Bone Throwing Divination: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

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Bone Throwing Divination: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

Divination has been practiced for centuries as a means to gain insight and guidance from the spiritual realm. From tarot card readings to tea leaf readings, there are numerous methods that have stood the test of time. However, one lesser-known form of divination that has a rich history and deep symbolism is bone throwing divination.

Also known as bone casting or throwing the bones, this ancient practice involves interpreting the patterns and meanings found in a set of bones or other small objects. Dating back to ancient times and rooted in various cultures around the world, bone throwing divination offers a unique perspective into one’s past, present, and future.

The Origins of Bone Throwing Divination

Bone throwing divination has its roots in ancestral traditions and has been practiced by diverse cultures throughout history. It has been a significant part of African, Native American, and European spiritual practices.

In African cultures, bone throwing divination is often connected to the religion of the Yoruba people, known as Ifa. Ifa priests, also called babalawo, use a divination system known as the “ifa divination,” which involves throwing a set of 16 cowrie shells, called the “opele,” along with a set of palm nuts.

Native American tribes, such as the Cherokee, also have a rich tradition of bone throwing divination. Animal bones, often from small mammals or birds, are used in their practices. The bones are believed to channel the wisdom and energy of the animal kingdom.

In Europe, bone throwing divination was practiced by Celtic tribes and the Norse peoples. Animal bones, specifically from sheep and other livestock, were used to gain insight into various aspects of life, including love, health, and fertility.

The Mechanics and Process

While the specific mechanics may vary depending on the cultural traditions, bone throwing divination typically follows a similar process. First, a sacred space is created for the divination ritual. This can be as simple as cleansing the area with smoke from incense or herbs, or as elaborate as performing specific prayers or invocations.

Next, the diviner selects a set of bones or small objects that hold symbolic meaning. These may include bones, shells, stones, or other trinkets. The objects are typically placed in a cloth bag or container.

When the divination session begins, the diviner focuses their intentions and asks a specific question or seeks guidance on a particular matter. The diviner then throws the bones onto a specially prepared surface, such as a divination cloth or a marked area on the ground.

The patterns formed by the bones are carefully observed and interpreted. The diviner looks for symbols, shapes, and the position of the bones relative to one another. Each bone might represent different aspects of life, such as love, career, or spiritual matters.

Once the bones have been interpreted, the diviner relays the message or guidance to the seeker, providing insight, advice, or warnings as necessary. This exchange of information is often seen as a collaboration between the diviner, the bones, and the spiritual forces at play.

The Symbolism in Bone Throwing Divination

The symbolism in bone throwing divination is multifaceted and deeply meaningful. Each bone or object used carries its own symbolism, adding layers of interpretation to the divination process. Here are some common symbols and their interpretations:

SkullMortality, endings, transformation
FeatherSpirituality, inspiration, guidance
ShellEmotional well-being, intuition, protection
StoneStability, grounding, resilience

The position and orientation of the bones also play a crucial role in the interpretation. For example, a bone pointing upwards might represent growth, while one pointing downwards could indicate stagnation or decline. Clusters of bones or objects may indicate abundance, while scattered bones might symbolize chaos or confusion.

The Benefits of Bone Throwing Divination

Bone throwing divination offers several benefits to both the diviner and the seeker. For the diviner, practicing this ancient art form can strengthen their intuition, spiritual connection, and psychic abilities. Through regular practice, diviners can refine their interpretation skills and gain deeper insights into the messages conveyed by the bones.

For seekers, bone throwing divination can provide valuable guidance and support. It can offer clarity in times of uncertainty, helping individuals navigate important decisions or overcome obstacles. Additionally, bone throwing divination can foster self-reflection and personal growth by shedding light on aspects of one’s life that may require attention or improvement.


Bone throwing divination is a powerful and time-honored method of divination, rich in symbolism and tradition. By engaging with the spiritual energies embodied in the bones, diviners and seekers alike can unlock the secrets of the universe and gain profound insight into their lives.

Whether rooted in African, Native American, or European cultures, bone throwing divination offers a pathway to connect with the mystical and unseen realms. The intricate patterns formed by the bones and the symbolic meanings they carry provide a unique language through which spiritual guidance can be translated and understood.

So, if you find yourself seeking answers, guidance, or a deeper connection to the spiritual world, perhaps bone throwing divination is the path to explore. With an open mind and a willingness to engage in this ancient practice, you may uncover the wisdom that has been waiting to reveal itself to you.

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Bone Throwing Divination: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe