born between June 28th and July 27th. This sign is associated with the goddess of joy, love, and beauty. Those born under this sign are emotional, intuitive, and nurturing.

6. Sekhmet

Sekhmet represents those born between July 28th and August 27th. This sign is connected with the goddess of war, and the people born under this sign are assertive, confident, and passionate.

7. Osiris

Osiris is the sign that represents ones born between August 28th and September 27th. The people born under the Osiris sign are hardworking, diligent, and practical.

8. Isis

Isis represents people born between September 28th and October 27th. This sign is associated with the goddess of magic and spirituality. The people born under this sign are balanced, harmonious, and cooperative.

9. Thoth

Born between October 28th and November 26th, people born under the Thoth sign are intuitive, transformative, and investigative, representing the god of wisdom and writing.

10. Horus

Horus represents those born between November 27th and December 26th. This sign is connected with the god of the sky, and those born under this sign possess qualities such as vision, leadership, and vitality.

11. Anubis

Anubis represents people born between December 27th and January 25th. This sign is associated with the god of death and the underworld, and people born under this sign are loyal, patient, disciplined, and spiritual.

12. Set

Set represents those born between January 26th and February 24th. This sign is associated with the god of chaos and mischief, and people born under this sign are unpredictable, independent, and creative.

Which Egyptian Astrology Sign Are You?

Discovering your Egyptian Astrology sign can be a lot of fun and can help you understand yourself better. One way to find out which sign you are is to check your birth date against the list of Egyptian astrology signs mentioned above. However it is important to understand that astrology signs should not be used to stereotype individuals and create limitiations for them.


The Egyptians were known for their spirituality, and astrology was an integral part of it. Understanding the Egyptian astrology signs can help you explore certain aspects of your personality and help improve your self-awareness. While the Egyptians developed astrology to help make sense of the world around them, it can still be an empowering tool for modern people seeking to understand themselves and their place in the universe.

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Egyptian Astrology Signs: A Godsend for Understanding Oneself Better